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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Women's aspirations from around the world





True women's rights can be supported here.


  1. If the activist women are truly interested in their own sex they would firstly be fighting these truly meaningful causes you have mentioned,rather than pursuing an agenda for little more than self gratification and self-fulfilment.
    Whatever has or may be achieved by chasing what is nothing more that a social equality issue, the campaign has failed to improve the dignity of womankind.

  2. Darth ++Insidious and his press spokeswoman are strangely quiet of late.
    I wonder if the bully boy will denounce and condemn these dreadful goings on and invite his Islamic friends to do likewise?
    My money is on a deafening silence.

    1. @1662 – ‘deafening silence’ – it is highly commendable that the party leaders of the three main UK political parties (often not seen as friends of the Christian faith) yesterday put out strong statements of support for Meriam Ibrahim. But what has been said by His Darkness in particular, and the Church in Wales in general, to plead the case of this brave Christian in such dangerous circumstances? Answer – nothing! Now if this had been a high profile gay case, His Darkness would have been all over it like a rash.

    2. But the sisterhood trinity of Mrs Jackson, Mrs Sedgwick and Mrs Wigley also seem to be silent about the plight of Mrs Ibrahim.
      How peculiar, they usually have much to say about anything.

    3. Also, the Ass Bishop of Llandaff is not slow in advancing his opinions but I doubt that he will be considering his position after this ridiculous assertion in 2011 has proved to be in error:
      "Defending the church from an accusation that ordaining women was a sign that it had abandoned Christ, Bishop David said, “Ordination is a much needed countersign to a world where women are brutalised in war zones, where gays fear for their very lives in Uganda. Otherwise a homophobic theology encourages homophobic violence; misogynistic theology encourages misogynistic violence just as the anti-Semitic theology of ‘His blood be upon us and our children,’ encouraged anti Semitism, even though that was the last thing Matthew the Gospel writer intended.”

      See also the ridiculous views of the Rev Miranda Threlfall Holmes in "Comment is free":

      The priority is clear.

    4. I've read the Ass Bishop's " logic" three times ,but not sure if I am there yet!
      In an effort to follow his logic, is that the same as a vegetarian philosophy encouraging violence against farmers or meat eaters?
      Perhaps I should add that an inability to accept the ordination of women is not linked to misogyny .

    5. Llandaff Pewster2 June 2014 at 16:37

      Did Mrs Wigley speak out, either in support of Meriam Ibrahim (and her children) or in condemnation of Meriam Ibrahim's persecutors, during her sermon at the 11am on Sunday in Llandaff Cathedral?

    6. @Llandaff Pewster - of course not! And the silence from the Gould-Wigley-Jackson-Coven continues.

    7. So what was the subject of Mrs Wigley's sermon at the 11am on Sunday in the Cathedra of His ++ Darkness?

    8. A deafening silence it is indeed.
      His ++Darkness and spokeswoman limit themselves to tree hugging
      and the price of milk

      Meanwhile, the good news elsewhere continues in The Daily Telegraph under the heading
      "Church attendance has been boosted by immigrants, says study"
      but this phenomenon doesn't appear to apply to Llandaff.

      When will he go?

    9. Dictators don't go Episkopos, they get pushed. Where on earth is Captain Manering when we need him?

    10. Of course Enforcer but the Bench don't have a pair of testicles between them so who will do the pushing?
      As Canon Dr Peter Sedgwick kindly pointed out to us all in his letter to the Daily Telegraph on April 19, "St. Michael's College will be putting forward alternative proposals to the Bishop's meeting on June 17".
      Perhaps some shoving and pushing will start as part of the blame game when the closure of St. Michael's is announced. Another story for Martin Shipton at the Western Mail?

    11. The 'Bench Sitters' are not exactly what I had in mind Episkopos. Not only are they stitched up, but stitched out.

      Blogging is an excellent and stimulating activity to combat repression by these liberal fundamentalists. I await with interest for the unveiling of 'Ancient Briton'. There may well be episcopal material therein.

    12. Whilst I agree with your sentiments about blogging Enforcer, it is in itself (in my opinion) a sad reflection of the times that the shadow of His ++Darkness casts such a pall that those who disagree with him are reduced (as am I) to using an anonymous blog as a means of fighting his satanic poison. In God's name, how did it come to such a state that the traditionalists and upholders of the original teachings have, in effect, been driven underground by Darth Insidious and his coven of the unholy Trinity?
      How did it come to the point that we are now members of the faith that dare not speak its name in Wales and in particular, Llandaff?

    13. Indeed Episkopos I share your views concerning this cloud of Darkness and evil. However, you will agree that Jesus Christ is the same today as he was yesterday. The Lord reigns - blessed be the name of the Lord.

      Today I reflect and think of my earthly father, a young lad of 17yrs, somewhere on the beaches of Normandy. Such contrast.

      Fortunately, I am mindful that Zealot Morgan, the hypocrite, will soon be in the dustbin of history, where he rightly belongs.

  3. Llandaff Pelican3 June 2014 at 10:23

    Of course Byzantine Barry and his inner circle are not going to comment on such atrocities. My analysis of his pronouncements since taking office in Llandaff is that he is so engrossed in the internal workings of the church (or the golf club) that he never has anything incisive or constructive to say about what is happening in the wider world which his church is primarily there to serve. Just look back at his Christmas and Easter messages: all classic examples of the 'church talking to the church' - except that his grasp on the mysteries of salvation which we celebrate at these times is depressingly flimsy. But we should not be surprised by any of this. The Morgan-Jackson-Wigley orthodoxy is so out of kilter with the majority of the world's Christians that it would be unrecognisable in Rome, Moscow, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Peshwar, Khartoum - and even Canterbury under the learned and devout previous occupant of St Augustine's throne.