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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

No second term for Jefferts Schori

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori

George Conger of Anglican Ink has reported (here) that the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States, the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, will not stand for re-election as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. You can read her statement here and watch a video of George discussing the news with Kevin Kallsen on Anglica TV's Anglican Unscripted here.

That this oceanographer has had so much influence across the pond has been a tragedy for Anglicanism in Great Britain, particularly for the Church in Wales where Archbishop Morgan has aped her methods. 

Here is a selection of previous entries by way of explanation: 

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I shall be interested to read what Barry has to say in tribute to his heretical mentor.


  1. That's what we need the option of our presiding officer standing for re-election!

  2. No doubt, the tributes will come rolling in. My pal Wallace Hartley sent out a pre-emptive strike this morning with a little parody song, "Can't Help Leavin' Dat Church of Mine." over at

  3. Cause for celebration24 September 2014 at 20:00

    Good riddance.
    If only it were so easy to get rid of His ++Darkness and his coven!

    1. Exactly, good riddance to the dear lady - nasty piece of work!

  4. And now Dr Schori is available for election to the first vacant See in Wales....!

    1. Brilliant! I'd like to see Mufty Morgan pull that one off.

    2. Whatever you do, don't give the git Morgan any new ideas!

    3. But my dear Augustine the walls of Jericho had to come down.

  5. A bishop without a diocese. What kind of ecclesiology is that? A roving 'minister without portfolio' (isn't that what Peter Mandelson did to keep everyone 'on message' in the Blair government?). I am astounded that Barry hasn't come up with that ruse. But... hang on. Isn't that precisely what he is doing? Exceeding his authority as archbishop, poking his nose into the administration of dioceses other than his own, acting like a papal overlord? It is so un-Anglican. May be 'Bishop' Schori's decision to call it a day might have positive consequences for Wales and it won't be long before the golf clubs are loaded on to a furniture van on Cathedral Green. Somehow, I think that's hoping for too much.

  6. You know I admire the Archbishop for not attempting to get this site closed down - not to demonstrate his power, but because half of what is on this site is a pack of lies, gossip and slander. The administrator of this site should be ashamed of the things that are printed here. You lot need to get a grip, seriously. The tone of what you put up here is a world away from the Jesus we follow. No wonder people are leaving the churches if you lot are sat grumbling away in the pews. Pitiful.

    1. Yes, don't be a 'fart' you silly sycophant. He cannot take it down because this blog is factual. As is

  7. Don't be a silly ass fart. You should know that the Archbishop's power is confined to instructing those indebted to him for his patronage.

    As administrator of this blog I strive to be fair by publishing all shades of opinion, favourable and unfavourable, although gratuitously offensive and anonymous comments without pen names are not normally published.

    As far as I am aware the only lies appearing here originate from those you admire but I am willing to be corrected. If you are able to substantiate your accusation then please let me know so that appropriate action can be taken.

    1. I think James has summed up what our response to someone calling him/herself 'Fart' should be in the 'Over My Dead Body' thread (i.e. not seriously). However, the accusation of lies and gossip is a serious one. Would Fart like to offer us some examples of what s/he deems to be untrue? I'd be fascinated because there has been absolutely no official refutation or clairification from the Reichstag on Cathedral Green about (a) discretionary accounts; (b) the dishonesty of the Archbishop's media spin doctor; (c) the resignation of Janet Henderson as Dean of Llandaff; (d) the Archbishop's involvement in the sacking of the lay clerks from the Cathedral choir; (e) Peggy the Pilot's dishonesty in telling the world that the Cathedral Chapter was unanimous in backing the decision to sack the lay clerks and the sub-organist; (f) the appointment of a woefully inadequate and inexperienced Dean of Llandaff who commands neither the support of the majority of the clergy of the Diocese or the Cathedral congregation - but is simply a puppet to the Archbishop. Is that enough to be going on with? We can offer plenty more examples if they are needed.

