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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Wimmin not listening

ReutersAntje Jackelen, Archbishop of the Church of Sweden, at Uppsala Cathedral                                                                                    Source: Christian Today

The Church of Sweden is opting for gender-neutral language when referring to God, with designators like 'he' and 'Lord' being omitted....'Theologically, for instance, we know that God is beyond our gender determinations, God is not human,' said Archbishop Antje Jackelén, who leads the Church of Sweden. She said the change had been in conversation for decades, as early as 1986. Full report here.

In response Christer Pahlmblad, associate theology professor at Sweden's Lund University, criticsed the move. He told Denmark's Kristeligt Dagblad newspaper that the change undermined 'the doctrine of the Trinity and the community with the other Christian churches'.

Antje Jackelén is not the first female archbishop to ignore the wider church and please herself. The  heretical mentor of the former Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan, liked to put her own spin on the Gospel. Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori used 'violent images' for God. She described the Son of God as a Hell's Angel "Gang Leader" and "Party Animal".

Less extreme but also obsessed by secularist feminism in the church, Australia's first female Anglican archbishop, Kay Goldsworthy, would like to see more women in church leadership roles, a constant theme of women bishops in England and Wales.

More women than men are going forward for training for ordination for the first time in more than 15 years according to a recent report, strengthening the view that church ministry is going the same way as primary school teaching where there are few male role models, and primary medicine with Health Centres often staffed by part-time female GPs, a problem which is also affecting hospital care with many female consultants working part-time.

But still the clamour for more women continues regardless of the consequences. As the Guardian headline put it, Amid fight for equality, new bishop of London unlikely to be a woman. The feminist pressure group Women and the Church puts it succinctly as they move towards their true goal after the Church of England was beaten into submission and accepted the ordination of women priests and bishops: Just getting started - working actively for gender justice, equality and inclusion in the Church of England - as if there were no justice, equality or inclusion. Ironically that is just what these feminists are creating leading some to speculate that the Church of England is about to split over theological liberalism.

After her appointment, the second woman bishop in Wales boasted in a BBC interview that Wales was the province in the Anglican Communion with the highest percentage of female bishops before going on with the familiar feminist theme about gender parity, equating equality with sameness.

As if Wales were an example. Their own theological college has closed. Out of the ashes, St Padarn’s Institute, the 'training arm of the Church in Wales' is inviting  all licensed minsters to share what makes them [my emphasis Ed.] flourish and what they struggle with in a series of ‘listening days’ taking place across Wales.

Recent history shows that wimmin issues, not listening, has become the driving force in the Church in Wales. Consultations that have not worked out as the bench of bishop desired were simply ignored. Traditional Anglicanism has been virtually extinguished.

Those churches that are not on the redundant list should not have long to wait as congregations become increasingly elderly. Similarly in England, "Women clergy become the death of the Church of England" as attendance continues to slide.

All are equal in death!

Postscript [27.11.2017]

"Reforming" Church of Sweden looks to Islam:

"It would be foolish to assume that Jackelén's ecclesiastical revolution will end with this victory. On the contrary, there is every reason to believe that her success at Thursday's synod will inspire her to redouble her efforts to transform the Church of Sweden into a more Islam-friendly institution – one that ultimately, at the very least, puts Muhammed on an equal plane with Jesus Christ. No, we cannot know what is really in this woman's heart; but one thing we can be sure of is that when Islam does eventually take over Sweden, her remarkable history of appeasement will not save either her or her Church from a brutal reckoning." Full report here.


  1. I wonder why it is only licensed ministers who are being listened to? Lay people seem to have no say in anything, and apart from this forum, not know what is going on, yet be expected to turn up and pay up!
    I challenge each diocese to put details of the costs of the new HQ in all diocesan magazines...... and ask for responses by email......

  2. I'm putting my shirt on Stephen Cottrell becoming the next Bishop of London, he's even grown a beard as a worthy successor to Chartres' goatee. However, it is highly likely that either Bristol of Truro will be given a woman bishop thus further surrounding the Bristol Channel - St. David's, Llandaff, Gloucester and all points South West.

  3. How on earth can you put up with this anti catholic tripe. About time you all found an orthodox catholic bishop to gather around

    1. The difficulty is Joseph that in the space of a fraction of a lifetime that the anti catholic tripe has seized the Anglican Church in a stranglehold.
      Survival in the Anglican priesthood now involves compromise rather than conviction.
      Every potential candidate for episcopal orders now comes with excess baggage.
      Find me a strong,courageous and honest Bishop of orthodox and catholic conviction.

    2. Don't forget that the liberal pro-gay anti-bible agenda has forced evangelicals out too. Try going for ordination selection and saying you believe in male headship

  4. Long ago some of us were warning of the enemy within.

  5. Down here in Cornwall, it feels like the Diocese of Truro has had a woman bishop for the past ten years. All talk and so substance. We were glad to send him back to London with his half-baked politically correct twaddle. The place is in a total mess. An actual woman wouldn't be any worse.

    1. Dafydd y garreg wen28 November 2017 at 19:29

      Don't be too sure or speak too soon Bill. You would think differently if, as St. David's you'd had the all-things-gay-and-lesbian drippy droopy Joanna imposed on you by Darth Insidious.

    2. Truro has a proud record for keeping the faith starting with Edward White Benson through to Graham Leonard.
      Keep the faith Bill. You will be vindicated. Directly !

  6. Watchman - Let's not forget the great Walter Frere