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Saturday, 6 September 2014


Mesdames Gould, Wigley, Wolf, Jackson and Ford   Photos: Church in Wales

On the evening of Thursday 4th September instead of sitting down to dinner with President Barack Obama at Cardiff Castle on the first day of the Nato summit in Wales the Archbishop of Wales sat in the congregation of his cathedral which he had given over to a group of women to act out their feminist fantasies that the ordination of women is accepted in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of which they claim to be part. 

As the article correctly states "The legislation to ordain women as bishops in Wales comes into effect on September 12, exactly one year after it was passed by the Governing Body of the Church in Wales. The delay was built in to allow the Welsh bishops time to prepare a Code of Practice to accompany the new law."

Since the Archbishop has abdicated any sense of responsible governance in his church the door is now open to ignore him.

Readers can read the report (here) and make of it what they will but I thought the preacher at the evening celebration made an interesting point when she said, "There is frequently an unholy scramble to claim the status of victim inside the church, which completely misses the point of Jesus’ message. The lost, according to Jesus, are not the insiders or the privileged but the genuinely vulnerable, the poor, the dependent, the young and the frail."

I wonder if she had paid any attention to the keynote speaker, +Geralyn Wolf, who endlessly portrayed women as the victims when "she warned about the prejudices that face women bishops", or perhaps she was elsewhere during the day!

As for +Wolf's comment "Anglican women bishops in the USA have a huge amount to share and this is a unique opportunity to engage with their experience and to see together what that might mean for the future of the Church in Wales", perhaps the least said the better (here)!!

The bishops of Llandaff and St Asaph dressing down for the occasion


  1. At least they had the grace to conduct this service at the Cranmer table and not at the proper altar.

  2. Interesting pectoral spectacles being sported by Peggy the Pilot! And am I alone in wondering where the Ass Bishop was in all this? May be his Byzantine Lord and Master had told him to stay at home and not take all the attention away from him?

    What a nonsense this whole thing is.

  3. What the Llandaff website is still calling the "Music Scheme" tells us that the diminishing band who still worship there will have the chance on the 7th September to hear the Capon preach at two services (but not at all on the two following Sundays, so they'd better make the most of it.)
    What chance that they can hope to hear him apologise for allowing Canon Law to be broken in his Cathedral by +Wolf?

    1. None whatsoever, so I hear.

      I wonder if -Wolf had suggestions for the Dark Lord about dealing with plummeting attendances?

  4. "Anglican women bishops in the USA have a huge amount to share..." about how to construct a coffin.

  5. They look more like men than do the men of the clergy.

    As Bazza's coven flourishes so the Church in Wales withers.


    Matched only by the success of the 'Sneak a Peak' farce a couple of months ago.
    Some different clowns but the same tired old Circus.

    The Morrell propaganda machine seems unable to produce photos of the huge congregation that attended and crossed the "threshold" with Bazza's babes.

    Since His ++Darkness was present in the congregation, one wonders if he made a contribution to the collection plate only to confiscate it afterwards?

  7. Well people, have a look here this is the equivalent of an annual report for a large corporation. Table 1 shows how His Darkness and his Bench Sitters are doing as the Senior Management Team of the Church in Wales; every single indicator shows a minus sign. Clearly all that these senior leaders are doing is causing abject failure, they are driving the CinW into extinction. The consequences of which are that they expect us to pay more each week to fund their total incompetence. And their solution – Messy Church!!! It’s enough to make the angels weep. We don’t need Messy Church, His Darkness and his fellow incompetents have caused the mess. If they had any ounce of honour, integrity or decency they would all resign now.
    On a personal note, I for one don’t see why I should pay for the utter incompetence of His Darkness and his Senior Management Team. I treat those membership figures as an annual measure of their performance. Six years ago I decided that as each annual report was published I would adjust my giving to the CinW according to the performance of the Average Attendance figure. So this year I will be cutting my giving to the CinW by 4%. As in previous years those monies will be directed to other causes.

