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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The death of a Church near you

Back in 2006 a story appeared under the heading 'US Episcopal Church Says More Interested in Decline than Growth'. Some dismissed the story as a joke which backfired. 

Joke or not, their Presiding Bishop rationalised her belief on the basis that “Episcopalians tend to be better-educated and tend to reproduce at lower rates than some other denominations. Roman Catholics and Mormons both have theological reasons for producing lots of children.”

In his 'VirtueOnline' Blog entry David Virtue details the grim statistics which predict the death of the US Episcopal Church in 26 years time. The Church of England and the Church in Wales, have both welcomed Dr Jefferts Skiori as a shinning example of modern Anglican church life. With Christianity on the wane in England and Wales one would have thought that church leaders would take a pause and ask themselves if they really do know better than the history and tradition of the Universal Church. It is not just the US Episcopal Church that is heading for oblivion.

Please see this subsequent article in Anglican Mainstream: Two Communions?

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