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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Who can we trust?

The Church of England is being asked to reconsider if it can still accept conservative bishops who oppose women priests (here and here). Should we be surprised? Women's movements such as WATCH aided by their pathetic fellow travellers have it all except parity. They are working on that.

Remember the debates? - It did not mean that women would be made priests if deaconesses were allowed to be deacons. - It was unfair not to allow women deacons to become priests, after all, there was little difference other than being able to say a few extra words! - The 'stained glass' ceiling was unjust; having agreed that women can become priests we cannot deny them the right to become bishops. The rest is history. Faith is passé. It is about so-called equality and being relevant to society, never mind the consequences.

Past dirty tactics are forgotten but filth was sent through the post to opponents who simply wanted to uphold the faith as received. In one of the earliest comments on this blog I was branded a c*** for my conscientious objection to the catholic faith we shared with most Christians throughout the world being amended by synodical procedures for political purposes.

The message is clear. Say anything, do anything to achieve your goal then renege on agreements claiming further persecution and discrimination until all opposition is eliminated.

Many of the faithful have given up the struggle as churches become little more than tea rooms with an opportunity for dressing up to perform parodies of ancient rituals. The younger element may be attracted to messy church and toddler groups especially if access to education is enhanced by church going but where are the in-betweens who should replace the increasingly elderly congregations? Churchgoers have in many congregations been replaced by church users. Consequently buildings which were loved and cared for are falling into decay.

Figures produced by ComRes, and commissioned by the Church, show that many of those who claim to be Christian don't actually take part in many of the activities which are normally associated with the faith. Figures show that 60 per cent of self-declared followers of the Church admit they never read the Bible, and 36 per cent say they never attend church. One in three said they never pray.

By contrast Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group. "In the next half century or so, Christianity’s long reign as the world’s largest religion may come to an end". Who cares? What is the Government's response to the continuing 'Islamic extremist' threat to our democracy?

If there were a secular book for sale which was full of hate against non-believers with instructions on how to deal with kafirs by decapitating them for not agreeing to subjugation it would be banned but it is acceptable as a religious book of instruction because devotees assure the ignorant that Islam is a religion of peace despite all the evidence to the contrary over the last 1400 years.

The Government and media are so caught up in the political correctness that in addition to the constant threat of violence, countless young British white girls have been trafficked by Muslims who have a totally different outlook on life and the position of women in their adopted country.

So successful has the Muslim community been in claiming to be persecuted victims that anyone daring to draw attention to the many anomalies are branded hateful racists even though Islam is not a race but a religious ideology. That alone should indicate a level of ignorance which demands attention but critical analysis is immediately challenged as Islamophobia. - Heads you loses, literally, tails they win.

Ironically it seems that many Muslims know as little about their religion as many Christians while many Anglicans are prepared to twist the faith to accord with their own selfish desires.  A 'good' Muslim will follow instructions in the Quran to defeat the kafir by whatever means. Most will choose deception while a few pursue violent jihad. That the majority live peacefully convinces the gullible that Islam is a religion of peace.

Can we trust the Government to study this contradiction before we too become a minority in our own land as loyal Anglicans have been sidelined by secularists in their own church?

"For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance.Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them." Matthew 25:29

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Time for change

Bishop John Davies who is to be the 13th Archbishop of Wales                          Source: WalesOnline

A leopard does not change its spots but many a cleric changed his stance after the Church in Wales' Governing Body decision to ordain women, ignoring the counsel of the Eastern church, Roman Catholics and, indeed, the vast majority of Anglicans throughout the world who had not been caught up in the mistaken belief that society has to inform the church rather than the church inform society as part of the Great Commission.

Whatever their reason, with the Church of Wales predicted to collapse within a generation it is again time for a change of stance to restore the sense of mystery and 'otherness' of the church so that when officials offer their "thoughts and prayers" after every tragedy their 'heartfelt' words are less of a cliche.

Many ex-churchgoing worshippers have remarked on hearing the news of bishop John's election: 'Hasn't he done well but, of course, he used to be against the ordination of women......' Readers can fill in the rest - but not for publication! The same could apply to most clergy who occupy senior positions in what have become management roles, primarily for managing decline.

'Unlucky for some', the 13th Archbishop of Wales, John Davies, Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, has a heaven sent opportunity to make a different call, to right previous wrongs in line with the wishes of the majority of church members when they were consulted about the woeful Code of Practice devised by the Archdeacon of Llandaff to exclude faithful traditionalists whilst pretending to be inclusive.

The latest regular, adult, Sunday attendance figures in Wales make grim reading at 28,291 souls. That is 0.9% of the population, with Baptisms down 8% and Confirmations down a massive 21%.

Even funerals, a nice little earner for many a cleric, are down 4% as the popularity of secular funerals increases. Weddings are also down 4%. With more than half of the UK's population declaring no religion, the future for Christianity in this country looks bleak.

The Harris Review Recommendation [XLII (1)] that Fees for occasional offices should be paid into church accounts and go towards the cost of the Share in the Ministry Area was rejected at Governing Body. Perhaps financial self-interest will be the Achilles heel requiring a review of past mistakes.

The worst mistake the new archbishop could make is to be seen as being tarred with the Morgan brush. Archbishop Morgan's political agenda has resulted in the Church in Wales suffering a similar fate as the US Episcopal Church (TEC) under their heretical Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori.

So, is there hope? From Wales Online: "'Religion isn't something to be frightened of' - Wales' new archbishop on the challenges ahead. - The new Archbishop of Wales is on a mission to “rehabilitate” the church in Welsh culture at a time of plummeting attendances.

Referring to the "debate and controversy" on same sex marriage the archbishop-elect rather worryingly said: “I think the world outside the church certainly thinks that the church is probably out of step with society... so it’s going to remain a live issue and I have little doubt that it will come back onto our agenda probably at some point in the not too distant future.”

That does not sound very encouraging if the church is to uphold the Christian faith against the tide of secularism but bishop John deserves a chance to prove that he is his own man, not a Morgan clone. To “rehabilitate” is to to return someone to a good, healthy, or normal life or condition. That should indicate a return to traditional Christian values, the 'otherness' and mystery of faith. Further secularisation, twisting scripture to mean something different after millennia is not rehabilitation, it is devaluation.