    1. In Wales membership fell from 65,644 in 2008 to 54,236 in 2013. That's a loss of 11,408 in just five years - or 17% of members. It seems that far from filling the pews, the women priests have accelerated the decline, and one can only imagine what women in miters will do for the statistics!

    2. Field Marshall Model was known to the troops as ‘der Katastrophengeneral’ – I hear that His Darkness is now known as ‘der Katastrophenerzbischof’ - the ‘Catastrophe Archbishop’. I wonder what spin will be put on these figures by Mrs Morrell’s Propaganda Division in the Bunker-under-the-Green?

    3. You should read the latest edition of the Llandaff Diocesan Yearbook.
      What a load of twaddle.
      "Messy Church" is not all - there's a lovely photo of "Toilet Twinning" whatever that is meant to be. No doubt another inspiration from those in non jobs who brought you the Sneak-a-Peek rubbish.

      And the errata sheet is almost a chapter on its own!

    4. Confirmations.
      2012 - 1458
      2013 - 1201
      A reduction of 18% in just 1 year.
      "Der Katastrophenerzbishof" should receive the equivalent cut in his salary.

    5. The annual rate of decline seems to be increasing (exponentially?) but what is the full extent of the decline in the Church in Wales since His Darkness took control in 2003?

    6. @Lost Sheep – in 2003 at the start of the reign of His Darkness der Katastrophenerzbischof the average weekly attendance was 42,000. That had dropped to 31,048 by 2013, which represents a drop of 26%. He has presided over the loss of a quarter of the CinW in one decade. What a failure in management!

    7. Do we need 7 bishops to confirm 1200 people? What else do they do? Whatever it is, it certainly isn't promoting growth and unity in the church.

  8. Ezekiel 33
    8 When I say to the wicked, 'O wicked man, you will surely die,' and you do not speak out to dissuade him from his ways, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood. 9 But if you do warn the wicked man to turn from his ways and he does not do so, he will die for his sin, but you will have saved yourself.

    So let's get letter writing!

  9. The latest ruse from Byzantine Barry, in order to ensure all those press photographs of a standing-room-only congregation at Llandaff Cathedral on Sunday evening in the Western Mail, is a dictat instructing every parish in the Diocese to cancel Evensong and turn up en masse to the aforementioned conventicle to cheer on Peggy the Pilot, Wigley and all the rest of them. If I had any confidence that this would be the occasion for him to announce what provision he and his bench-sitters are making for those who cannot accept this development, I might have been tempted to be gracious. But this is going to be little more than an opportunity to s**t all over a minority (in a way he wouldn't dare if we were gay, Muslim, lone parents or one-legged lesbian Lithuanians). He's desperate for a good news story about his Cathedral after the pathetic defensiveness of the golf caddy, last week, in response to health and safety concerns, and the total bulls**t about striving to find alternative ways of maintaining the choral tradition. Talk about locking the gate after the horse has bolted! You can be sure Ms Morrell is fully armed to the teeth with ammunition for her spin machine. Whether any of it contains a scrap of truth is an entirely different matter.

    1. How parishes in the diocese actually hold an Evensong which can be cancelled for this Barryfest?

    2. Not Llandaff at least "Nice one Barry!"

      In ++Bazza's Cathedral it has been fondly renamed Evensaid for quite some time.

      The golf caddy's problems are many, not the least of which is that most of the previous members of the Cathedral's professional singers are unwilling to work for his bone idle Director of Music.
      The window of opportunity to rectify the damage done to the Choral tradition in Llandaff diminishes daily.
      In another 9 months all the boys that knew the already VERY limited in Llandaff full-Choir repertoire will have left and Moorhouse will then roll out his favourite old chestnut that the boys are too thick/slow/unmusical to learn "new" music.

    3. This weeks rumours are that Moorhouse hasn't shown up for work this week, the boys have not been rehearsed and will not be singing this weekend, the Cathedral Office is in turmoil and a guest choir has had to be engaged to cover up the latest Llandaff shambles.

      The golf caddy has reportedly buggered off to Ireland and the poor long suffering Canon in Residence is having to keep the show on the road once more!

      Has Moorhouse has done a runner?

