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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Divinity? - Who needs divinity, we've moved on!

The speech therapist, the oil executive and the midwife.    Credit: Christian Today

The former Presiding Bishop of the US Episcopal Church was an oceanographer, the current Archbishop of Wales was a solicitor. The bishop of Llandaff is a social scientist, the bishop of St Davids has aspirations in Quantum Physics while the bishops of Bangor and St Asaph studied law.

The bishop of Monmouth was a civil servant and still appears so as he busily converts his patch to ministry areas with the zeal of a compliant functionary to the despair of all except those committed to self-advancement at the expense of others.

The absurdity of the appointment of an ex-nurse and midwife to be the 133rd Bishop of London, the third most senior post in the Church of England after the Archbishops of Canterbury and York is neatly summed up in this tweet

but more seriously in the "box-ticking" account here as the Church of England continues to fall for the mistakes of the US Episcopal Church, slavishly followed by the Church in Wales leading to the destruction of true Anglicanism in England and Wales.


[19.12 2017]
That the Anglican faith, catholic and reformed, should be reduced to this:
So sad.

Of course He does, the 2% of the population which demands 98% attention and increasing.

A more accurate view from Christian Today:

The Archbishop of Canterbury says: The Church of England “is very confident in its faith
What faith?


  1. And Simon Peter was a fisherman and Matthew, a Tax Collector.

    1. Simon Peter and Matthew had great success at preaching against the culture of the day - not embracing it. They built up large numbers of the faithful and laid foundations for huge future growth.

    2. Being a Tax Collector in Roman occupied Judaea during Christ's lifetime was a far more reputable profession than is being a Bishop in 21st century Church in Wales or Church of England.

    3. Indeed so and until the very recent innovation Anglicanism has been true to the Apostolic Succession - alas, with recent appointments in England and Wales that no longer applies.

  2. "New bishop of London could pave the way for female archbishop, say campaigners"

    Yep, that is next on the agenda, and you know what will be next after that, and after that. The progressive agenda tends to roll like that.

  3. Yes, I knew something rang a bell - over ten years ago we had this: 'The Right Revd Katharine Jefferts Schori has compounded the offence of being the highest-ranking woman in the Anglican church by saying, in her first sermon since her election as 26th presiding bishop of the US Episcopal Church, that "Mother Jesus gives birth to a new creation - and you and I are his children." Beat that - Christ was a woman called Lizabetty! I joke not ... where will it end? Here is the logic "Did you know that Christ is a Woman? The Woman Christ is the only sacrifice acceptable to God the Father. Let’s see who that perfect offering is: “If he brings a lamb as his sin offering, he shall bring a FEMALE without blemish.” – Leviticus 4:32.

  4. They are all just about as safe as a re-tread tyre. No grip - no road holding with a high risk of shredding and swerving out of control with catastrophic results for those who rely upon them.

  5. At least they've all got good educations to fall back onto when the Church in Wales disappears up its own backside.

    Menai Drudge

  6. Some good points made here:

    1. Lifted directly from one of the comments made by a lady contributor in reply to the above article.

      "I detest female clergy.. they have no theology, no communication skills, no charisma.. no depth and no brains.. How much I loath them for defaming womenkind."

      Anyone would think this insightful lady has met --Bazza's Llandaff coven too.
      Peggy the Pilate, Jenny the Wriggler et al certainly fit her description perfectly.

      As does (so it seems from recent behaviour) the latest addition to the brew, Caiapharse Osborne.

  7. Pondering Pastor: Having experienced firsthand both excellent and bungling women clergy in various denominations I can conclude that, like many male clergy, who can also be either side of excellent or bungling, surely, the rationale argument, is one that promotes Christ.
    Behaviour of late in both male and female senior clergy, leaves the message of the Gospel, seriously wanting.
    The pew sitters have every right to make critical commentary, but equally take appropriate action.
    The key action is challenge, call to account, act, dismiss and uplift. The bottom line acid test is: do they reveal Christ in there ministry?