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Friday, 1 July 2016

Principles not rhetoric


The Express 26 June 2016 Nigel Farage warns Boris may be BACK-PEDALLING on EU immigration promises made in campaign: "The Ukip leader said he was nervous that Boris Johnson's position on withdrawal from the EU may have softened in the four days since the referendum vote for Brexit....Mr Johnson yesterday stressed Britain "is part of Europe, and always will be", envisaging "intense and intensifying European co-operation and partnership" even after Brexit."

Mirror 26 June 2016 Great Brexit betrayal: Vote Leave leaders backtrack from NHS and immigration pledges and admit there is NO plan: "Former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith joined Nigel Farage in distancing himself from the key referendum vow – as Brexiteers warned voters not to expect a quick drop in immigration following the historic poll result."

Critics of Michael Gove have quickly forgotten the glee they were taking in rubbishing Brexit for "back-pedalling". One Brexiteer who was not back-peddling is Michael Gove. He was so horrified by the apparent lack of enthusiasm of Boris Johnson for securing the aims of Brexit that he reluctantly decided to throw his own hat into the ring. I believe he genuinely did not want the job of PM. As he said he his 'standing out of conviction not ambition'.

I for one believe him. Presumably Andrew Neil does not after his snide little skit - " 'Let me make clear what I have repeatedly said before,' Neil began on Thursday evening. 'I do not want to present Question Time. I could not present Question Time. I’m not equipped to present Question Time'."

Journalists have been having a field day. Gone are the days when they reported the news. They now force their own views on listeners. Crispin Blunt, MP for Reigate and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, was 'interviewed' by Evan Davis for the BBC Newsnight programme a few evenings ago. The poor chap was not allowed to say anything unless he agreed with the interviewer who constantly tried to put words into his mouth, taking lessons from Kirsty Wark no doubt.

After Michael Heseletine's scathing attack on Boris Johnson, Ken Clarke who was "personally appalled" by the idea of Boris Johnson being Prime Minister, launched a 'stunning attack' on Michael Gove urging him to 'stand down now'. He said it was important to "have the trust so far as possible of your colleagues," arguing Mr Gove had lost that ability.

When it comes to trust it is a bit rich coming from Mr Clarke following his links with BAT when he was earning £100,000 a year in 2001 as the nation struggled to control smoking with all its consequences for the NHS.

The Remainers have no shame. Scare stories before the Referendum, character assassination afterwards putting rhetoric before principles, all designed to favour Remain over Brexit. But just a minute, "Post-Brexit vote rebound sees FTSE 100 set for biggest weekly rise since 2011". Not a lot said about that!

If the sneerers would open their eyes and pull for Britain instead of condemning people of conviction as racist and untrustworthy, we will make better progress on a decision that has been made. The current battles being waged could damage Theresa May as well as Michael Gove. That could prove to be to the advantage of Andrea Leadsom. She has been a consistent Brexiteer with the right credentials. With support going her way, Michael Gove could still be let off the hook he has previously tried to avoid.

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