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Saturday, 3 December 2016


The bishop-elect of St Davids receiving Holy Communion from the Chaplain to the LGBT community in the Diocese of St Asaph.                     Source: BBC

"By far the most popular homophile tactic is the claim to victim status, which is a very powerful, almost paralyzing, weapon that gives them a distinct advantage in the public square." 

A BBC report headed 'Church in Wales premieres sexuality acceptance film' includes a video clip showing the bishop-elect of St Davids receiving Holy Communion from the Chaplain to the LGBT community in the diocese of St Asaph, illustrating an inclusive church in which homosexual people are portrayed as victims.

In the Guardian report St Asaph Cathedral will host the screening of All One in Christ on 6 December. The 12-minute documentary is "critical" of the church’s approach to homosexuality. It tells the story of two former nuns who fell in love only to be ostracised by the church after their relationship was exposed.

That was forty years ago. Today, gay and lesbian clergy are very much in evidence from deacons to deans. There has yet to be an openly gay bishop but there have been plenty of rumours surrounding some of the bench sitters over the years so why such absurd claims?

If homosexuality is accepted on a par with heterosexuality there would be no need for people to come out. With two wives and two husbands raising children as 'family' units, acceptance as normal families is demanded. But it is not normal. It is part of the same sex marriage agenda which members of the Church in Wales rejected by a margin of 4:1 in St Davids diocese. 'Changing Attitude' explains the Archbishop's claim that Canon Penberthy is 'the best person to be a bishop'. Someone to carry on his mission after Dr Morgan retires in January 2017.

The claims are false. The real victims in the Church in Wales are those who have been ostracised for keeping the faith against the tide of secularism advanced by Barry and the bench sitters. That Canon Penberthy has been made bishop-elect of St Davids in such circumstances is a travesty from which the Church in Wales is unlikely to recover.


  1. Chaplains normally provide spiritual guidance to those who do not have access to formal religious services offered by their own faith!
    They are normally found in hospitals,prisons,military ,universities , but does one need a separate LGBTQIA+ chaplain within a diocese of the Church in Wales ?
    There is nothing to prevent the LGBT community attending the usual services in the church,and we know they already do so.
    I noted the following nugget when trying to explore if a gay chaplain is really necessary " .....they are providing spiritual counselling or crisis intervention based on THEIR (the clients) PARTICULAR RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE".
    So in truth, the appointment of a LGBTQIA+ chaplain is creating a sect within the Church, and the Bishop -elect supports this (further )division within the Church in Wales.

  2. My condolences. Let us know who many people attend the viewing.