      The Cathedral School girls choir, aka 'The Consort', have been renamed as 'Schola Cantorum' (it's well known that Moorhouse hated the girls choir) and are now appearing in the Cathedral on Mondays once more.

      One detects "l'eau de Bazza" again.

      Poor Llandaff

    4. I understand that Moorhouse isn't the only Cathedral Organist in Wales to disappear.
      Apparently Newport Cathedral now has a vacancy too!


      Here's the Church Times advert for St Woolos.

      Llandaff next week?

    6. A net gain of £48k to the Cathedral school is an underestimate!
      If no boys were provided from both Years 4 and 5, then there was also a saving (of (£6k per boy) for the Year 5 spaces when they were in Year 4. The total 'saving' would therefore be £72k.

      Far from supporting the Cathedral Choir, on the face of it, it would appear that the Headmaster has been betting against the survival of the Choir and increasing the school profits thereby.

      Another snout in another trough?

    7. @Episkopos, Llandaff couldn't afford to place an advert in The Church Times.

    8. So in Llandaff at the moment, there is no kitchen, there are no Parish breakfasts, there are no rehearsals or services being sung by the choirboys, there is no sign of the Musical Director with no explanation for his absence and the golf caddie is away on holiday.


      What crisis?

    9. Um, instead of Messy Church, it would appear that the mother church of His Darkness der Katastrophenerzbischof is in a right old mess. He just doesn't get it, doe he? Everything he touches falls apart. It is time for him to retire. It's a shame that his brother bishops on the Bench are such spineless, gutless, weak individuals. If ever there was a time for them to force his retirement it is in the next few days before the GB. Do us all favour and get rid on him now!

    10. Mrs Morrell is strangely quiet on the subjects of the missing Director of Music and choirboys.
      Wonder why that might be?

    11. Perhaps Morrell is too busy fielding phone calls from Martin Shipton and writing up the latest lies from Darth ++Insidious?

  10. It really is depressing to read about all this uncertainty by those who have genuine objections to the ordination of women as bishops. But it is infinitely more depressing to read that there is absolutely no trust in your Archbishop to keep his promises. Another example of his poor leadership. In the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury has taken a far more generous and conciliatory line and made it clear (especially when he spoke to the Parliamentary committee) that (a) we are not a sect that simply throws people out who disagree with the majority; and (b) that we don't make promises to people and then break them. As a bishop friend of mine recently suggested, the healing of wounds and buildingof trust with those who differ from him is not one of your Archbishop's virtues. Perhaps he could spend some time with our Archbishop (especially as I understand he had a hand in his appointment).

    1. James, there is no uncertainty at all amongst the 'old & bold' traditionalists who have been around long enough to know better.
      Darth ++Insidious and his coven are leading the CinW to oblivion.

  11. Another deeply depressing reflection of how a supposedly 'inclusive church' treats it minorities. Further evidence, too, of the lack of transparent and open leadership by your Archbishop and his fellow bishops. It's in stark contrast to the stance of the Archbishop of Canterbury who has said that (a) we don't behave like a sect and throw out those who don't agree with the majority; and (b) we keep the promises we have made to those who trusted us to do what we said we would.

    Although I gather your Archbishop had a hand in appointing the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has a natural disposition towards conciliation, a bishop friend of mine said that the desire to heal wounds and gain the trust of those with whom he differs are not chief among Barry Morgan's Christian virtues. Sadly, it seems all-too-true.

    1. ++Bazza has Christian virtues?
      That's news to the people of the Church in Wales.

  12. ++ Barry has one interest only and that is building his own truly Protestant Church of Wales ,and
    James ,the Archbishop has made it absolutely clear over all these discussions that he may not formally intend to "throw out those who disagree with the majority " he does want those who disagree with him to disappear. To paraphrase what he has said - if you don't like it,then tough!
    Having written that about 'disagreeing with the majority' ,where is the 'majority' in the Church in Wales? The Church in Wales claims to be part of the One Holy Catholic Church,and the 'majority' in the worldwide church do not agree with or support the ordination of women.(full stop).

