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Thursday, 2 November 2017

The fall of the flag

History restored at the Hundred Stone!                                                                                                                    Source: Church in Wales/Picture: Alison Evans

The symbolism says it all in this Diocesan press release, 'History restored at the Hundred Stone'. The Cross of St David lying in the dirt.

Historically the fall of the flag meant defeat. It could be a metaphor for the Church in Wales.


  1. It is far more than a metaphor A B. It is a prophecy in the course of fulfilment.
    The Christian faith, the Church in Wales and the Diocese of St David's are being ground into the dirt by old women of a certain age.
    C 'm0n Ty Ddewi! Deffrwch - Codwch!

  2. Black scarves are certainly appropriate here!

  3. For me it simply is an amateurish mistake of the highest order. Don't be surprised if a national picks this up, unless they think Ciw is irrelevant of course.

    1. The more I look at the picture with the Dewi Sant's proud banner in the dirt the more I cringe inwardly. Whatever one's view on women's orders, +June would never have made such a schoolboy error. How on earth did this picture get authorised for publication and why as of stumps on Friday is the offensive photo still on the Provincial Website?

      C'mon guys this is basic communications for absolute beginners!

  4. The flag of St. David of Wales is very similar to that of St. Piran of Cornwall. The only difference being a yellow cross on a black background as opposed to a white cross on a black background. Celtic saints must stick together but NOT in the mud!

  5. Sorry to keep saying it, but I think Joanna looks absolutely ridiculous - and even more ridiculous than the obsequious clergy around her. Every time a photograph appears of her in bishop's vesture, it compounds the impression that she is out of her depth, and ill-suited to the role. Whamab is right, the national press won't pick this up because the CinW IS irrelevant - and the failure to appoint a cleric in the first division to the See of St David's is one of the reasons why.

    1. Yr wyt yn lygad dy le Iolo. You are spot on Iolo and let us not forget Bazza's comment when surprise was first expressed "They chose her."
      As for looking ridiculous in bishop's vesture does anyone have a copy of the clip of her in the Cardiff Gay Pride fiasco sining (oops - singing) her silly head off like a ventriloquist's dummy. Publication of that clip will add emphasis to Iolo's commemnts.

    2. What would Jesus say?3 November 2017 at 13:45

      Forgetting the colour of the robes, does anyone else see the likeness?

      It's bad enough to see the flag of St. David dropped in the mud but it's compunded by the obvious lack of concern and willingness to do anything about it from the poseurs in the photograph.

    3. Even more serious WwJS is the way in which the Christian faith has been dropped in the mud in the Diocese of St David's and the obvious lack of concern and willingness to do something about it amongst the poseurs and those who were once considered to be amongst the most faithful in Wales.
      The Wench is rapidly turning the Cradle into a Grave.

    4. What would Jesus say?3 November 2017 at 17:45

      Apologies Watching, you are quite correct of course. Those of us who have suffered the Dark Lord Barry in Llandaff for so many years have become used to thinking the Christian faith as handed down as long dead, buried and forgotten. What is peddled as Christianity in Llandaff nowadays has more to do with gay rights and dealing in the antiques trade than anything else.

    5. "the obvious lack of concern and willingness to do something about it" - easy to say, but much harder to turn into action. Any suggestions?

  6. I wonder? If the flag had been the rainbow banner of Lgbtqia+ would it have been fluttering in the wonderful rather than left in the mud? Sadly, I suspect it would have.

    1. Such a rag would deserve to be trodden down in the mud by those boldly singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" but the Politically Correct Bench of tossers would forbid it.

    2. What would Jesus say?3 November 2017 at 20:20

      Of course it would. The LGBTQIAXYZ++ agenda matters to the Bench far more than God the Father, God the Son or God the Holy Ghost. Thanks be to --Bazza Morgan.