    2. @Llandaff Pelican
      Please don't forget
      (g) the Moorhouse lies about the BBC Songs of Praise fees for the men of the Choir;
      (h) the press statement falsely attributed to Janet Henderson containing 3 lies in 2 sentences,
      “It’s a low budget programme and we are not taking part in order to profit financially. At present, the form of the programme and the musical items are still being considered and no final decision has been taken about which musicians will be taking part.”;
      (i) the Cathedral Chapter lies in the press statement issued on December 20th 2013 headed 'New era for Cathedral choir'
      "New arrangements for funding music at Llandaff Cathedral will come into place this month."
      "The new arrangement is part of the Cathedral’s strategy to address a significant financial deficit and protect the long-term future of its choral tradition."
      "The Cathedral values its choral tradition very highly."
      "that the new funding arrangement for the choir is the best and most responsible way to secure both its long-term future, and the future of the cathedral community as a whole."
      "delivering long-term sustainability must come from changing the structure of the Cathedral choir".
      (j) the lies published about the ending of "Easter Offerings" in the Llandaff Diocese;
      (k) the fiddled Organ appeal accounts that the Llandaff Chapter have refused to publish;
      We'll run out of letters of the alphabet quickly enough!

      As for @fart, if only HALF of "what is on this site is a pack of lies, gossip and slander" then it's a damn sight more truthful than bully boy ++Bazza, his bungle of bishops, his coven and his press spokeswoman.
      From time to time such accusations appear on this blog (for example most recently by Peter Morrell, Peter Atkins and the Llandaff DBF non-job individual 'Lawabiding') but all challenges issued to them to back up their claims with evidence have INVARIABLY resulted in a deafening silence.
      The same applies to questions posed to the same individuals.

      Meanwhile, here's some light weekend reading for the glove puppet and his Chapter

    3. Well done Llandaff Pelican and Llandaff Pewster! With your points (a) to (k) you have succinctly summarised some of the most pressing issues causing discontent in this diocese and at its cathedral. Tomorrow is the Llandaff Diocesan Conference. Is there any lay member, clergyman or clergywoman, area dean, or member of the chapter who has the balls to stand up at the conference and demand that each of those points be addressed? Come on, this is your chance to ‘lob a bomb in the water and see where the dead fish land’. The GB failed to hold the archbishop and Bench to account, can any of you do any better? Or will you just sit there like gutless wonders and let yourselves be trampled?

    4. (i) "the best and most responsible way to protect the future of the Cathedral community "?
      The diocesan conference should be discussing the lowest ever attendances at the Cathedral over the last two weeks!

  8. I agree with fart that much written here is slanderous . It strikes me that many contributors to this blog are guilty of the same offence of which you accuse + Barry: having no time for those who disagree with you , and being offensive about them. As for the Dean,he is not + Barry's "puppet", but his own man. Rather than being inadequate, he has worked hard ,and certainly does command the support of the majority of the congregation. Give him a chance; he inherited a mess,and it will take some time to sort.
    Tom in the Pew

    1. I have heard the Dean preach on several occassions at the Cathedral now - his words are so very thoughtful and he speaks with such integrity. I have been going along to the Cathedral for years now and his preaching is amongst the very best I have heard. I pray for him regularly - I genuinely do. Dean Gerwyn's preaching stands out amongst the best that there is in the Cathedral and indeed has been for very many years. What do others think?

    2. The quality, or otherwise, of the Dean's preaching is irrelevant if the Cathedral is empty!

    3. If @Fart thinks the Dean's preaching is the very best he's heard, it tells us a lot about his so-called 'theology.' So it's better than Chancellor John Rowlands' preaching is it? Or Lewis Clark, the dear-departed former Archdeacon? Or even Bonaparte, who could be good when he excised his more caustic tendencies? The fact is that we've been saddled with an inexperienced and ill-qualified puppet to lead the mission of the Metropolitical Cathedral. It's not The Capon's fault (although he could have exercised some of his highly-trumpeted discernment and said no - but the carrot was too alluring). The Fault lies fairly and squarely with the Archbishop for engineering such a reckless and irresponsible appointment. When I think back to what a vibrant place Llandaff Cathedral was in Alun Davies's era (and even John Rogers)... It's just more proof, if it were needed, that Barry Morgan is nothing more than a wrecker. As a former director of the Royal School of Church Music has said on more than one occasion, he's hardly a healing personality. Too right.

    4. Talking of the Royal School of Church Music, isn't it about time for a letter-writing campaign to the present director, Andrew Reid? He seems a good thing. So why on earth is there a picture on the front of their current events booklet depicting Byzantine Barry standing among the diocesan choirs, sporting that false smile to which he so often resorts? How could a responsible organisation, committed to encouraging high standards of church music, give coverage to someone who has wilfully demolished the choral tradition in his cathedral? Or is it just irony?The contact details are: Andrew Reid, RSCM, 19 The Close, Salisbury, SP1 2EB or

    5. Llandaff - do you draw a salary from the Church in Wales or are you retired? If it's the former, what on earth are you doing on a forum like this when you (a) should be out visiting your flock (b) be minding what you say in public about those who employ you. If you're retired, you should be out enjoying the good weather rather than engaging in unhelpful tittle tattle here.