Looking forward to Archbishop John's Presidential address at the forthcoming meeting of the Governing Body he cannot afford to disappoint traditionalists again. The Church in Wales needs every soul she can muster. He has already expressed his wish that "traditionalists and progressives within Church in Wales can continue to worship together".

That wish is not new. Previously it was expressed by the Archdeacon of Llandaff based on terms dictated by Barry Morgan which ignored the conscientious beliefs of faithful Anglicans. It was a take it or leave it approach. Many have left the church, or more accurately, the church has left them, a dreadful indictment.

If that take it or leave it approach is allowed to persist bishop John Davies could well be the last Archbishop of Wales as numbers continue to fall and giving shrinks to unsustainable levels. It is indeed, time for change.


Listen to a 30 min in-depth BBC radio interview with the Archbishop here.


Archbishop John Davies shares his vision for the Church in Wales under his leadership

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Decision time

The bishops of St Davids, St Asaph, Llandaff, Swansea & Brecon, Bangor and Monmouth                                                                   Source: Church in Wales

The 2012 Church in Wales Review kicked off with two recommendations:

Recommendation I
1) The Governing Body and bishops should make it clear, if
necessary by Constitutional amendment, that motions can come
from parishes, and deaneries (or whatever body might replace
them), to Diocesan Conferences, and from Diocesan Conferences
to the Governing Body, and that such motions would be

Recommendation II
Candidates for election to the Governing Body should provide a
short manifesto which would be sent out to all electors by each
diocesan office. All elections in the Church should be conducted
in such a way as to ensure that electors know what the
candidates stand for on the issues of the day. 

Looking at the Agenda for the next Governing Body meeting little has changed. However, the spirit of Recommendation I is apparent in the Reverend Harri Williams' Private Members Motion on ‘Admission to Communion’. 

From the explanatory note: "Following the publication of the ‘Documents about Admission to Communion’ in September 2016, considerable discussion was held within the Deanery of Roose about the proposed changes. Whilst acknowledging that matters of faith and order are the preserve of the Bench of Bishops, it was recognised that these changes presented significant practical and pastoral considerations, for both clergy and laity, which it was felt had not been fully considered. These discussions voiced concerns which were shared on a wider basis throughout the Diocese."

The background can be read in a March entry, 'Dodgy legal advice leads to Eucharistic free for all'. That was the conclusion of the Rev'd Professor Thomas Glyn Watkin, a former Professor of Law at Cardiff and Bangor and former Legal Assistant to the Governing Body of the Church in Wales.

Professor Watkin wrote: "The interpretation placed upon the rubric by the Legal Sub-Committee not only circumvents the Church's due processes for alteration to rites and discipline. In its consequences, it displays a scant respect for - or an inchoate understanding of - the rule of law in Church affairs."

It will be interesting to see how the bishops respond to genuine concerns expressed in the pews about an enforced alteration to rites and discipline. The bishops were forced to backtrack on their desire to adopt same sex marriage in Church after the pew sitters expressed their concerns illustrating that their liberal agenda is not necessarily shared by members paying the Parish Share which is reflected by a continual fall in regular attendance, down to 28,291 and a reduction in planned giving from £11.4m in 2015 to £11.1m in 2016 - see Membership and Finances 2016 here.

Recommendation II implies openness but that could be used to vet candidates for election to the Governing Body to ensure even more like-mindedness to drive through proposals which do not necessarily reflect the views of the pew sitters. Of the farcical consultations carried out by the Church in Wales the most damaging was the refusal of the bench of bishops to entertain any sort of alternative Episcopal oversight for members who in conscience cannot accept the sacramental ministry of a woman priest. This has become a far greater problem with the appointment of two women bishops.

The bishops of St Davids and Llandaff have clearly stated their liberal agendas with more emphasis on inclusion and parity but with Barry Morgan in retirement, what are the real thoughts of the more senior bishops? Some potted histories are available here but what of their future plans if elected? In the process as described the meeting of the Electoral College will "begin with a discussion on the needs of the Province and a period of prayer and reflection".

They will need to pray about past mistakes and reflect on taking the Morgan line that there would be alternative episcopal oversight over his dead body. Many clergy and lay people have been forced to decide whether they can, in conscience, continue their membership of a church which values only their financial contributions. For many there is no alternative but to stay away. If that sits easily with the collective consciences of the bishops of the Church in Wales they will be seen as wolves rather than shepherds.

The decision must be for a good shepherd who cares for all his sheep.

Updates [06.09.2017]

1. It has been announced that he new Archbishop of Wales is the Rt Rev John Davies, the bishop of Swansea and Brecon. Our prayers must be for the restoration of the Church in Wales, undoing the damage of his predecessor, to ensure that all are welcome with acceptable sacramental and pastoral provision for all those souls neglected for so long.

2. Church in Wales report here.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Muslim Jesus common ground: What common ground?

 There was outrage among many Catholics and others when Pope John Paul II was photographed kissing the gift of a copy of the Quran, explained here. That was nothing compared with the angerviolence and protests by Muslim scholars and religious leaders who criticised Pope Benedict XVI, claiming that the Pope had criticised Islam and its concept of jihad when he quoted a 14th-century Christian Emperor who had said that the Prophet Muhammad had brought the world "evil and inhuman" things. Pope Benedict was condemned for referring to this period in history and  urged to play a positive role in bringing Islam and Christianity closer. It was as if 1400 years of jihad were a fiction when its consequences are plain to see.

Pakistan's parliament passed a resolution demanding that the Pope retract his remarks "in the interest of harmony between religions" while the "hostile" remarks drew a demand for an apology from a "top religious official" in Turkey where the Basilica of Hagia Sophia, built in 537 AD, was converted into a mosque in 1453. It was secularised in 1931 before becoming a museum in 1935. Following President Erdogan's promotion of Islam giving it a more prominent role in Turkey there are growing calls to convert the museum back into a practicing mosque.

Meanwhile remnants of ancient civilisations are being destroyed to eradicate any suggestion that Islam has been spread by conquest. Churches are regularly destroyed in Islamic countries and Christians oppressed in what were Christian countries. Simply consider the plight of the Copts in Egypt as an example of the persecution experienced by Christians in what was a Christian country in ancient times.

Often referred to derisively as the "National Catholic Distorter", the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) may not find its way to many coffee tables which is probably just as well given this headline: "The Muslim Jesus provides common ground for Christianity, Islam".

