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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Bye bye Boris, now what?

Boris Johnson's announcement that he will not run for the leadership of the Conservative Party will be welcomed by many in the party who regarded him as too divisive.

Theresa May made an outstanding unity speech quashing the notion that we must have a Brexit candidate leading the Brexit negotiations. It is important that we do not fluff the opportunity offered by Brexit but life goes on around Brexit. 

What the country needs is a competent leader who believes in his/her ability. Michael Gove has previously admitted that is not him. However, he would be a skilled, committed negotiator as a dedicated Secretary of State. 

With Theresa May at the helm and Michael Gove carrying through detailed negotiations, could that be the dream team? 


  1. I never expected Boris to stand; he had no workable policies. Now he will let whoever takes over fail (as they surely must) to get any thing from the EU, and at some convenient date he will become the man of the hour.... It was never about the Country, always about Boris.

  2. Sounds very much like our friend here in Llandaf. Always about ++Barry Ridiculous. "We should be a forgiving Church" (BBC Radio Wales 26 June). Apart from, "Me,me,me,me"., of course.

    But hey. seeing he ordered a 'Remain' vote from his 'subjects' within His Province, would not 'Barry Junker ' be more appropriate?