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Saturday, 30 January 2010


If you are reading this you have dropped into my newly created cyberspace.
As a now ancient Briton I frequently despair of the way we have gone down hill in Great Britain. For example, bad mannered, thoughtless drivers with their couldn't give a damn attitudes demonstrate the decline. They appear never to have sat a driving test and think the road their waste bin. They ignore speed limits, drive down outer lanes then push in where the road narrows. They show no understanding of roundabout discipline and save their indicators for future use as though there were a shortage of electricity. Then we have Council graffiti with gallons of paint everywhere and signs indicating what the morons choose to ignore.
Education, Health Service, 'Customer Couldn't give a Toss' departments. One could go on and on so this space will provide an opportunity for doing so from time to time.
Happy reading.