The only common ground between Christianity and Islam are the bits lifted from the Bible to support spurious Islamic claims. They may recognise Abraham, Moses, the Virgin Mary and Jesus, regarded as a minor prophet, but they deny the centrality of the Christian faith, that Jesus is the Son of God, He died on the Cross, rose again and ascended into heaven.

In an interesting juxtaposition, the video 'Jihad Exposed in America' appeared on the Facing Islam Blog. In just a few minutes Robert Spencer completely demolishes the spurious claims made in the National Catholic Reporter and goes on to explain the Dhimmi, the subjugation of non-Muslims after conquest. [Advance to position 13.40 if you cannot spare the time to watch the whole interview.]

The NCR report concludes with: "The importance of finding common ground has become particularly apparent after the events in Charlottesville this month, which laid bare real and deep divisions in our country. Reconciling Christianity and Islam based on a true understanding of each other's religions could serve as a bulwark against these divisions and provide a worldwide example to emulate."

Deception does not provide common ground any more than the absurd statement that Islamophobia is defined as "unfounded hostility towards Muslims and therefore fear or dislike of all or most Muslims". That is simply a 'PC' device to deflect any questioning of Muslim behaviour, a device which has resulted in hundreds of young girls being sexually abused by mainly Muslim men in Great Britain.

Most people will be familiar with the claim that 'Islam is a religion of peace'. Prime Minister Blair along with US Presidents Bush and Clinton said so. Experts begged to differ but the same claims are made today every time a violent Muslim follows their Prophets example as demanded in the Quran.

The latest ISIS propaganda film threatens Pope Francis. Fighters are seen "stamping on a bust of Jesus, defacing pictures of the pontiff and vowing to come to Rome". Sadly such threats and "terrorist" actions (the media have already been cowed into describing Muslim aggressors as terrorists) have become so commonplace that people simply shrug their shoulders saying that they are not afraid and will not be deterred instead of investigating the real cause of the problem. Those who do are criticised as being Islamophobic.

Outright Islamic invasion has been replaced by immigration and cultural jihad in the West. This is the reality but political correctness and charges of Islamophobia keep the truth hidden while Muslims are allowed to build mosques, practice Sharia and encourage conversion while denying Muslims the truth about the saving nature of Christianity as opposed to submission which is Islam.

It has been estimated that 80% of Muslims have not heard the Gospel message. Despite Christ's command to evangelize, 67% of all humans from AD 30 to the present day have never even heard the name of Jesus Christ and 91% of all Christian outreach/evangelism does not target non-Christians, but targets other Christians.

That anyone can suggest that Jesus links Islam to Christianity illustrates either a complete ignorance of Islam or a desire to mislead and subjugate more people into Dhimmitude by deception.

As I close this entry I have noticed this report in Christian Today:

 A five-year-old girl from a Christian family was left 'very distressed' after she was fostered to two Muslim families, encouraged to learn Arabic and had her Christian cross taken away.

After the two placements by Tower Hamlets council in east London, the girl returned home where she told her birth mother that Christmas and Easter are 'stupid' and European women are alcoholics, according to a report in The Times. And she refused to eat what had been her favourite meal spaghetti carbonara, because it contained bacon.

According to The Times, the child sobbed and begged not to have to go back to her foster home, where her present carer wears a burqa, covering her face entirely, outside the home. She told her social worker: 'They don't speak English.' Her own family had opposed the placements. Full report here.

One can imagine the outrage if the position were reversed

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Barry's gay legacy

Provincial news: Pride Cymru                                                                                                                Source: Church in Wales

 After 14 years in office as Archbishop of Wales, this is his legacy. A gay pride event fronted by the first woman bishop in the Church in Wales, highlighted as Provincial news on the Church in Wales web site under the headline "Bishop celebrates at Pride Cymru". 

Supported by predominantly women clergy, the bishop of St Davids will "take part in a discussion about faith and sexuality" before "leading Pride’s first ever Communion service". Penarth assistant curate, the Revd Rosemary Hill, will be talking about "bi-sexual Christianity" and later Newport assistant curate, the Revd James Henley, will discuss "belonging in a disconnected world". On Sunday, the Revd Rhian Linecar, Cardiff assistant curate, will lead Taize sung prayer and meditation, no doubt on an 'inclusive' theme.

FaithTent coordinator, the Revd Delyth Liddell, said, “We are delighted to be welcoming our first ever Bishop to the #FaithTent this year, Bishop Joanna". 

In one small step towards the bishop of Llandaff's goal of parity, the omnipresent cleric at 'inclusion' events, Canon Aled Edwards, chief executive of Cytun, Churches Together, will talk about “Open Inclusive Nation” before leading the closing thanksgiving service.

Deemed by Archbishop Morgan to be the 'best person to be a bishop', Joanna Penberthy was reported to have been elected in a 'stitch up'. Could her LGBT credentials have been why?  The news of her election was welcomed by one gay priest on Thinking Anglicans as "Wonderful news - for Wales and for the LGBT Community in the Church".

Given that her name had been circulating months before her election it should have come as no surprise but it did for those who believed that the work of the Holy Spirit could not be manipulated. One former Archbishop actually described the loss of the vote for woman priests as the work of the Devil.

If twenty years of women priests culminating in a bishop favouring the gay community over cradle Anglicans whose only desire has been to worship as the Holy Spirit moves them, the Archbishop could have been right but on the wrong occasion.  

Presumably, then, the task of a bishop in the Church in Wales today in Barry Morgan's book is to advance Queer Theology. Joanna Penberthy has been most conspicuous by her presence at all things gay but little else from Church in Wales news reports.

Looking back, bishop Penberthy was to the fore in Victims last December and in Church in Crisis in February this year. More recently she preached at the Welsh National Eisteddfod on 'diversity', reported more accurately elsewhere as LGBTQIA+.

The first woman bishop is no longer alone. The new bishop of Llandaff, June Osborne has a similar LGBT agenda.

The bishop of St Davids participation in Pride Cymru's Gay Weekend in Cardiff brings more LGBT 'good news' from one who has become a peripatetic ambassador for the LGBTQIA+ agenda, moving from diocese to diocese to welcome those who claim to be unwelcome despite all the evidence to the contrary. It is a ploy. Their aim is same sex marriage in church.

