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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Leaping into the unknown?

The Union flag, drained of the blue blood of Scotland leaving only the red and white of St George and St Patrick, in nursing terms, a sign of death!

So what is on offer from Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party and his opportunist accomplice, Nicola Sturgeon? Basically self interested with promises that can have no guarantee of delivery. Every note of caution, be it business, economic, political or whatever is cast aside as scaremongering. Scathing of  'Team Westminster', Mr Salmond has now quietly forgotten the Tory links which helped him to power.

In holding on to the monarchy, the pound and any other 'last resort' this has every appearance of a cherry picking exercise with the begging bowl in reserve if it goes horribly wrong.

This is an utter disaster for the Union. It is dividing Scotland in Biblical proportions, brother against brother, children against their own parents, etc.  There can be no winners in a 50/50 split. And for what? A giant leap into the unknown. 

With Highland blood running through my veins along with ancient Irish, Welsh and English blood I am proud of my ancient heritage but also proud to be British. However, unlike English people living in Scotland I have no say in the matter!

Better together, pray that those who can will vote NO!


  1. If Scotland does blunder into independence next week, the fallout will be very bad, as its people wake up to life in a hardline Socialist Republic (The Queen won't be welcome there for very long once the border posts go up across Hadrian's Wall) - but it could be very good for Welsh jobs and businesses if the resulting exodus from Scotland can be encouraged to come and live and work in Wales...

  2. I thought Ian Paisley's death was well - and ominously - timed. What kind of portent it was remains to be seen.

  3. "The people of Scotland are not going to be bullied out their opportunity to create a more prosperous country and also a fairer society." - Alex Salmond.

    But where is his evidence that a more prosperous country will be created? Salmond's view is contrary to the views of the majority of businessmen, financial institutions and senior politicians.

    And what price a fairer society even if it were true with one half of the population set against the other?

    1. Hearing Alex Salmond talk about bullying is a corker.
      He's the biggest bully of the lot, with perhaps one exception, our own bully boy Bazza Morgan.
      Salmond has set Scot against Scot.
      Morgan has set christian against christian.
      The sooner the pair of them bugger off into the sunset, never to be seen or heard from again, the better off everyone else will be.