    6. @Ritual Notes

      From that mine of useful information, the diocesan handbook.
      Capon, Gerwyn H,
      born1965, deaconed 2003, priested 2004.
      Curate in Liverpool (2003-2007)- an extended apprenticeship for one so gifted!
      Chaplain to His ++Darkness and Diocesan director of ordinands (2007-2009)
      Vicar of Bolton over Sands (2009-2012)
      Chaplain to His ++Darkness (2012-2014)

      A strangely long 5 year curacy, a very brief 3 years as a parish priest and 6 years as ++Bazza's gopher. What more could Llandaff ask?
      "an inexperienced and ill-qualified puppet"?

      Canon Rowlands has more letters after his name than the glove puppet has IN his name!

      Could Darth ++Insidious have found anyone with less experience and less qualifications?

      Rumours were heard long ago that many candidates turned down the 'prize' job (including the glove puppet) but bully boy ++Bazza ran out of options and time so the glove puppet was given no choice.

    7. Fart, I suggest you pick up your stick and take your dog for a walk rather than leave a bad odour here. Please be more constructive if you wish to see your comments published. I am still waiting for your evidence of the alleged lies you complained of.

    8. Let's compare the golf caddy's experience and qualifications for this job with some other nearby deans.

      Brecon (b. 1956) Dip Theol (Southampton); MA (London); PhD (Sheffield); Curate of All Souls’ Harlesden, London from 1993 to 1996; Vicar of All Saints with St Michael’s, Chelmsford from 1996 to 2002. Canon Residentiary and Vice-Dean of Sheffield Cathedral and Chair of the Cathedral Archer Project (2002-2010) Vicar of Doncaster Minster (2010-2014) Dean of Brecon September 2014.

      Hereford (b. 1959) MA, MMus, Curate of Ealing, London (1982-1985) Minor Canon Ely Cathedral; Priest in Charge of Stuntney, Ely (1985-1991);Vicar of Tewkesbury with Walton Cardiff ,Gloucester (1991-2002); Dean of Hereford 2002. Director of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd.

      Bristol b. 1957 MA PhD (Cantab) Curate of Chesterton, Ely (1987-1991); Chaplain Magdalene College, Cambridge (1991 to 1998), Vicar of Southgate, London (1998-2004), Residentiary Canon and Diocesan Director of Ministry Training, Gloucester (2004-2010), Dean of Bristol 2010.

      Reckless and irresponsible is the only description of Barry Morgan's desperation to ensure a puppet is running his cathedral.

    9. And would I be right in thinking that the Brecon, Hereford and Bristol jobs were advertised? That a shortlisting and interview process put all candidates equally on an even playing field? And that the best candidate was appointed? Now, perhaps I don't need to ask this, but was the Llandaff vacancy advertised by any chance?

    10. @1662, re: Capon's CV. How can someone priested in 2004 be appointed Diocesan Director of Ordinands in 2007. Four years as a curate qualifies him to direct ordinands? This probably explains why there is a vocation crisis. In most professions it is those with decades of experience of doing the job who select the new recruits. No wonder all that they are good for is playing snakes and ladders.

    11. @1549
      I have no idea how a long term curate qualifies as a DDO but snakes and ladders at the Llandaff diocesan conference certainly fits with ++Bazza and his nest of vipers.

    12. Oh come on James, you joker you.
      An even playing field?
      A shortlisting or interview process?
      In Llandaff since Darth ++Superbia got to the top of the greasy pole in the CinW?
      Bonaparte, Janet of the Dales and the glove puppet were all imposed by the dark lord, not forgetting that he even imposed himself there for a while.

    13. Well @fart, it's been a few days since you posed the question "What do others think?" about the preaching abilities of Bazza's glove puppet.
      I think it is fair to say that you have had your reply.
      No-one agrees with you or at least no-one that can be bothered to place a reply on this blog.

      The last time I heard the glove puppet speak from the pulpit, all he did was bitch about this blog, claim it was evil to contribute to it and whinge that he was having the mickey taken out of him here. What a big girl's blouse.
      His only qualification for the job would seem to be Bazza's patronage.
      Has he even got a GCSE in RE?