So this is Barry Morgan's legacy. A queered church motivated by illiberal 'liberal' clergy with a bishop in St Asaph taking on the mantle of Self inflicted pain while leaving traditional Anglicans with nothing but memories to support their faith. 

Barry Morgan's successor as Archbishop must break his secularist mould and return the Church to spirituality.

Update [27.08.2017]

"Bishop's Pride Cymru involvement 'fantastic'" - Rev Delyth Liddell faith tent coordinator.

The faith tent coordinator is a Methodist minister and University Chaplain. In a BBC video interview she highlighted the leadership of the bishop of St Davids.  Liddell claimed that LGBT people "would not be allowed to receive Communion" and "would not be welcome in church" which is what made the bishop's Eucharistic celebration so "fantastic".

As a Methodist minister Liddell may be ale to back up her claim but not in the Church in Wales. In reality I suspect it is just another 'persecution' claim built on fantasy as was bishop Penberthy's claim of discrimination which on examination turned out to be nothing more than someone taking an opposing view to hers.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Problem? What problem?

In my previous entry I referred to the owner of a Tandoori Indian Balti House in Ashford who discovered that his Muslim staff were ignorant of aspects of their own religion:

"After reading the Qur'an and observing the behaviour of my Muslim staff, it became clear that they were not practising much of their religion’s teachings. I found this curious, and, after chatting to them about their belief, I realised this was due to their ignorance of the Quranic verses. They simply do not know what their religion teaches. Their ignorance is almost on a par with the wider public's, where the horrors and gross gender inequalities of Islam are not apparent to most people".

By contrast, speaking to Ian Dale on LBC, Dionne, a young British Muslim convert, said she had been brought up as a Christian but soon found herself searching for something with more “integrity”. Christians, she said, “did not know their bible” and would “interpret things however they wanted to” - something she claimed is not possible with Islam.

“With the Quran you can’t do that, you have to take every word literally. There is no modernising of the Quran… there is no modernising with this religion”. Listen to their 4 Min. dialogue here.

When Ian Dale challenged Dionne on the position of woman in Islam she was in denial, claiming that people have "misconceptions" of Islam. Perhaps she considers the law which allows Muslim men to divorce their wives simply by uttering the word "talaq" three times is fair.  India's Supreme Court took a different view when it ruled a 'controversial Muslim instant divorce law unconstitutional'.

Three months on from the horror of the Manchester terror attack the method now favoured by Islamists for attacking innocent Westerners is to hire a lorry and drive it into a crowd of people who were simply minding their own business having been assured that Islam is a religion of peace.

Of particular relevance to problems which British Anglicans are facing was Dionne's comment that "you cannot make God in your own image, you have to worship God as He is", something that the bishops of the Church of England feel the need to wrestle with. She said, with the Quran you have to take every word literally.

That is the problem. While the majority of Muslims do not, a minority of Muslims take the violent verses in the Quran as instructions but nobody it seems is willing to tackle that problem head on.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Above criticism despite the evidence?

 A Christian street preacher who was arrested and held for 13 hours in a police cell, after displaying placards depicting love for Muslims and criticising the ideology of Islam, has this week been informed by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that no charges will be brought against him.

Ian, owner of the Singleton Tandoori Indian Balti House in Ashford, began taking his placards onto the street in January 2017 after it became clear that his Muslim staff were ignorant of aspects of their own religion.

"After reading the Qur'an and observing the behaviour of my Muslim staff, it became clear that they were not practising much of their religion’s teachings. I found this curious, and, after chatting to them about their belief, I realised this was due to their ignorance of the Quranic verses. They simply do not know what their religion teaches," he said.

He continued, "Their ignorance is almost on a par with the wider public's, where the horrors and gross gender inequalities of Islam are not apparent to most people".

Read the full Christian Concern report here.

The so-called "terrorist" attacks on innocent people of all faiths, including Muslims, and none in Spain were committed by Muslims responding to calls in the Qur'an. Referring to them terrorists obscures the fact that such attacks have been going on for 1400 years. Read about so-called "terrorists" in an excellent blog entry here and "sick followers" of ISIS here, a Mirror report in which I can find no reference whatsoever to Islam or Muslims.

In a recent BBC Newsnight programme the founder of the British Muslim Youth claimed that a Newcastle grooming gang should not be considered 'Muslim' because “These grooming gangs were individuals that were using alcohol, using drugs and actually having ‘sessions’ exploiting these young girls."

The Shadow Equalities Minister Sarah Champion was forced to resign after an article in the Sun in which she wrote "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls". She subsequently "apologise for the offence caused by the extremely poor choice of words in the Sun article" and tendered her resignation as shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities.

Commentators bend over backwards to avoid using Muslim or Islam when reporting on "terrorist" attacks and the seemingly endless problem of what they prefer to call 'men of Asian origin' grooming predominantly white girls for sex, thus condemning whole communities through political correctness.

Unless the authorities grasp the nettle and admit that Islam presents a problem by constantly referring to it as a religion of peace despite all the evidence to the contrary we risk ever more atrocities and exploitation of vulnerable girls.


Daily Star - Knifeman 'shouting ALLAHU AKBAR' stabs eight people in Finland and leaves two dead
"Witnesses said he shouted 'Allahu Akbar' which means 'God is great' as he stabbed eight people in Market Square, leaving two dead and six injured."

Again there is no mention of Muslims or Islam. Why?

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Archbishop of Wales

The bishops of St Davids, St Asaph, Llandaff, Swansea & Brecon, Bangor and Monmouth                                                              Source: Church in Wales

One of the bishops in this lineup is destined to become the next Archbishop of Wales when the Electoral College meets in Llandrindod Wells between 5 and 7 September. Many think it a ludicrous title when a mere 0.9% of the population regularly attends Anglican services in Wales but it affords its occupier a dignity and status to be milked for all its worth based on the example of the previous office holder.

Given Archbishop Barry Morgan's slavish adherence to the reckless policies of the former Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States, I am surprised that he has not suggested that 'Presiding Bishop' would be a more apt title. 

Nevertheless, under the Church in Wales Constitution one of the six diocesan bishops is elected Archbishop but not necessarily the one with the biggest hat unless it proves to be Buggins' turn.