  13. Of course, Byzantine Barry's circus is being staged to gloss-over one stark fact: he will not be able to consecrate a woman bishop during his period of office. The indications are that there will be no vacancy before he is legally required to retire. Wyn Evans is doing the church a massive service by hanging-on in there; and, unless the Ass Bishop gets a diocese in England (highly unlikely if my sources are in any way reliable), there will be no vacancy. Ireland saw sense and never elected a woman bishop until one was imposed by the House of Bishops (Meath and Kildare). Before losing too much sleep or joining the (rather sad) ordinariate, continue to make your voice heard.

    1. LP, as much as I am inclined to agree with you about making ones' voice heard, when it comes to His ++Darkness, one old adage comes to mind.

      "There's none so deaf as those who don't want to hear".

      There's no-one more deaf in our poor Church in Wales as bully boy Bazza.

  14. I would not rely on the fact that there is no apparent vacancy for a woman bishop to be consecrated - if no vacancy arises then ++Barry will create (a new) one!
    Isn't that why he is squirrelling away as much as possible of anyone's budget ? For eg that bit from the choir? The latest,I hear is a massive increase in the rent for the rugby ground adjacent to the cathedral.
    Why not a new female Provincial Assistant -I am sure every diocese could do with a hand.

  15. An old chum of mine calls me to tell me there's an interesting email leaked to "The Blog" but by the time I get a chance to have a look, it seems to have disappeared.
    Has the malign influence of His ++Darkness had anything to do with this?

  16. The weekend music at the Cathedral was a joke once more.
    No Cathedral choir boys but an imported group of inexperienced burger flippers.

    Prediction for next month, no music on the music scheme.

    1. There was an even bigger comedy affair the previous weekend in Llandaff.
      In defiance of Bazza's glove puppet announcing the closure of the kitchen in the South Wales Echo on September 5th, the usual crowd showed up and started cooking breakfast.
      It appears that the 'Parish' congregation chose to ignore the wee man's edict and a right royal slanging match followed, involving the head verger and the Dean's warden, following which everybody was ordered out of the Prebendal house.

      The whiff of large scale revolt and rebellion is in the Llandaff air and the golf caddie and his dark master are apparently inviting individuals to attend 'meetings' without coffee and biscuits!

      Bath Abbey's biggest problem is noisy buskers.
      (See and

      It would never happen in Llandaff!
      There's no choir, no Evensong, no tourists and no buskers!
      Here's betting that the glove puppet wishes noisy buskers were his biggest problem in Llandaff.

    2. Don't forget the missing Director of Music and the new game on The Green - "Where's Wally"


      If the men of the Bath Abbey Choir are thinking of packing it in, the golf caddie could book them to appear in Llandaff.

      On the other hand, the state of financial affairs and the shambles of a music department mean His ++Darkness is more likely to invite the buskers of Bath to set up camp outside the West door.

    4. LP, your prediction was bang on!
      No Cathedral Choir music on the October music scheme.
      Indeed, the only music listed is for the "Cathedral School Choral Scholars" (formerly the girls choir?) and the guest Choir at the end of October.

      So where's Wally?
      Where are the Cathedral choirboys?
      Have the Cathedral choirboys' scholarships been terminated?
      What is being done about this latest shambles?
      Why is the glove puppet and the Chapter silent on these matters?
      Have they been silenced by Darth ++Insidious?

    5. Variety is supposed to be the spice of life but not in Llandaff. Nowadays, any tired old tripe will do.
      And Bazza's golf caddie thinks the pew-sitters will increase their giving?
      F in Long on 10th September.
      F in Long on 1st October.
      C in Hylton Stewart on 17th September.
      C in Hylton Stewart on 8th October.

      If this rubbish is the Dean & Chapter's idea of maintaining their proud 130 year choral tradition then the buskers of Bath would be a significant improvement!

    6. Let nothing you dismay27 September 2014 at 17:38

      Simple Simon, are you seriously suggesting that the golf caddie actually thinks?
      Have you seen this months letter in the latest edition of The Bell?
      Sit yourself down in your favourite armchair, pour yourself a large glass of your favourite single malt, light your pipe, turn to pages 3 & 4 and consider the following gems of wisdom.

