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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Church in Wales: The hypocrisy

The Governing Body of the Church in Wales meets again today to discuss matters of importance to their Archbishop who yesterday delivered his self-justifying Presidential Address while managing to implicate the whole Bench by announcing:

"This presidential address is different because it is from all seven bishops – an address that has been agreed by all of us, so that although I am the one giving it, it is given on behalf of us all. If you like, we are all co-presidents on this occasion and the reason for this will become obvious in a moment." If that is true, it is a sorry reflection on their bishops who are charged with promoting unity.

Today two items on the agenda stand out in the sharpest contrast. Items 16, Report from Discussion Groups on Same Sex Relationships, and 17, Bill to Incorporate into the Book of Common Prayer an Alternative

The first question in 'The Examination' from the The Ordination service: Do you accept the Holy Scriptures as containing all things necessary for salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord? To which the candidate will reply "I do".

The bishop will address the congregation:
"People of God, do you believe and trust that they are worthy to be ordained? The "people of God" will respond accordingly.

One of the 'Main Points' in the 'Report from Discussion Groups on Same Sex Relationships' under the previous item: We must not rely on the Bible alone when responding to ethical situations, but neither should we rely completely on experience; there is a place for theological reflection that balances scripture, tradition, reason and experience.

It is clear from the Report in which direction the Governing Body is being directed with seventeen pages of justification compared with the carefully chosen remarks to justify the biased decision of the Bench on the Code of Practice but that will not prevent another loud "By the help of God I will" in response to the question:

"Will you endeavour to promote unity, peace and love among those you serve and to lead by encouragement and example?"


  1. Who would get as far as "The Examination"?
    Those who say "whatever"?

  2. Beleaguered of Bangor18 September 2014 at 11:52

    "Those who in conscience cannot receive the sacramental ministry of women should not be excluded from being considered for ordination" says the code of practice. Yeah... Right. I defy anyone holding this position to get through the selection system in Bangor with the bullying Dean (Ruth Madoc/Gladys Puw to her few friends) pulling the episcopal strings of the witless boy bishop. The "ethnic cleansing" going on up here is astonishing with the former bank clerk calling the shots, deploying the clergy, deciding who's not "one of us" and booting out curates who challenge her mindless theology-by-numbers (aided and abetted by her bonkers boyfriend, the potty prof from Warwick who parachutes himself in as the so-called canon theologian - even though he refuses to learn a word of Welsh). When the tail is wagging the dog like this, it's hardly surprising that morale is so low (in the vicarages as well as the pews). The new Archdeacon (affectionately know as Fred West due to his ability to kill any sense of purpose and inspiration in the parishes) is all part of this concentration of power. Yes, Barry, we believe you... thousands don't!