Subsequent elections could be a different matter if the bishops ever decide to progress Section 15 of the 2012 Harris Report (Dioceses: their number and administration) as eagerly as they have attacked the parish system to introduce Ministry Areas:

"The present number and shape of dioceses may not be ideal. If we were starting again we would have three. However, the present number and configuration works and we think that the Church should continue, at least for the next four years, with the present six dioceses. ... These recommendations should be reviewed after three years, with a view to evaluating the effectiveness of the change.

If there were only three bishops to choose from, the first female Archbishop in Wales would be more likely - or even earlier! Could it be an omen that the latest addition to the bench also carries a crosier?

If it is not to be Buggins' turn I guess there will be another episcopal vacancy next year, possibly two as I also hear that a bishop up North is seeking to escape to England. More women bishops leading to less members on current trends.

After the Llandaff Electoral College farce when the JJ appreciation society attempted to direct proceedings, I hear that lay members of the new College have hatched a nomination plan that would silence the bishops by requiring them to absent themselves from the process before voting.

The former Archbishop launched a review of the role and responsibilities of the "the demanding role", which involves "duties within the church and nationally", mainly of his own making as he carried out his personal, liberal agenda to secularise the Church in Wales.

Whatever the result, the new Archbishop would do well to concentrate on advancing the Kingdom of Heaven instead of an agenda which has resulted in a much reduced membership of 29,000 in the Anglican Church in Wales and falling at a rate of 5% a year out of a population of 3 million souls. A demanding role indeed.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

What a gay day

Source: Twitter
The Gathering is "a safe place for the LGBT+ community in Cardiff to explore the Christian faith". They meet in the "Upper Room" every Sunday evening at the City United Reformed Church in Cardiff.

Added to the list of LGBT highjacking of the rainbow, pride, gay and, more recently, love, it is no surprise to see the Upper Room with its biblical connotations figuring prominently in the latest LGBT+ affirmation by the Church in Wales. A marked contrast with the constant claims of persecution and allegations of not being welcome in the church.

I cannot be alone in having gay friends and acquaintances whom I have met solely through the  church. All are equally appalled at the current media intrusion into their lives.

The music hall humour of  What a gay day Larry Grayson in 'Shut that Door' and the like has become open that door with the first woman bishop in the Church in Wales, the so-called 'best person to be a bishop' eager for the LGBT limelight.

What a gay day it promises to be. If the bishops had spent as much time and effort on retaining disillusioned Anglicans as they have promoting LGBTQI+ they would not have to scour the margins to recruit people who prefer to put their own interpretation on the Bible to support their cause.

Monday, 14 August 2017

The BBC’s attack on gender puts children at risk

Dear marriage supporter,

It is an ill society which chooses to confuse and worry children in order to appease adults with an extreme agenda. Sadly, our national broadcaster continues to do just this.

This coming Wednesday, August 16th, BBC2 will screen a documentary titled No More Boys And Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?

In the programme, Dr Javid Abdelmoneim sets out to prove that there are no significant physical or psychological differences between young boys and girls.

To this end a classroom of seven-year-olds is subjected to an experiment in which books with characters “squarely aimed at boys” are thrown away, distinct male and female toilets abolished, and a male make-up artist is brought in to persuade boys to aim for less masculine careers.

Girls vulnerable

The children themselves are horrified at having to share lavatories, with Dr Abdelmoneim admitting that girls feel particularly uncomfortable as a result of the new arrangement.

This is the latest in a series of programmes by the BBC which appear determined to promote transgenderism as a positive, natural development in children.

Last week the Victoria Derbyshire programme renewed its coverage of two pre-pubescent children living as members of the opposite gender.

A nine-year-old boy who uses the name ‘Lily’ is featured along with his friend ‘Jessica’ who is a ten-year-old boy, and ‘Jessica’s’ step-mother who has decided to live as a member of the opposite sex named ‘Alex’.

BBC bias

The BBC’s persistent undermining of children’s natural genders is deeply upsetting for parents and children, as is the claim that gender is a question of feelings and not biology. Without an ability to meaningfully distinguish between man and woman, traditional marriage is greatly undermined.

Under section 6 of its charter, the BBC is required to “provide impartial news and information”. Its editorial guidelines also say:

“When dealing with ‘controversial subjects’, we must ensure a wide range of significant views and perspectives are given due weight and prominence, particularly when the controversy is active. Opinion should be clearly distinguished from fact.”

Raising pre-pubescent children to have no gender or to believe that they are members of the opposite sex is clearly controversial but there is no discernible effort to balance any of the Corporation’s output on the subject.

We believe the BBC’s decision to dispense with editorial impartiality on this issue is a breach of its legal duty. In the coming weeks, the Coalition for Marriage will continue to do all that it can to push the Corporation to demonstrate the balance and neutrality required of it by law.


From the Mirror:

Star-Cloud being raised as gender fluid                   Source Mirror/Mark Pinder

Family where mum is daddy, dad is mummy and son, 4, is being raised as gender neutral

Star Cloud's mum is Louise, who was born a man but is transitioning to become a woman, while dad is pansexual Nikki, born a woman but who dresses some days as male. 

Parents Louise and Nikki Draven are raising Britain’s first gender-fluid family, bringing up their four-year-old son Star Cloud to “not get hung up” on being a boy.

Star’s mum is Louise, who was born a man but having hormone treatment ready to fully transition to a woman. Dad is pansexual Nikki, born a woman but who dresses some days as male and some as female.

Nikki, 30, says: “Neither of us gets hung up on the gender we were born as. “We don’t want our child constrained by that either. We’re just an ordinary family being who we want to be.”

Star is being brought up as gender neutral – told by his parents he is “a person” rather than “a boy”. He is free to wear make-up, paint his nails, pick out boys’ or girls’ clothes and play with dolls.

He will go to school for the first time in September wearing a boy’s uniform – but with pink vest and socks that he has chosen for the occasion.

And the youngster himself says he might grow up to be a man or a woman. But Nikki and Louise’s approach is likely to spark a national debate – on whether the urge not to force his birth gender on Star is projecting their own issues, denying him his true identity.

 Full story here.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Feminizing of the Church in Wales to accelerate?

The launch of MAE Cymru, a 'Charitable Incorporated Organisation' to promote gender equality in the Church in Wales                         Photo: Church in Wales

Last week I received three 'anonymous' comments without content apart from the name of one of the female clerics listed in the Diocese of Llandaff''s Bishops, Clergy & Diocesan Personnel. All has become clearer.

