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Monday, 20 June 2016


The great and the good (in their own eyes), the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, prominent among them, have taken to the moral high ground to condemn Brexit for demonising immigrants. In fact they are demonising Brexit voters for taking a reasoned look at the problem and the dangers for our children and grandchildren of uncontrolled immigration.

Some more facts. Brexit is FOR immigration but in a orderly, controlled manner. In stark contrast to the Prime  Minister whose failure to answer a direct question admits his own failures, when asked if he thought there should be an upper limit on immigration the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn frankly replied, ‘I don’t think you can have one while you have free movement of labour’.

Dr Morgan complains about the "language of fear" in apparent ignorance of the reality of what has been happening in the world while he has been promoting same sex marriage. If we remain in the EU our UK borders will be open to around half a million immigrants already waiting in Europe to qualify for Europen citizenship with many more to come.

According to leaked estimates from the German authorities, each person granted asylum is likely to be followed by between four and eight family members. Meanwhile Christians are assaulted by Muslims in refugee camps because they are Christians. Some have been thrown overboard by Muslim immigrants to drown before they reach the camps.

Many immigrants are young, unaccompanied males unaccustomed to the freedom of women in the West to dress as they please. This has been taken as an invitation to molest and even rape them while the authorities cover up many of the stories to avoid spreading alarm. A son of immigrants, Lawyer Nazir Afzal is so worried about the situation that he has expressed his concern that the influx of young, male migrants risks tipping the whole balance of European society.

Branded an extremist and banned from the UK for exposing the truth about Islamic ideology, the lead video shows Robert Spencer explaining that while there are moderate Muslims, there is no moderate Islam.

In another video 'moderate' Muslims all agreed that "the punishment described in the Quran and the Sunnah whether it is death, whether it is stoning for adultery, whatever it is, if it is from Allah and his Messenger, that is the best punishment ever possible for humankind and that is what we should apply in the world". These Muslims do not regard themselves as "radical extremists" and none of them liked "extreme Islam".

The irony in this situation is that while the Archbishop of Wales condemns people for demonising immigrants he is closing their eyes to the dangers we face. His latest pet theme is the furtherance of LGBT causes but the biggest threat to gays is Islam. What is more, Dr Morgan claims to stand up for minorities while he ignores minorities in his own church who oppose his secular notion of religion. He can't have it both ways.

We can not properly protect ourselves and our children unless our Sovereignty is restored.


  1. The point which is muddled or even suffers ignorance, and that is most concerning to me ,is the confusion between immigrants and (genuine) refugees, and the truth is that many immigrants are masquerading as 'refugees'. As you say ,once the immigrants /refugees acquire European status and EU passports, they are then absolutely free to enter the UK.
    There has to be a measured control of entry .

  2. It explains less than a hundred attending the 9am at Llandaff Cathedral on Sunday and an estimated 80 communicants.
    No sign of a new Director of Music either.

    1. What? Less than a hundred in the 'metropolitan' Cathedral of Morgan the Organ in Cardiff? What about the Heath Evangelical, the Elim City Temple Pentecostal, St Marks Gabalfa and the jam packed Welsh Baptist in Caernarfon?

    2. The subject of clergy laziness has to be brought up sooner or later Mr Briton. In this day and age of unemployment, why cant the clergy set an example and get out of their beds in the morning? Or at least open the blinds and pretend they are? Hope all newly designated Canons are reading. Now come on girls, kick your husbands out of bed and off to work.