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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Prophets of doom

Andrew Neil and Anna Soubry
Credit: BBC

"We're doomed, doomed" became the catch phrase of Private Fraser in Dad's Army, the TV comedy hit about the Home Guard defending Britain in our hour of need.

Fast forward to 2016, enter Anna Soubry  HM Government's Small Business Minister offering similar sentiments in the wake of the decision of the British people to govern their own affairs: "This is a dreadful day, on two fronts. A dreadful day for our economy and I think it’s also a dreadful day for our country." 

Andrew Neil rebuked her: "Is it wise to say it’s a dreadful day as a business minister? To talk it down?"

Earlier we had been treated to the spectacle of the weary looking Member for Leicester East, Keith Vaz, with a face having the appearance of a slapped plaice: "The EU referendum result is a "crushing decision" which will have catastrophic consequences for the UK and the EU". Always eager to offer his opinion whether invited or not Vaz added, "This is a crushing, crushing decision. It's a terrible day for Britain, and a terrible day for Europe with immense consequences. In 1,000 years I would never have believed the British people would have voted in this way and they have done so - I think emotionally rather than looking at the facts. It will be catastrophic". Clearly not a suitable candidate for any negotiating team.

I had retired early on Friday morning in the belief that Remain had secured the victory they so desperately wanted by whatever means. Amber Rudd MP was gloating over their presumed success. But one result was not as expected. Could this be a re-run of the General Election results? Yes it was. Rising early I switched on the TV to hear that Remain had lost. A horrified Amber Rudd was in retreat, probably regretting her personal attacks on Boris Johnson, possibly the next Tory leader.

On retiring I had planned to write a piece expressing relief that Remain had won, not that I had changed my views, but out of sympathy for the many young people who wanted to remain. After all, it is their future. But having listened to their reasons such as wanting to travel freely around Europe in a friendly, multicultural society, it became obvious that many are deluded. Multiculturalism has not worked. Make-belief is no substitute for the facts.

Remain lost many voters because of ludicrous, scaremongering claims. Sadly these are being perpetuated by ungracious losers, the Business Minister among them, with claims of, we told you the markets would 'collapse' apparently oblivious to the need to restore confidence.

I shall be profoundly sorry if I made the wrong decision in the interests of my children and grandchildren but the last thing we need is "I told you so". The decision has been made. We are not doomed. We have an opportunity. We must grasp it and make it work.


  1. "Truth, Inclusion, Respect" when is this going to happen in the CiW???
    The Bench backed remain and show themselves, yet again, out of step with the Welsh people........

    Here is a statement from the Bishops of the Church in Wales following the EU Referendum:

    “In facing the outcome of the EU Referendum, we commend a period of calm and reflection as the UK seeks to find its way forward in this new situation.

    “As Christians we hold to the Gospel values of truthfulness, inclusion, and respect; and so after the passionate debate, we pray for reconciliation amongst the divided factions in our nations, communities and families.

    “We pray for the United Kingdom and for our partners in Europe and the rest of the world at this time of uncertainty, as we continue to work together to build a just and peaceful future in which all people can flourish.”

    The Bishops are:
    The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan
    The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, John Davies
    The Bishop of St Davids, Wyn Evans
    The Bishop of Bangor, Andy John
    The Bishop of St Asaph, Gregory Cameron
    The Bishop of Monmouth, Richard Pain
    The Assistant Bishop of Llandaff, David Wilbourne

  2. As for the rest of us, however, the only question that matters is what impact (if any) will the above named misfits have on the lives of those (Church in Wales members) who continue to financially uphold them in their sumptuous life style. Seeing the Prime Minister, (who got it wrong) is man enough to resign, it is way past bedtime for Barryexit. For goodness sake, let go and let God - for once.

    1. If only we could have a referendum on Barry's record in office and a Barryexit.
      The value of "truthfulness" is unknown to Darth ++Insidious as demonstrated by the ongoing cover up of the Organ appeal accounts and Quinquennial report.

    2. Or, the truth behind the failed attempt to annihilate a troublesome priest, to the tune of £350,000,in 1997. (Scandal and Offence. Google)

    3. Or the real reason behind 'Darth++ the Ridiculous's' Provincial Court and its annihilation attempt in 1997 to the tune of £350,000. 00. (Scandal and Offence Google)

    4. His ++Darkness has had another chance to dip his hands into the collection plate and top up his "discretionary" funds once more.

  3. Replies
    1. Lux Et Veritas25 June 2016 at 23:50

      No we're not but that's what His Darkness would have us think.

    2. @Lux Et Veritas- absolutely accept your correction.

  4. While talking about "truth", it is interesting in the latest lists of ordinations that no mention is made as to whether people have been through selection and the full training, or are the new so called "local ordained ministers" which seems to involve ordaining lay readers to keep the show on the road.
    This seems unfair on those who have been through selection and training. It also means that yet again there has been no discussion or debate at parish level, just things forced from on high without people even knowing what is happening....until their full time Vicar is suddenly removed for a 2 day a week "local minister" but parish share stays the same......
    But makes great press releases to suddenly have a row of smiling "clergy" ......