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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More disappointment!

The Prime Minister continues to be "disappointed" after publication of the latest unemployment figures but not half as disappointed as those who see private sector employment declining when they were promised that the private sector would soak up redundancies in the public sector. 

If only jobs materialised from government communication skills!


  1. Rather than always carping from the side-lines, how about coming up with some solutions? It’s easy to be negative, why not try some constructive ideas?
    Peter J Crowther

  2. Thank you for your interest in my Blog Peter but from your criticism you appear to have missed the point of it which is simply to record my "thoughts on topical news/events..." rather than provide solutions (see the top of the RH column). 'Food for thought' perhaps, but since you raised the point under this topic, permit me to add some more thoughts.

    The Government is not receptive to ideas other than their Thatcherite 'TINA' mantra that 'there is no alternative', or Plan A as it has become known. Any thoughts, constructive or otherwise are merely brushed aside.

    My concern is for the unemployed, particularly youth unemployment which is becoming progressively worse under current policies with no indication of improvement. To be 'disappointed' suggests more concern for the figures than for the plight of those they represent. I hope you watched the videos linked under 'figures' in the second line of this Blog entry which convey a better feel for the plight of those forced into idleness. If I had a non-TINA solution it would be rejected but one thing is clear, the current plan is producing more unemployment which will cost more in benefits with reduced taxes to pay for them. That is a downward spiral which will be difficult to stop. One way or another, employment must be created. If Plan A isn't working we need another strategy.