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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A question of degree

What separates this

from this?

Only a question of degree. Read also the MailOnline article here.

There have been suggestions that the Islam Trojan Horse plot is a fake. Time will tell but Sharia is already here:

Armed jihad or cultural jihad, the aim is the same but people such as the bishop in the second video continue to make excuses about extremists while indigenous populations become the minority in major cities of the UK. As Islam spreads more demands are made making non-Muslims unwitting supporters of an alien ideology. Islam is Islam. It means submission. The message is the same. It is only a question of degree.


  1. Constantinople6 May 2014 at 23:27

    Islam is what Islam does - subjugation of everyone who falls into its sphere of influence. It is a megalomaniac political ideology dressed up as a pastiche religion. Its guiding principle is not peace but world conquest. Boko Haram, Al-Quaida and the Taliban exemplify perfectly its true agenda.

  2. Counting the number if hits on your blog ,I am so surprised at the the silence in the response to this posting. Is it the silence of complacency or are we already at the stage of the silence of fear?
    Whether one hears about the global militant organisation of Al Qaeda ,or off- shoots such as the Muslim Brotherhood or Boko Haram ,they all believe in the Jihad struggle. The goal of these organisations is a common one and that is destruction of Christianity, destruction of Western civilisation and establishment of Sharia states and law wherever they can achieve this.
    The 'Near Neighbours' project promoted by Archbishop Welby ( your posting March 2014) will 'cut no ice' with these fanatics, in fact they might welcome the opportunity to infiltrate such a benevolent meeting point.
    We deny the seriousness of the threat and indeed the actions of these militant Islamic groups at our peril.Unless we stand up to what is happening ,we shall leave a legacy for our grandchildren of which we shall be ashamed; matters such as global warming will pale into insignificance.