      Since he was installed by his Dark ++Lord, what has he achieved?
      Congregation and Communicant numbers continue to decline.
      Despite his claim that the floor just needed a good mopping, he's closed the Prebendal House kitchen.
      There's no more parish breakfasts or first Tuesday lunches.
      He's p*ssed off a large chunk of the Parish Eucharist congregation who have voted with their feet.
      He's lost his Musical Director and what's left of the Cathedral choirboys are not singing.
      He's now having to pay fees to bring in quartets and quintets to sing at the Sunday 11am and to have music for the visit of the friends of Hereford Cathedral last Tuesday.

      Just imagine the omni-shambles for All Souls, All Saints, Advent carols, 9 lessons and 9 Carols, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

      Perhaps he'll have the jobsworths from the DBF come in to organise more sessions of snakes and ladders?

      The sooner the inadequate chump realises he's way out of his depth, the better.

  9. @Fart & Anonymous:

    What stirkes me from the outside looking in is that this blog allows those who are shunned and ignored at every level by their archibishop what appears to be their a very rare outlet for expression, but not discussion which of course is a two-way process.

    Bishops are supposed to be the centre of unity in their diocèses. There is no obligation for them to always agree with every person of an opposing view. However their pastoral charge is for all God's people and not just those whom they like and/or who nod along with their own personal vision. A bishop is a called to teach from his cathedra, not dictate. He is called to be a guardian of the faith once received, but not to write a new one. He is called - like all clergy - to:

    "faithfully minister the doctrine and sacraments of Christ as the Church ... has received them, so that the people committed to your charge may be defended against error and flourish in the faith; ...
    [to] strive to be an instrument of God's peace in the Church and in the world;
    [to] fashion your own life and that of your household according to the way of Christ, that you may be a pattern and example to Christ's people;
    [to] work with your fellow servants in the gospel for the sake of the kingdom of God". .

    Going back to these basics will not necessary change opinions on certain issues, but it would certainly resolve much unnecessary tension and point the way to a cohesive rather than divisive process, which would allow all to flourish and not just some.

  10. Is that why I have just heard that Richard Moorehouse has resigned as Organist and Master of the Choristers? He cannot, apparently, deal with Capon as Dean because there is always the unspoken spectre of Byzantine Barry calling the shots at one remove. So what for the music now at the Metropolitical Cathedral Church where a 4-part choir is only heard with the girls (funded by the school) and the boys will dwindle even more. May be that was the plan all along. Female bishops, female choristers, and an inept Dean who, according to my sources in the pew at Llandaff (obviously not Tom), is presiding over a monumental decline in numbers. When I was an ordinand in the 1990s, you struggled to get a seat at the 9am Mass on Sundays. Now look at it! By the way Tom, can you tell us what is slanderous because no one has sought to factually correct anything on this blog (apart from Peter Morrell who just fired a blanket threat but would not answer any specific allegations). As I have said repeatedly, if anything here is untrue, let it be investigated and the truth be published. Strangely, there seems to be a wall of silence. Perhaps you can help us answer the above questions cut through the so-called slander?

    1. One hears that the golf caddie was forced into making an announcement at yesterday's 11am because of the predictions on this blog, the latest game of "Where's Wally" was becoming too popular and an unexplained absence of his Musical Director couldn't be covered up any longer.
      The speculation around The Cathedral Green is that no "resignation" is involved at all.
      A period of notice would normally apply and be worked (probably an academic term) and moving to take advantage of 'opportunities elsewhere' is the usual code for a good old fashioned sacking.
      Perhaps another employment tribunal is imminent?

      It looks like the 130 year-old Choral tradition so highly valued by the Chapter will be in the hands of guest quartets for some time to come.

      Give the glove puppet a chance? Like the Darth ++Insidious before him, he's making it worse.
      The "majority of the congregation"? With such a small congregation left the majority could be Tom and Fart.

      Sep 04, 2014 18:48
      By Martin Shipton
      "The Very Rev Gerwyn Capon ..... expressed the view that a small number of members of the Llandaff Cathedral community appeared intent on causing trouble."
      "Dean Capon said: “Although the great majority of people who attend the cathedral are very supportive of what we are doing there is a little group of I believe three people who seem determined to be negative and who appear to be seeking to cause trouble."

      Was Moorhouse 1 of the glove puppet's 3 people who were determined to be negative and seeking to cause trouble? Or did Darth ++Insidious and his golf caddie work out that Moorhouse was one of the Llandaff leaks that have plagued them for so long?

