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Friday, 8 July 2016

Save a life

In the next two minutes, dirty water will kill another child. It’s the only water they have to drink, fetched from filthy rivers, stagnant swamps, and dangerous holes in the ground. It’s water filled with parasites, animal waste and disease.

From Water Aid

"Toilets Save Lives. One simple solution, one life-changing gift. Will you be a lifesaver too?

Elisabeth works in a corner of Burkina Faso’s capital city, in an area called Zongo. It’s a hot, dusty place to live, filled with families trying to make a living in the city.

Many families living here don’t have access to a decent toilet – like one in three people around the world.

Living without a toilet means that families have no option but to relieve themselves outside their home, running the risk of carrying germs back inside and spreading potentially fatal diseases like diarrhoea and cholera. Children are especially vulnerable to diarrhoeal diseases, which kill 4,975 children under five in Burkina Faso each year.

Help pay for the materials to build a toilet that will keep a family safe

Your gift will do something truly life-saving. It will help provide the basic tools and materials that families need to build their own toilet, helping to keep their family safe for years to come."

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