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Monday, 13 June 2016

Digging their own grave

                                                                  Photo: Church in Wales

Saturday witnessed an unexpected milestone, over 900,000 page views for the Ancient Briton blog which was started in 2010 after some friendly banter about the way the world was going. My aim was to air the grievances we had discussed while attempting to avoid being left behind by the grandchildren as technology advanced. Clearly I am not alone. My thanks to all the commentators who have added their views in support or to the contrary.

Inadvertently a platform has been provided for free speech for Anglicans who have become marginalised in their own Church as ambitious clerics drive their own liberal agenda. "If you don't like it you can leave" used to be the response to traditionalists. For those who have remained their resolve is being tested further.

Also on Saturday the Church Growth Modelling blog published Conversion to the Diversity Ideology
Part 2 - Justification of Hypotheses. Here is an extract:

The Church in Wales is an Anglican church, and like many UK denominations, is indicating decline to extinction [8].  Last year the attempts by its leadership to introduced same-sex marriage were stalled by significant opposition from diocesan representatives. Since then the bishops of the church have issued a pastoral statement that indicates the Church’s conversion to Diversity in the public sphere [9].

Notably there was the display of the rainbow flag as the identification badge (C).  The unenlightened laggards within the church are subtly discredited with statements like  “the Church is not yet ready to accept same-sex marriage” (D). There is a general confession of, and apology for, past damage the church has done to gay people (B). Though the actual offences, and the people involved, are not identified, leaving the reader to re-write history for themselves in order to make sense of the statement (A).

We 'unenlightened laggards' are regularly condemned from on high for holding a contrary opinion to the new Diversity Ideology. "Lacking in love and understanding" we are the new sinners according to devotees of the Queer Bible, yet these are the people who will have "killed off" the Church within a generation. 

It's a funny old world which is why I started blogging in 2010 and have continued to do so despite the many gagging attempts of people who have no interest in free speech from the top down.


  1. Please read the attached from Dr G Kirk

    Joseph Golightly

    1. I did have a look at 'ignatiushisconclave'.
      The only thing to commend is the typeface. Otherwise poor logic,cynical and sarcastic.
      Stick to AB!

  2. In the U.S. our blogs have helped those who dissent from the Episcopal church to better understand the process of the progressive slide to Gomorrah, but the best of our efforts did not halt the slide. The watchman must persevere and continue to sound alerts to the sleeping populace in the hopes that a few pewsitters will take heed and save themselves.


  4. Many thanks for your insights and comments AB, very helpful to us pew sitting CiW folk who think it is just us that see the insanity all around.
    I see the CiW is now spouting more one sided politics in the pretence of dialogue and openness...........

  5. Oops..... deary me! The tree eating bishop seems to be suffering a minor bout of indigestion. Lay off the baked beans. Lovely photo of His Darkness though.

    Phew!! Someone's popped one.