  7. Looks like Mr Toad has been stabbing colleagues in the back again.
    +June and her new Chaplain need to be asking the question.
    "How many Virgers and assistant Virgers have come and gone" since the oily amphibian wormed his way into the centre of the apple?
    Must be well into double figures by now!
    Cathedral Virger Llandaff Cathedral
    The Dean and Chapter are hoping to appoint a Cathedral Virger to join the existing team. The Virgers are an integral part of the Cathedral’s ministry. If you are looking for an opportunity to work in an attractive environment within a friendly and dedicated team, we should be pleased to hear from you.
    The role is a full-time position attracting a starting salary of £18,000 p.a.
    The closing date for applications will be Friday 17 November 2017 at 5pm.
    Interviews are planned for the beginning of December.
    Claire Boot
    The Cathedral Office
    Llandaff Cathedral
    The Cathedral Green
    CF5 2LA
    Email address:

    1. On a more positive note, how nice it is to see (at last) some openness and honesty about money matters in Llandaff.
      Now if it can be done with Christian Aid donations (see page 11 of why can't it be done with the long outstanding Organ appeal accounts?
      Until the little pipsqueek in the Deanery comes clean over that he can forget anyone giving more money for his Clerestory and Quinquennial report repairs.

    2. "An attractive environment within a friendly and dedicated team" at Llandaff? Pull the other one!
      Grumbles on the Green suggest a previous employee was mightily relieved to be leaving the poisonous environs of the Cathedral Office.
      I wouldn't want a squinty-eyed poltroon like Mr Toad as my boss either.

    3. Might have more success attracting a down to earth, hard grafting Head Verger like the much missed Ron Roberts (and all that Elsie did for the Cathedral too - gratis) if someone has the brains and gonads to tell Gerwhine and the rest of the kindergarten in the back-room to stop wasting time and money making up pretentious jobs and title-changes...
      There is no more room (nor money) for more photocopiers unless His Nibs is going to take over the Lady Chapel for more office space.....

      Everyone at Llandaff when I was a babe knew the Head Verger carried a virge for clearing the riff-raff out of the way ..... Well since El Presidente and his train continue to drive the faithful away, the virge is now verging on the superfluous.

    4. Dickenssian, the Cathedral would be well advised to find more volunteers who could do things gratis. One wonders why they insist on taking on more paid staff instead.

      Here is an interesting little puzzle. These are the staff salaries for Llandaff in 2015 and 2016 as taken from the Llandaff 2016 Accounts on the Charity Commission website [ ]

      Staff costs (page 20):

      Gross salaries in 2016 = £157,225 for 9 employees

      Gross salaries in 2015 = £154,477 for 10 employees

      Therefore last year, with 1 fewer employee, the staff costs were nearly £3K more than in 2015 without additional social security and pensions payments. Did they award themselves a pay rise?

      It does rather beg the question how the Cathedral can afford its additional verger. Despite the supposed £40K surplus in 2016, this was the result of more funding from the Friends (for repairs) plus an increase in the Diocesan grant (up from £48K to £67K).

      Giving fell by nearly £20K to £323,053 (see p18 of the report) while running costs went up by £9K to £553,620.

      The stewardship campaign presentation mentioned that the Cathedral's giving was not sufficient to keep it running. This has been the case for some years and is nothing new. Llandaff is more dependent than ever on grants and venue hire charges.

    5. Come come, Bursar.
      All Llandaff knows Gerwhine and his gay cabal better than that.
      He's never been one for allowing the inconvenience of mere facts and figures to either get in the way of, or prevent him spouting, his usual BS.

  8. The fall of the flag?
    Ah! I get it! Yes I think I've got it.

    "THIS ENGLAND." That's was its meaning. And those of you who carry the W**** word you are just a frill and the more W**** you are, well don't be silly, you are more a frill. 'There'll be no frills in my enthronement service.'

    Meanwhile our people languish in spiritual squalor.

    Amos 8.12 coming up fast.