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Sunday, 5 November 2017

The irony of it

Metropolitan Bishoy and Bishop Gregory Cameron sign the Agreed Statement on the Procession and Work of the Holy Spirit during a special evensong
service in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.  Christian Today / Lynn Glanville / Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough 

Taking timeout from the advancement of all matters  LBGTI+ in the Church in Wales, the Bishop of St Asaph has been involved in matters spiritual, a hangover from his years in the Church of England.

Appointed Director of Ecumenical Affairs at the Anglican Communion Office in 2003, he became Deputy Secretary General of the Anglican Communion in 2004. He was elected as the 76th Bishop of St Asaph in 2009.

Unsurprisingly the report 'Anglicans and Oriental Orthodox agree on doctrine of Holy Spirit' appears not on the Church in Wales website but in Christian Today .

The controversy dates back to the 7th century, when Eastern theologians objected to the statement the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father 'and the Son' ('filioque'). Anglicans inherited this reading from the Roman Catholic Church. Agreed Statement here.

 One might have thought that resolving this impediment to Christian unity would have merited at least a mention but the Church in Wales abandoned matters spiritual in favour of politics long ago under their previous archbishop

Many of the faithful who would have appreciated this agreement have also been abandoned by the Church in Wales which may explain why Church in Wales reports are dominated by the advancement of feminism, homosexuality and same sex marriage.

This report shows what might have been before the bench of bishops and, indeed, the house of bishops in the Church of England opted for deviancy over unity.


  1. Farewell Filioque, it was nice to know you.

  2. Pondering Pastor perhaps the bishop has been looking over the boarder, a means of escape, but what a huge gap he will leave on the bench

    1. Surely you mean Weightwatchers not so anonymous?

  3. Whilst Gregorius Maximus is signing away significant historical formularies, I can report progress from The Green. A friend of mine, a lady of a certain age, who had once been in receipt of one of Mr Toad's cowardly and bullying letters, has been invited to discuss it with the current occupant of Llys Esgob. Interesting, I would say.

    As for the advertisement for a verger, well... there is much that has not been said here about vergers that might have been, only I respect AB's caution in respect of what M' Learned Friends might do.

    By the way, I don't hear much talk of a Tribunal these days. Anyone got an update?

    1. Has the oily amphibian also been putting poison pen to paper bullying elderly ladies and widows too?
      I understood that was the big girl's blouse in the Deanery and that the Toad was merely postman Pat's.

  4. Pondering Pastor: Sounds like @ Hymn Singer, "the Green" is being weeded at long last. I wonder where M' Lady might apply her skilled acumen?

  5. My vicar mentioned, over the weekend, that June of Llandaff has informed her clergy that she will not be available on Monday evening for the foreseeable future because she will be attending an intensive Welsh language course. Good for her. Perhaps she can persuade Shirley of Brecon, Joanna of Tyddewi and Gregorius of Llanwelwy to join her, so they can minister to their respective flocks in their native language - and show that the Church can engage with its surrounding culture at some depth. Come to think of it, Crap of Bangor might usefully join them, too. After nearly a decade in office, his mutations remain painfully abysmal.

    1. There are far more Fantabulosa Fairies than Taffia hanging around Llandaff nowadays.
      The Sarum wench would be better off studying Polari at night school.

    2. Diawl Iolo, If I had a pound for every time that I have heard that one
      I would be able to pay for the Llandaff clerestory repairs, the new organ and still have enough left for a pint in the Butchers.
      Amser fu'n dangos.