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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

UKIP if you want to, Dave, Ed and Nick are not for turning!

 Dave, Nick and Ed at Buckingham Palace in 2011                                                   Photo: Getty Images

In 1980 the Tory party faithful delighted in Mrs Thatcher's quip "The lady's not for turning". In 1981 David Steel delivered his even more memorable but fateful conference exhortation "Go back to your constituencies and prepare for government". What led up to that exhortation is explained here.

It could prove to be grim reading for Nigel Farage. The success of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) may not be all it appears. A majority of only one third of the electorate who bothered to vote does not necessarily extrapolate in the way he seems to think. People who simply decided not to vote as a protest cannot be counted as UKIP supporters and no doubt many who did will not necessarily vote the same way in a general election. But one thing is clear from conversations I have had with people which were borne out in media interviews after the elections. That is immigration and the blind eyes that are turned to the largely unspoken problem for fear of being branded racists:  "White Britons are now a minority in 4 towns and cities", read here.

Londoners did not follow the English pattern of voting UKIP but why would they when many white Britons have already left? (Read here).  As if to emphasise the lack of integration, in the London Borough of Newham it was being suggested in election leaflets that ‘Muslims should vote Tory’ with pledges: To listen to the Muslim community;  Two hours of free parking for all residents during Friday prayers; Respect for religious beliefs and needs when making planning decisions; To support the provision of a burial ground for Newham's Muslim community; Support for community Centres; ... oh, and Respect for all. No doubt any reference to the Respect party was purely coincidental! - Read here.

As with the gay marriage catastrophe the main political parties have been busy toadying to minorities for votes. The reckoning is nigh. Dave, Ed and Nick need to heed the message - quickly.


  1. How right you are, Ancient Briton! The old, discredited parties have been selling off everything in pursuit of a fast buck here and there. There needs to be a new mantra in British politics: It isn't just about the economy, stupid!

    The only way to achieve order is for everyone who cares about our heritage and our culture to support UKIP in restoring sovereignty to our own Parliaments and Assemblies.

  2. My understanding of the above entry by Ancient Briton is that the results are misleading partly by reason of voter apathy,and in London because there is distortion of the population content.
    I also believe that the message to read from UKIP success is complicated .

    In relation to the apparent apathy as judged by the low turnout it might be that people did not bother because they seem to think it will make no difference.

    We need to remember that Hitler was democratically elected. In 1928 the Nazi party had only 12 seats in the Reichstag, and only 4 years later, they had 230 and were the largest party. All that is necessary to let the extremists in is to sit back and let them in. Please at least vote SOMETHING. Always.

    1. The acknowledged extremists (except for the Greens) were wiped out last weekend - the BNP lost both its seats and most of its councillors, and it is no longer a force in UK politics. The greatest threat is to allow the old parties to continue to allow the EU to absorb the UK. This in itself is an extremist position since it means that an undemocratic Brussels and its unelected ministers will take more and more control of our daily lives, and continue with their stated goal of eradicating Christendom from our history and our institutions.

  3. The Daily Express story you referenced focuses on Muslim immigration. This has nothing to do with the EU. In fact, the people who would benefit most from the UK leaving the EU is African and Asian immigrants. The open borders from Europe we have now have resulted in stricter rules for non-EU citizens to come and live here.

    So well done to all those UKIP voters who complain about too many Asian and African immigrants and yet are voting for a party who will cut down on European immigration thereby benefitting non-EU citizens. Nigel Farage has stated many times that the current rules prevent more immigration from the Commonwealth ie. India and Pakistan...

  4. Then let's stick with the EU ! More from Pakistan!!?
    Would we be able to control Muslim culture and stop the 'honour killing',that is the murder, of hundreds of women? This disgusting practice is usually carried out in private and not at the doors of a Court as happened today. And remember these murders have already occurred in the UK.
    We need think very very carefully before turning our backs on the relative civilisation of Europe.
    Is not the Archbishop of Canterbury in Pakistan? Where is his condemnation?

    1. Simple Soul, the very reason we are unable to control our borders and prevent massive immigration from India and Pakistan, is the human rights legislation imposed on us by the EU and the European Court of Human Rights. Parliament is now subordinate to EU legislation and so we must do as we are told by Brussels/Strasbourg. The European Parliament refuses formally to acknowledge the role of Christianity in Europe either historically or currently, and wishes to replace it with civil law based on secular philosophy. The EU is no friend to Christian values or beliefs, quite the contrary - it encourages Islamic immigration by giving "rights" to people who are fundamentally opposed to everything civilisation stands for. Who would take away any rights we might have, the moment they are sufficiently numerous and powerful to do so. The great majority of muslims in Wales and the UK see the implementation of Sharia is a highly desirable objective, to be implemented as soon as possible.