I shall spare her the embarrassment of naming her in case the rumours circulating prove to be untrue but I understand that the bishop of Llandaff has chosen the named female cleric to be her chaplain.

Mae Cymru's 'charitable' aim along with gender parity and the advancement of all things gay are high on the list of priorities of the first women bishops of Llandaff and of St Davids where the Dean of St Davids has announced that he will retire at the Friends Festival on 9th September. 

The Canon Residentiary will also be leaving St Davids to become the next Archdeacon of Carmarthen in November leaving two key Cathedral vacancies to be filled with serious implications for attendance on current feminizing trends.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

First same sex marriage in the UK Anglican Church

"Marriage is the bedrock of our society and now irrespective of sexuality everyone in British society can make that commitment." - Women and Equalities Minister, Maria Miller, 17 July 2013

Mrs Miller was wrong. The bedrock of British society is the Bible which we "undermine at our peril".

As the then Bishop of London, the Rt Revd and Rt Hon Dr Richard Chartres put it at a symposium in the House of Lords in 2011: British society is built upon Biblical principles. Our culture and civilisation were founded on the Bible. If we undermine those foundations, we undermine our society.

If marriage were the bedrock of society it would be the union of a man and a woman as it has been throughout history and in virtually all human societies. Perhaps the Women and Equalities Minister thought it part of her equality brief to interpret equality as "same" when, in fact, marriage reflects the complementary natures of men and women - Coalition for Marriage.

In the same way that same sex marriage was promoted as 'equality', 'love' has being hijacked to become a synonym for sex, usually same sex and even self gratification, 'self love', according to Teen Vogue which has been promoting anal sex, instructing teen and pre-teen youth on how to have so called “safe anal sex”. (H/T Anglican Mainstream).

And so it goes on. “History was made” again last week when the first same sex marriage took place in an Anglican church in the UK. “Mark and Rick”, a US couple who had been together 24 years were married in a Scottish Episcopal Eucharist service in Edinburgh. After the Scottish ceremony Archbishop Justin Welby said the problem is still ‘intractable’. That is because the church has made it so by refusing to say 'No'. 

In their zeal Anglican bishops are secularising the church to the point where church attendance is becoming meaningless.

Love and equality have become synonymous with decline and fall in the Anglican church. In 2015 it was forecast that ECUSA (the Episcopal church in the US), the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church in Wales face extinction within 25-35 years followed by the Church of England in the next century. Equally loved to death!

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Prejudice and Pride

The National Trust is said to be facing a membership boycott over their Prejudice and Pride gay campaign.

Reported in the Telegraph: The National Trust is facing a membership crisis over its policy to “out” a country squire and make volunteers at a Norfolk mansion wear the gay pride rainbow symbol. Volunteers at the Jacobean mansion had been told if they refused to wear the gay pride rainbow symbol they would not be allowed to meet and greet visitors to the estate.

The charity has been accused of being excessively politically correct over a high-profile campaign to mark 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Scores of Trust members wrote to the Daily Telegraph saying they would either cancel or not renew their membership. A former supporter even said he had removed the charity as a beneficiary in his will.

One long-term volunteer said: "It's very upsetting. We are like a family and this feels like a break up. I don't think Felbrigg will be the same again." She said she did not think the film should have been made because Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer was "a private man".

The question posed at the beginning of the National Trust video is "How do you feel about National Trust promoting the 'Prejudice and Pride' programme? I suspect Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer along with many other homosexuals who just want to lead a quietly normal life would have been horrified by the blatent flaunting of their sexuality.

This blog offers an opportunity to comment on topical news/events with reference to politics, society and religion. Critics rarely, if ever, do so. Instead they comment on the messenger because he refuses to sing from the current LGBT hymn sheet.

It was right that homosexuality was decriminalised but few expected the celebratory consequences with the BBC, the Anglican Church, government ministers and now the National Trust so brazenly advancing the LGBTQI+ cause.



'National Trust U-turn over LGBTQ badges at Felbrigg Hall'. Read here.


'National Trust must return to Core Business'. NT members petition here.



The National Eisteddfod of Wales is an annual Welsh language cultural festival where everyone is welcome, as they are in the church.

Yesterday on the Feast of the Transfiguration surrounded by impressionable youngsters, "Wales’ first woman bishop" took to the festival stage to deliver a sermon. It was not about poetry or music but LGBTQIA diversity.

Christians in the past have refused to accept lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc, she alleged, adding that "we have ignored so many talents and so much talent."

Even if that were so, their numbers in the church render the observation superfluous other than to saturate people with LGBT propaganda in the 'Prejudice and Pride' campaign.


The Prejudice and Pride assault on the Christian faith continues (H/T Voices for Justice UK).

"In a report of September 2016, Wilton Park (an executive agency of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office) branded religion an enemy of LGBTI rights, and called for state funding to reinterpret the Bible to make it compatible with LGBTI ideology.  It further called for the new belief system to be required teaching in all churches, Sunday schools and theological seminaries, highlighting Evangelical Christians as being especially prejudiced against homosexuality.  It accused them of disseminating hatred and intolerance, seen especially in the pernicious influence of missionaries working in the Global South." Links here and here.


Preschool children targeted. Lesbian behind Disney cartoon pushing LGBT to preschoolers: ‘We’re political’ here.

One of the creators of a Disney cartoon that promoted same-sex "marriage" to preschoolers has admitted that they specifically aim to promote political messages on the show.

SIGN THE BOYCOTT: Say NO to Disney pushing LGBT agenda to preschoolers here.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

In the pink

Straight, monogamous heterosexual with cancer but drugs too expensive? Tough.

Gay and promiscuous? Drugs that can prevent HIV infections will be offered to gay men for free via an NHS trial starting next month. 

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) drug Truvada can "drastically reduce people’s chances of being infected with HIV, and is available in a number of countries to high-risk groups including sex workers, men who have sex with men, and people in serodiscordant relationships."

And the LGBT+ lobby still complains that they are persecuted with the publicly funded BBC taking the lead!



NHS cutting back on IVF fertility treatment to save money here.


