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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Bazzer's dream

In his own image

From Pink News - where else! Bazzer's view of the future for the Church in Wales, consisting only of clones.

Church in Wales to consider performing same-sex marriages runs the headline followed by: "The Church in Wales has launched a consultation to evaluate whether it should solemnise same-sex marriages. The Archbishop of Wales Dr Barry Morgan announced the move at a meeting of the church’s Governing Body on Friday. Over 12 months, the Church’s six dioceses will be asked to give their views on three options: allowing same-sex weddings, introducing blessings for gay relationships, or maintaining the status quo. Following the consultation, the Church will produce a paper recommending an approach, which will be sent to the dioceses and the Governing Body for approval."

If that sounds familiar the Church in Wales has been here before. The procedure is reminiscent of the Code of Practice 'consultation' which included written submissions and diocesan consultation meetings. These were consigned to the bin in favour of selected quotes from Governing Body to justify the unilateral action of Barry and the bench sitters to excrete over anyone who does not subscribe to the liberal policies which have split the Anglican Communion. - According to Anglican Ink, Lambeth 2018 has been postponed indefinitely because the Communion is broken (here). 

An interview from April 2013 (here) shows how the Archbishop manipulates minds to drive through his liberal agenda. This is how he sowed the seed at Governing Body (full report here):

"Archbishop Barry said that within a
local congregation, homosexual
people often feel uncomfortable and
unwelcome. 'If the moral aim of the
gospel is to encourage love of
neighbour, how can that happen
when people are made to feel
unwanted, unloved, and sinful? How
is the gospel good news for
homosexuals? "

That is absolute rubbish. The gospel has been good news for two thousand years before Bazzer and his chums put their spin on it to reflect current trends in society. The only minority to feel unwanted, unloved and even made to feel sinful in the Church in Wales is the group of loyal Anglicans whose faith remains God centred rather than man centred. Homosexual people have been accepted for years without wanting to be married, a social trend which, like the ordination of women, has split the Church and accelerated decline in attendance.

The irony appears lost on these people that in striving to achieve their secular objectives they are destroying the very institution that they want to use.

I had dared to hope that the Llandaff Diocesan Conference (here) would have been more uplifting with the benefit of hindsight. But no, just something to match the new-found forms of kiddies worship in the Church in Wales. The delegates played snakes and ladders. How to slither to the top no doubt!

Archdeacon Peggy Pilot enjoying a laugh                             Photo: CinW


See also Lambeth Conference in jeopardy over homosexuality row here.


  1. I suppose it all a question of priorities – as the Christians of Syria and Iraq are being systematically exterminated by the brutal and vile ISIL, the Christians of the diocese of Llandaff enjoy a jolly game of snakes and ladders with their bishop!

  2. Never mind opening these meetings up to 16 and 17 year-olds, it seems that the 6 and 7 year-olds are already there.

  3. You got to hand it to His Darkness – what a way to avoid difficult questions at the diocesan conference (falling numbers, cathedral in disarray, dodgy dealings with his private, unaudited, indiscretion fund, etc), give them board games to play. When presented with colourful pictures, simple rules, counters and dice, the easily placated members of the diocesan conference forgot their worries and returned to Play School for an afternoon of snakes and ladders. So chuffed that this worked, His Darkness has instructed his Bench Sitters to do likewise. Andy Pandy had his conference singing an endless rendition of ‘Here we go Looby Loo!’ St Asaph’s attempt at holding their own version of the ‘Great British Bake Off’ was a disaster … because … you know who ate all the cakes! Monmouth settled for a gentle game of ‘Hare and Hounds’. Swansea & Brecon’s attempt at Cluedo took a nasty turn because all of the characters wanted to bump off the bishop with the candlestick, dagger, lead pipe, revolver, rope and spanner, all the same time. Poor Shirley, that one was easy to solve – they all did it! Good old St David’s, they settled for a gentle game of dominos, a cup of tea and a nice chat. Lovely!

  4. Is this a modern version of Nero fiddling while Rome burns? Barry playing snakes and ladders while his church slides into oblivion!

  5. The Diocesan conference will be hailed a great success by the non-jobbers at the DBF who probably came up with the innovation of snakes & ladders. Sunday school kids could do better but no doubt this is considered to be progress.

  6. Llandaff Pelican2 October 2014 at 13:30

    This is, apparently, all part of 'Fresh Expressions of Church.' Professor Alison Milbank regularly reminds us that Fresh Expressions is a brand of cat litter in the USA. More to the point Milbank and Andrew Davidson have written a devastating critique of this nonsense (For the Parish: A Critique of Fresh Expressions, SCM Press). It really is a refreshing send-up, grounded in first-class scholarship, which demonstrates why this can never be a sustainable strategy for the future of the Church. Suffice to say there will be no snakes or ladders (and no snake, ie Byzantine Barry) near my parish.

    1. I see Fresh Expressions is being endorsed by the Archbishop and his supporter's husband, the Revd Dr Stephen Wigley, Chair of Wales Synod, Methodist Church in Wales, and presumably in the running to be one of Barry's nonconformist bishops in their new church:

      Fond of asking what would Jesus do, I very much doubt that He would recommend the gullible to fork out £175 for the course (including materials). More likely He would suggest getting back to traditional God centred worship and stop re-interpreting the Bible to make what is Holy appear to have street cred.

      "Fresh expressions:
      serve those outside church;
      listen to people and enter their culture;
      make discipleship a priority;
      form church."

    2. A better description would be "Fresh Excretions".

    3. Llandaff Pelican2 October 2014 at 15:13

      And what they just don't get is this: not all youngsters swallow this stuff and are lot more discerning than we give them credit for. Teenagers, especially, are more attuned to mystery, beauty and gravity than we imagine. Orthodoxy is much richer and certainly more sustainable than Byzantine Barry's rather insipid, colourless and historically selective so-called 'liberalism.' Peggy and Wigley are more interested in how to manipulate Anglican polity. The Methodist involvement in this enterprise is significant (they're in a more desperate state than the CinW). It's a backs-to-the-wall, panic-driven gimmick that makes us a laughing stock - i.e. the Church is for 7 year-olds and those with a mental age of 7. What is of greater concern is that a whole generation of boys (and may be girls) are going to be denied the opportunity to experience this sense of mystery and beauty as choristers at the Cathedral. With the demise of the choral tradition (no-one seriously imagines it can be restored after The Capon & BB's wrecking campaign) you'll be lucky to find a pack of playing cards holding up the Metropolitical Cathedral.

  7. A better way to get the crowds in would be to show big-screen live soccer and give away free beer! Snakes and Ladders is a bit 1970s!

    1. Don't forget the bubble making machine Ed, that will make all the difference.

      And Llandaff Pelican, please don't forget the "Making Music, Changing Lives" banner from that outstanding "sneak-a-peek" day.
      An expensive meaningless banner is so much more effective than a Cathedral Choir, don't you think?

    2. On reflection, a rapid advance to the 1970s may not be all bad! Only another few years until we discover Graham Kendrick!