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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Holiness or worldliness?

The Virgin of Vladimir, 17x28.6x1.4cms,
birch wood, walnut stain tinting. 1999

If you prefer holiness to the worldliness of 'non-traditional' forms of 'worship' which now, apparently, include "River Walk; Teddy Bears' Tea Party; Rushbearing Service; Jigsaw Service; Snowdrops Service; Frogs Sole Sisters Tadpoles; Mustard Seeds; Duck Pond Worship; Noah's Ark; Barn Nativity; Pram Services" or, indeed, circle dancing, you are in for a treat. 

Take a virtual tour here.

My thanks to the Orthodox Arts Journal blog for this. The Carved Icons of Elena and Sergio Nikolenko caught my eye. Their intricate work is stunning but I explored further. Following the links brought more leading me to the virtual tour link above with its beautifully restful background music soothing me as I prepare this entry. 

What a treat compared with all the angst of late.

The mystery of faith!

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