New pill to enable safer promiscuity

 "Over 95% of people living with HIV in the UK have acquired HIV through sex without a condom." - National AIDS Trust. Full Christian Concern report here.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Anglicans unchurched

Readers of this blog will notice an additional link in the right-hand column under the heading 'The Movement for a Renewed Orthodox Anglicanism'. 

If you stand with the majority of faithful Anglicans across the globe in prioritising Scripture and the unanimous teaching of the universal Church over secular fashion, you have the opportunity to add your signature to the letter published in the Daily Telegraph on 25 July 2017. It is signed, among others, by the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester, and the Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden, former Chaplain to the Queen.

In the an 'Anglican Unscripted' video discussion (Episode 311), Dr Ashenden urges the unchurched to add their signature to the letter. The reasons why he left the Church of England are explained in the above video. They will be familiar to many who find themselves unchurched with nowhere to go in their locality because most Anglican churches are following the same 'progressive', liberal path.

Gay Anglican clergy have already defied the church's official stance on same-sex marriage. Now the Dean of Southwark Cathedral sends out to those enquiring about the possibility of marking their Civil Partnership in the Cathedral a leaflet which gives the following outline for the marking of a Civil Partnership in the context of a celebration of the Eucharist.

Worrying as this is for orthodox Anglicans in England, the problem is more acute in Wales where no provision has been made for traditionalists and the bishops have signaled their eagerness to accept same sex marriage.

This is what the the Archdeacon of Llandaff, Peggy Jackson had to say about orthodox Anglicans before Archbishop Barry Morgan elevated her to her current position:
 "New individuals with conscientious difficulties over women’s ministry will simply have to make personal decisions and individual choices, to find accommodation as best they can – just as many already have to do over a host of other current issues, some very uncomfortable, where people find themselves representative of a view which is not that sanctioned by the ‘church’ as a whole, and upheld through Synod and Parliament."

That coming from an adult convert who ignores the faith of the vast majority of Anglicans worldwide and regards the tiny Province she inhabits as 'the church'. An institution which she and the like-minded manipulate to satisfy their own desires.

'Personal decisions and individual choices' have invariably led to faithful Anglicans becoming unchurched but that does not bother the progressives even when "the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing" as Pope Benedict XI so aptly put it.  

Around 1400 people have added their names to the letter. If you share their concern please add your signature to the letter and encourage others to add theirs.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

BBC celebrates 'love'

Still from the BBC factual drama 'Against the Law'

A vicar in Hull has claimed that words such as 'pride' and 'gay' have been being "hijacked" by people who would seek to normalise LGBT activity as part of mainstream life.  An addition to his list could be 'love' following the BBC's Gay Britannia LGBTQ TV campaign for the advancement of homosexuality in Great Britain.

At the beginning Episode 1 (Series 1) of the BBC's 'Prejudice And Pride: The People’s History Of LGBTQ Britain', a male presenter referred to "loving" someone for a single night!

Presenters Susan Calman and Stephen K Amos 
So 'love' is used to describe a night of sex with someone of the same sex. The female presenter went on to object that lesbians had not been included in the anti-homosexuality laws so they fell outside the definition of what sex could be. Lesbians were "virtually invisible" she complained. All that has now changed.

'Equality' is another word used by liberal progressives to justify their cause resulting in considerable confusion especially when equality is substituted for theology. 

The BBC had previously screened a harrowing factual drama "Against the law". In 1954 there was considerable shock and outrage when Lord Montagu of Beaulieu was imprisoned after being found guilty of homosexual activity with two airmen. They escaped prosecution after receiving immunity in return for their incriminating testimony, naming more than 20 other sexual partners, against whom no action was taken.

Also convicted was Daily Mail journalist Peter Wildeblood.  Described as "one of the bravest men who ever lived", he was the only openly gay man to give evidence to Lord Wolfenden’s committee which in 1957 recommended the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Britain.

Sadly this act of bravery was trivialised in the programme by an ageing queen who with obvious delight and amusement outed Lord Wolfenden's son with whom he claimed to have been "having an affair" at the time. No honour among queens!

In his evidence [advance to 1.11.20 on iPlayer] Wildeblood dismissed two of three categories of homosexuals he claimed there to be; 'pansies' who regarded themselves as women and pederasts for whom he had considerable contempt. He said that homosexuals in the strict sense are "adult men who are attracted to adult men. Men who desire to lead their lives with discretion and decency, neither corrupting others nor publicly flaunting their condition." [My emphasis - Ed.] They were "by far" the largest group of homosexuals.

By publicly flaunting their LGBT+ preferences, the gay pride movement is undoing the achievements of Peter Wildeblood in gaining respect for homosexual people "who desire only to lead their lives with discretion and decency". 

The BBC's Gay Britannia celebration is undermining those hard-won achievements in what appears to be a concerted campaign by Church and State to queer Britain and force the acceptance of same sex marriage, a red line for many.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Keeping up

Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities

It has been reported in the Mirror and elsewhere that the Equalities Minister Justine Greening has urged faith leaders to "keep up" with 21st Century attitudes as she "piled pressure" to let gay couples marry in church. With that attitude she could be a bishop in the Church of England. They need no encouragement from Cabinet Ministers to follow a secular agenda.

As the first openly gay woman in the Conservative cabinet perhaps the Minister of Equalities feels it incumbent upon her to promote the LGBT lifestyle of 1.7% of the population over the interests of the majority 98% . This trend has been evident in the church when gay conference delegates and Synod members have taken a decision to vote 'as a gay person' instead of representing the views of their congregations when they have voted.

In April this year the BBC announced a major new season, Gay Britannia, marking the 50th anniversary of The Sexual Offences Act and heralded as "Bold and provocative stories celebrate the LGBTQ community". A change from the usual TV diet of murder and mayhem but many of these programmes have become more promotional than informative, encouraging people to celebrate diversity rather than simply accept difference or, as Ms Greening would have it,  'keep up with 21st Century attitudes'.

'Keeping up' has, step by step, led to an eight-month-old Canadian baby being issued with a health card that does not specify the child's sex at the request of parent Kori Doty, a non-binary transgender parent who identifies as neither male nor female.

The Equalities Minister has also announced that she wants to reform the 2004 Gender Recognition Act to make the transgender process less intrusive. Currently people must be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a condition where a person's biological sex and identity does not match, so the UK government is considering plans to make the process of changing legal gender easier.