      "I was struck with the powerful sense that the whole Cathedral had literally fallen into silence – a place that is normally full of sound, during our worship or indeed during the day when there is chatter and activity, was completely still."
      Fallen into silence.
      A mostly empty Cathedral perhaps?
      Full of sound.
      Not from his Cathedral choir!
      Chatter and activity.
      More 'Sneak-a-Peek' bullsh*t?
      Completely still.
      Empty building?

      "The horror we see unfolding for many Christians in our world today leaves us dumbfounded."
      Life in Llandaff under the Dark ++Lord?

      "It is right for us to realise that the church continues to be persecuted in its witness to Christ. Since through our belonging to Christ each of us belong to one another, it follows that if one person suffers, we all suffer – in a mystical way. Our communion with Christ joins us to all that he is and all that he holds; if we believe he has concern for our world in this and every age then his concern must also be ours. We are not dispassionate onlookers!"
      Does Mystic Meg realise this applies equally to those who don't share Darth ++Insidious' views on priestesses and bishopesses, the new sh*te rite, intinction, gay marriage, assisted dying etc.

      "The Book Revelation is both the least read and perhaps the most misunderstood text in the whole of the Bible. John of Patmos, the writer, describes the battle between good and evil in the most graphic terms, by painting images of earthly and cosmic chaos."
      The Church in Wales, the Diocese of Llandaff and Llandaff Cathedal are text book examples of earthly chaos!

      "it was a time of extreme crisis and critical danger for the church at the end of the first century AD."
      Does that sound like Wales and Llandaff in 2014?

      "The fundamental purpose of the book was to encourage the people of God to stand firm. Again and again, throughout the centuries, Christians have had to resist claims made by earthly rulers who want to usurp the values of the God of love; Christians have had demands of obedience foisted upon them that compromise the loyalty of the Church to Christ."
      Now he's getting there.
      "Earthly rulers who want to usurp the values of the God of love."
      Does that sound like ++Bazza and his oompah loompahs?

      "St John was right in seeing that the future belonged, not to the beast (worldly corrupted power), but to the lamb (to Jesus)"
      Worldly corrupted power.
      ++Bazza and his 'discretionary' funds on tour with Swan Hellenic perhaps?

      "We live in the midst of a world that can be filthy"
      The Cathedral kitchen?

      "yet in many places it is still beautiful;"
      The crumbling Lady Chapel?

      "Our Harvest appeal this year will be collected in aid of the church in Iraq, in particular, the parish and people of St George’s Baghdad."
      An entirely laudable and worthy cause but my donation will be made direct, just in case ++Bazza's sticky fingers are tempted to take a cut for his discretionary mission funds.

      Now turn to the foot of page 9.
      The first Tuesday lunches have gone the same way as the Parish breakfasts and here is an admission that the Prebendal House kitchen facility has to be "reviewed" but it won't be "reviewed" until sometime in November.
      A "review" is hardly a refurbishment.
      All the "Christmas" concerts and school carol concerts in December may as well forget their mulled wine and mince pies!

    7. I've just read page 9, so that's the truth.
      No Parish breakfasts until the new year.
      Thanks for letting us 9 o'clockers know.

    8. The Book of Revelation?

      The glove puppet wouldn't even know the price of a pint of milk in SPAR!

    9. Prediction.
      Another unexpected "guest" choir tomorrow at the 11 o'clock

    10. With Moorhouse having been given the heave-ho it is probably safe to say that guest choirs will be the staple diet at the 11 o'clock from now on.

      The question is (assuming they can afford to advertise for a new Organist and Master of the Choristers) what mug would be stupid enough to apply to come to Llandaff after the goings-on of the last few years?
      There's already no men in the choir and by the time an advert is placed, a shortlist drawn up, interviews carried out and an appointment made, there will be no boys left.

      The Capon should resign in shame and disgrace and so should the quartet of Bazza's stooges-Jackson, Kirk, Masson & Smith-who made the choir redundant.