      Either way, that's one less employee on the Cathedral payroll and another reduction in the on-going financial deficit. So who is left? One part time administrator, two Virgers and the part time Parish Choir organist.

      “Now we need to find another way to ensure we can maintain the cathedral’s reputation for music.”
      What reputation?
      What music?
      What a clown!

    3. If I was +Barry I would seriously think of removing my permission for you to officiate - what on earth are you doing on here spreading tittle tattle about the current Dean. Where is your sense of decency?

    4. Sense of decency? Hark whose talking! Pots and kettles spring to mind. A bit like Byzantine Barry telling everyone at the Diocesan Conference that we should all be working together. What a tasteless joke!


      "Snakes and ladders was the order of the day when members of the Llandaff Diocesan Conference gathered for their annual conference in Aberdare."

      Typical "sneak a peek" bullsh*t once more.
      The Cathedral is in meltdown but it's business as usual in Bazzaland.

    6. You are joking! Snakes and ladders being played at diocesan conference? Messy church; sneak a peak; duck pond worship! My, oh my, we are doing Special Needs Church aren’t we?

  11. An ordinand in the 1990s - says it all - not oridained and forever bitter about it.. Get a life and move on.

    1. I beg your pardon, Fart? Not ordained? Bitter? I think my parishioners would have something to say about that - so would your hero Byzantine Barry, especially if he thought someone was functioning in the Diocese without his license. My only relief is that I was ordained by +Roy and not his nihilistic successor. Stop jumping to your half-baked conclusions. As James has wisely counselled, if you actually led the way in raising the tone of the discussion, some of us might be prepared to start taking you seriously.

  12. fart - you are not helping this strand at all. By jumping to the conclusion that LP was not ordained and then implying that s/he is bitter about are injecting the type of unpleasantness that some of your previous contributions to this blog seem to decry. There could be any number of reasons why LP referred to him/herself in that way.

    fart - I am not unsympathetic to some of the things you are striving to get across - but please do it with a lack of animus - and for goodness sake check for typos - I had to reread one of your contributions a number of times to make any sense out of it.

    However, I don't just want to use this contribution to belabour one point of view or the other.

    Instead, I would to hazard a guess that there are probably many people out here in the ether who are in favour of the ordination of women - and ALWAYS have been, but who - like me - cannot understand why those with whom we disagree cannot be included to the extent that they too could enjoy the ministry of a bishop with whom they find themselves in agreement.

    I am sure (understandably), that there will be those who support women's ordination who disagree with me - being human includes disagreeing doesn't it? But surely - if we were to adopt the 'what would Jesus do strategy' - He would want to include us all and help us to achieve unity with God along which ever path we chose to trod.

    Maybe I'm just being naïve but surely if the Church is anything it should be a family that allows for diversity (and I am aware that for many that is not a popular view of the Church!) - and that includes tolerating points of view with which we disagree? It surely means loving those with whom we disagree and wishing the best for them.

    Can I finish with a point that John Drury makes in his excellent new biography of George Herbert and then the words of Herbert himself?

    Herbert, we learn, was not the biggest fan of the 'Puritan' wing of the Church but as Drury observes Herbert's poetry expresses 'the primacy of love over theology'. I sometimes think that both wings of the debate over women's ordination sometimes lose sight of this nostrum!

    So fart - my dear brother/sister in Christ and anyone else I have upbraided in the past for being unkind in the comments they have made - if we are to have a debate - let's do it without invective.

    Love bade me welcome: yet my soul drew back,
    Guilty of dust and sin.
    But quick-ey'd love Love, observing me grow slack
    From my first entrance in,
    Drew nearer to me, sweetly questioning,
    If I lacked anything.

    1. Ah! John Drury. That's more like it. So, too, is George Herbert. I wonder if the archbishop has read this stunning biography? He would benefit from reading, learning marking and inwardly digesting it. He would encounter someone who eschewed power in order to discover what makes a priest a rooted servant of his people. Poetry - not rhetoric - was his means of proclamation. And, as you say, theology rooted in love is what is attractive to the wider world, not the posturing politicisation of an Office which should be about creating unity in diversity. It's probably too late. Old dogs and news tricks... but it might give us a sense of what is desperately needed when he eventually lets go of the power which matters so much to him.


    Music Staff
    Organist and Master of the Choristers

    As predicted on this blog 3 weeks ago.