No longer capable of coping with the obvious, at a High School in Connecticut, a 15-year-old boy with a moustache recently crushed female competitors in track and field, "to the great dismay of the girls who had spent many intense days training so hard".

The boy identifies a girl in his self-proclaimed “gender identity” which is regarded as fair in the bizarre universe of modern-day LGBTQ liberalism. The equality movement has inspired transgender athletes to join teams of their preferred gender which often means biological males are competing against biological females on women’s teams.

When the BBC announced that Dr Who is to be transgendered in the name of 'equality', former Doctor Who, Peter Davison, said that casting a woman means another loss of a 'role model' for boys, part of a wider problem for boys in their formative years now that school teachers are predominantly women.

In an article for the BBC, Katie Price poses the question, "Jobs for the boys? - The top roles women have never had", complaining that there has not yet been a woman archbishop. She may be unaware that there has been one in the United States in the person of former Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori, who continues to be held as a role model despite her disastrous tenure in office suggesting that the church is being used as a means of advancing secular causes.

But to what end? According to a recent report in "significant parts of the United States, TEC has ceased or will soon cease to have a meaningful presence" and "there is much for wider Anglicanism to learn from the U.S. experience". It has been estimated the the Church in Wales will become extinct in a generation.

Nevertheless, in her enthronement sermon the new bishop of Llandaff claimed her dear friend the former Presiding Bishop as an 'episcopal mentor' when she said:

 "Well, I have under God just been anointed for the work of Bishop of Llandaff and it’s very special that it was Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori who commissioned me for that task.  I am proud to call her a dear friend and now an episcopal mentor. Her time as Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church took her around the Anglican family worldwide and so to be anointed by her is a very great privilege. She brings with her that experience of the universal church, socially and culturally diverse, and our call to share God’s desire for a reconciled creation and transformed world."

Step by step the church has "kept up" resulting disunity and a possible split between liberal progressives and orthodox traditionalists.

Ms Greening would do well to look to the difficulties of running the country and keep her secular nose out of matters of faith which clearly she does not understand.

Saturday, 22 July 2017


"There's somebody knocking at the door!"                          Source: Twitter/CinW 

Two tweets from the Llandaff Cathedral enthronement ceremony today:

1. "Bishop June knocks on the west door of @LlandaffCath and is welcomed inside by the Dean for enthronement service." - You can listen to a classic knocking commentary here.

2. "In her enthronement sermon  @LlandaffCath Bishop June pays tribute to her predecessor Bishop Barry and says she will build on his legacy." But Barry's legacy is one of desolation. Numbers have plummeted. Churches closed. Parishes forced into Ministry Areas. Demoralised clergy and laity, those who are left.

Bishop June must have the cause of this mayhem in mind rather than the consequences because it fits in with her established agenda of more women and sexual licence apparent from the long-time buried Osborne Report.

Described as a 'Pioneer' English woman priest, "June Osborne’s ministry has been characterised by her passion for equality and diversity and she was a founder of the Church’s Leading Women programme".

No doubt there will plenty of gender equality clerics knocking at the door to reinforce bishop June's aim of parity. Building on Barry's legacy the door will be open to them, unlike marginalised, traditional Anglicans who continue to be punished for adhering to the catholic faith which is followed by the majority of Christians including Anglicans.

The Good News tells us, knock and it will be opened to you. That Anglican bishops do not receive the message as they mutter between themselves like Minnie and Henry illustrates how far they have departed from the Christian faith.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The cost of success

This image from Twitter (H/T Anglican Mainstream) shows the celebration of a lesbian civil partnership at Southwark Cathedral with "Eucharist, Dinner and Dancing". 

It was joyfully attended by the Very Rev'd Professor Martyn Percy Dean of Christ Church Oxford, who pressed Philip North either to renounce his membership of The Society or to decline his nomination as bishop of Sheffield, and his wife Emma Percy, Chair of WATCH who likes to refer to God as a 'She'. 

Taken with the errors committed at the recent General Synod in York, this is another example of how far Anglicanism in Great Britain has become a do as you please religion.

In another recent post on Anglican Mainstream the question was posed, Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse? A note of caution was added: Ed:  The author of this article is not mentioned, nor is it dated.  We believe it to be several years old, but we consider it suitable for posting as the situation has not improved and the article clearly shows the effect of revisionism.

The rot started in the US. If ever there was a cautionary tale to heed one would have thought that the brakes would have been applied but instead progressives in this country have held up TEC as an exemplar.

After all she has done to bring down the Episcopal Church in the United States, their former Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori, was invited to proclaim the Gospel at the consecration of the new bishop of Llandaff, ignoring the Church in Wales' own Basic Guidance concerning the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist:   "[17.] The Gospel is normally proclaimed by a deacon, where available...and, from the Appendix, It is the duty of the deacon to proclaim the Gospel."

The Gospel stunt was a distraction which focused on the advancement of women in the Church rather than giving glory to God with the central focus of the liturgy being Christ himself (General Guidelines).

Another posing opportunity for women bishops       Source:Salisbury Journal

Back at the parish ministry area level, this comment was received following my previous entry which confirms worrying reports about Ministry Areas:

".... you mention 'inspiring our poor worn out hard working priests'
I agree with you but the management push to force ministry areas everywhere, is doing the opposite. Team leaders here in Monmouth are hard to come by as no one wants to run 3-4 parishes with less and less team members. Cwmbran, became a ministry area and went from 4 full time clergy, to two, the curate recently was moved to Malpas Ministry Area as no one would apply for it, so the remaining ministry team leader has resigned and is off to Llandaff as a team vicar. So soon no full time clergy......but hey plenty of lay readers who have been ordained...........(is it me or is that bad theology?)
I gather Llandaff has a chap going round full time, telling PCC's how wonderful ministry areas are......."

In the wider sphere, an observation from Pope Benedict XVI who sent a "sobering" message at the funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner saying he was moved at the dubia cardinal's ability to "live out of a deep conviction that the Lord does not abandon His Church, even when the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing.

What liberals claim as progress is the cost of their success. At the official level Anglicanism is all but finished in the US with Great Britain not far behind while blind progressives still insist that it is they who are right!

But all is not lost. Please read this hopeful message: To the Anglicans of Great Britain.

Postscript [28.07.2017]

Read a review of material from Southwark Cathedral to mark civil parterships  here.