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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Brexit: Facts Not Fear

A video by Toby Young Associate Editor of The Spectator.

Fear strengthens the resolve of the British people so listening to endless dire warnings against leaving the EU from the Prime Minister, Uncle Tom Cobley and all, it is not surprising that there is panic in the 'Remain' camp as Brexit voters show increasing determination not to be browbeaten into submission by guesswork.

The threat by George Osborne of a mini budget as a Brexit punishment has caused even more problems for the Remainers with 57 of his own colleagues threatening to rebel and rising.

The Remain side's concentration on the economy is understandable because the forecasts are based on what has been fed in whereas Brexit voters prefer facts to fear.

Toby Young explains how the British people were deceived in 1975 when we were give a guarantee that no law could be imposed upon us without the consent of our elected representatives. We now slavishly legislate based on laws thought up by unelected European bureaucrats.

Sovereignty and immigration are foremost in the minds of Brexit voters in wanting UK independence restored so that we can vote out our law makers if they make a mess of things.

Toby's video explains how we will be even worse off if we remain after David Cameron's failed negotiations. As for immigration most of us simply have to look around us to see the effects of mass uncontrolled immigration. It can only get worse if we remain.



    I had not made up my mind and might not have done so until the day itself but the asinine letter from the bunglers on the bench has made up my mind.
    If bully boy ++Bazza and his sycophants are voting to remain then I shall definitely be voting to leave the sclerotic European Union.
    I shall also endeavour to persuade as many others as possible to do likewise.

  2. The bishops' statement is badly flawed. The first paragraph reads:
    "In next week’s referendum on membership of the European Union, the people of Britain will be making a decision that will have a profound impact on the life and prosperity of the United Kingdom for many years and even decades to come. It is probably the most important decision in a generation, and is not therefore one which should be made lightly or rashly, but after careful consideration and thought."

    It does not follow that the people of Britain will be better off by voting to remain. Forecasts are not facts hence the emphasis on 'risks' but there is more to life than prosperity even if some of the forecasts proved to be correct. For many Anglicans one of the most important decisions in a generation was the decision to ordain women resulting in Wales in the practical exclusion of 'traditionalists' who shared the view of the majority of Anglicans. What a mess that has proved to be with the extinction of the Church in Wales being predicted in a generation.

    As for the "demonisation of immigrants" this is another unsubstantiated charge which leaves the reader "to re-write history for themselves in order to make sense of the statement" as they did in their promotion of same sex marriage.

    The spiritually dead do not deserve a voice.

  3. The CiW really is a dictatorship now, with Bishops accountable to nobody at all and acting outrageously. How dangerous to tell people how to vote in a democratic election. Didn't the church of Germany tell people to back Hitler? Bishops should be there for all their people, like Priests, and not alienate the flock by taking political sides. Most people in my church are voting out, so how dare the Bench tell them they are wrong.
    As far as I hear, those on the leave campaign are calling for fairer immigration so we can allow workers from India, Africa etc in rather than just anyone from the EU.
    But immigration is a serious issue, as the Bishop's would know if they tried to commute to work during the rush hour while our roads are solid, etc.

  4. My vote will go with those whose statements do not include highly offensive words like asinine, bunglers, bully, sycophants, sclerotic, spiritually dead, dictatorship, and Hitler. 'The EU is very much in need of reform, but we have to reform every organisation from the inside; you will never reform it from outside. Yes, we need reform and secondly we need to stay there to be part of that reform.' Bishop William Kenny, Lead Bishop on Europe from the Catholic Bishops. Conference of England and Wales.

    1. Thank you for your comment Remain. I don't know whether you watched Toby Young's video but the facts speak for themselves. I agree that reform from the inside is desirable but we can be outvoted 27 to 1, we have been defeated in all 72 times we have opposed new EU laws and Regulations and lost 77% of cases at the European Court of Justice. David Cameron could not even negotiate the terms he set out for remaining so Bishop Kenny's advice can hardly be taken seriously.

    2. Cymru'r Groes17 June 2016 at 23:02

      Reform every organisation from the inside?
      On that basis we would still be members of the Roman Catholic Church buying indulgences, paying tithes and the reformation with the birth of the Protestant church and reformation would never have occurred.
      Be a lemming or vote Leave.

    3. Lux Et Veritas18 June 2016 at 17:11

      The days of me paying any attention to anything bishops of the Church in Wales have to say are long gone.
      In particular anything Barry Morgan suggests I do the exact opposite.
      Vote OUT.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.