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Friday, 21 October 2011

The twilight of the cross

From Anglican Mainstream:

Ann Widdecombe is right: Christianity in Britain today is under severe persecution

Looking forward to a speech by Ann Widdecombe tomorrow, the Rev Peter Mullen in the Mail Online paints a depressing picture of the state of Christianity today. Please read it. 

Regardless of one's views of Christianity, or religion in general for that matter, what has shaped our British way of life is being extinguished. Yes there is much that the church has to be ashamed of, particularly its abuse of power, taking advantage of vulnerable people who had little but faith to sustain them. But while that power has waned, detractors have taken every opportunity to condemn the church and its pastors. In doing so they ignore the fact that for all of us, Christ died in agony on the Cross testifying that there is a better way, that we love our neighbour as ourselves. But this is not a rule to be followed blindly. His message was to look at the rules and to apply them sensibly. If we fail to do this and to remain faithful to our Christian culture a far greater oppression awaits us. Meanwhile the Established Church is obsessed with women's issues, gay rights and anything else that is prominent on the secular agenda!


  1. I really like the picture on this post. Can you tell me where you got it from? Is it under copyright anywhere because I would like to use it. Thanks

  2. Hello Ian. If you 'search Google for this image' you will see that this picture has been widely used across the internet, without attribution. I have been unable to find any restriction on its use.
    It is available as a free wallpaper download here
    I hope that helps.