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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

"Gay marriage is here to stay",

thus says the Bishop of Buckingham (hat tip to Anglican Mainstream).

Well know for his trendy social intercourse the Rt Rev'd Dr Alan Wilson graced the Queering Paradigms network to deliver the keynote speech in which he claimed that "nothing bad happened in the UK after the introduction of same-sex marriage two years ago and that the Church of England is slowly accepting the concept" before adding the latest LGBT clerical mantra, "it was merely a matter of time before the controversy surrounding gay and transgender unions would turn to acceptance everywhere, even in his church".

The fact that same sex marriage is tearing the Church apart is obviously irrelevant to +Buckingham.

The Queering Paradigms network is "dedicated to examining the current state and future challenges of Queer Studies from a broad trans-disciplinary and polythetic perspective, and by interrogating numerous social, political, cultural and academic agendas". Professor Bee Scherer introduces himself as the founder of Queering Paradigms and Professor of Religious Studies and Gender Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University.

In the video the professor explains Queer Theory as "An academic area challenging traditional concepts of binary genders and other ideas around sexuality". He described it as "a daring and rebellious form of thinking about who we are and assumptions about fixed gender". Rebellious indeed.

That anyone can hold such a position let alone indoctrinate our young people with such notions is bad enough but to be supported by a bishop of the Church of England expounding views contrary the Church's position on marriage shows the level to which some of our bishops have sunk. Will any stand up for the faith?


  1. What would Jesus say?14 June 2016 at 18:44

    There's a cast iron guarantee it won't be His ++Darkness Barry Morgan. Quite the opposite, he'll be racing to be the next on the queer bandwagon.

  2. No signs of repentance from Morgan the Organ then?

  3. Maybe they need to rename the University and leave "Christ Church" out of it.