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Friday, 30 December 2016

Twenty disastrous years of decline

St Asaph Ordinations 1997. The deluded Abp Alwyn Rice Jones said the devil had been at work when the measure originally fell!     Photo: Church in Wales

Women priests in the Church in Wales who protest that they want nothing more than to be treated equally with men will be celebrating their difference in the six Anglican Cathedrals across Wales on 7 January, 2017 in special Eucharists of adulation.

Preachers partial to their persuasion have been chosen to provide the adulation they desire as 'trailblazers' in the church while ignoring plummeting attendance figures. After 20 years of women priests the number of worshippers who regularly attend Church in Wales services has fallen to around 0.8% of the population of Wales and continues to fall year by year, a perverse measure of success.

St Deiniol’s Women Only logo. CinW
The church has become accustomed to animal blessings and celebrating LGBTi+ Eucharists. Next it is 'women priests' day. The idea of a simultaneous service was put forward by the St Deiniol’s Group, an informal group of senior lay and ordained women from across the Church in Wales. Reading the remarks of women clergy in press reports it is difficult to escape the conclusion that the church is simply a vehicle for feminist ambitions dressed up as religion.

The Archdeacon of Llandaff, Peggy Jackson, who convenes the exclusive St Deiniol’s Group said: "The Church in Wales has every reason to celebrate and be grateful for the ministry of these first women priests. They have brought rich and diverse gifts into the sacramental life of the Church, and have inspired many women since to offer themselves for public ministry".

It is difficult to see how Cafe style worship, Pet and other animal blessing services, Messy church and the like have 'brought rich and diverse gifts into the sacramental life of the Church'. Such services may have inspired many women to offer themselves for public ministry but for their own reward among dwindling, ageing congregations in which many cradle Anglicans, too old to change allegiance, feel captive.

The duplicitous Archdeacon has done everything in her power to wipe out opposition to her secular view of the church. She stymied any opportunity for alternative sacramental provision in a Code of Practice designed for exclusion while pretending to be inclusive.

Ministry used to be about others, not self, but that has changed. It is about self-advancement at the expense of others. In the following video, self-proclaimed activist Dr Una Kroll talks about her supposed call to priesthood in the Anglican Church and why she abandoned it to become a Roman Catholic.

It is easy to understand how people with little or no understanding of theology might be moved by Kroll's self-justification but a counter view on Christmas Day 2010 by another woman doctor, a Roman Catholic lawyer and theologian quietly counters the self-centred delusions of women claiming to have been called by God.

The author of Bread Not Stones, Dr Una Kroll had a "dramatic and unconventional journey to Rome"

Six years later she [Kroll] recognises “how essential [conversion] was for me.” She explains it thus: “It was not until I came to be enclosed” in the Catholic Church – making it impossible for me to carry out the public ministry of a woman priest in the Church of England – that I understood that confinement within this anchorage not of my making could ultimately lead to freedom.” Indeed, she discovered that she could point towards the mystery of unconditional love “without insisting that my views were right and everyone else’s wrong.” [My emphasis - Ed.]

I vividly recall the misery Dr Kroll and those of her persuasion caused many devout Anglicans who could not accept that feminism trumped faith. Hard for lay people, it was a desperate situation for many clergy, the more so if they were supporting families. Many priests followed their conscience (the Cost of Conscience) and left the Anglican church but others stayed to become zealous converts to the liberal cause, compromising their faith and leading others astray.

Determined to justify their defection many priests have become fellow-travellers of feminists imported by trendy bishops to enhance their liberal credentials. Some are accommodating but others take joy from belittling anyone who in conscience remains faithful to the historic faith of the Anglican Communion.

Many Anglicans have simply given up as each new trend has taken its toll. Consultations have been ignored when the results have not been to the liking of the bench of bishops resulting in unwelcome change being forced on church members. Anglicanism has left them stranded as the church accepts every secular fad in a vain attempt to be more relevant to society. As they become more liberal their tolerance of others who fail to adopt the whims of the new order are excluded and overlooked by trendy, so-called bishops of the church. 

The women celebrating their own success are not typical of Anglican women. Writing for The Conservative Woman, Kathy Gyngell's view is that women clergy will be the death of the Church of England: The Church of England tests my loyalty sorely. My local church clergy ‘team’ is almost entirely feminised. In my neck of the woods, there is literally no escaping them, or their dumbed down approach to their ‘calling’.  To a woman they appear to be labouring under the impression they are running a Sunday school. That is how we are treated. Full article here.

Feminising the Church continues. Jesus said, "This, then, is how you should pray: 'Our Father who art in heaven' ". Regarding Jesus' words as sexist, Women and the Church (WATCH) prefer "Our Mother who art in heaven" as though the Saviour had no idea what He was talking about. And it spreads. How about clergy having Christmas Day off for more family time? (here). - Here am I, Send me, but only on my terms - if I am available.

If you still don't get it, this video sums up New Anglicanism.

As the Rev Dr Peter Mullen succinctly put it in his blog, All Things ConsideredAnd the word was made trash.

The last word comes from His Honour Philip Price QC, husband of the Revd Canon Mari Price, former Hon. Chaplain at Archbishop Barry Morgan's Llandaff Cathedral. Judge Price is retiring as Chair of the Standing Committee of the Church in Wales after 11 years’ service. He sums up the politically correct attitude of a church hierarchy that has become completely divorced from the reality of their situation.

His misplaced confidence is contrary to the evidence of decline presented to the Governing Body over many years but ignored by the like-minded as a minor item on their agenda. He said,

 “It has been a great privilege to have worked with so many gifted and committed people on the Governing Body over the years and to have been part of an era which brought many changes to the Church in Wales. For me, the most significant of these changes has been women’s ministry – first as priests and now as bishops. I am glad to have been associated with that cause during the critical years and delighted to see it come to fruition this year with the election of our first woman bishop. That’s a terrific milestone and one which I am confident will enable the Church to grow in strength as it serves the people of Wales.


  1. Thank you for your cogent post this morning. I hope you don't mind me asking you to stress the important fact that the 'St Deiniol's Group' of the Church in Wales is nothing to do with us. We took our patronym(s) from the fact that St Deiniol was native to this area of West Wales where we continue to celebrate the mysteries of the catholic faith under the guidance of such faithful servants of Christ, as members of the Anglican Catholic Church. Some will know us, and might wish to come along to join us in worship sometime. I feel sure St Deiniol would have been happy to do so in person, as well, we pray, as in his role as an intercessor within the Communion of Saints. So, if people want a genuine source of inspiration, it is no to the 'St Deiniol's Group' but to the Mission of St Deiniol and St Asaph. The link below will tell people where we worship (a beautiful ancient castle chapel at Upton, 11 Mass every Sunday). A blessed Christmas to you and your readers.

    1. Don't worry Father. If you click on the logo you can read the names of those in the Group, including defector Kroll.

    2. What a logo! There are more names on that list than an average CW congregation.
      Why are some of the names followed by a comma, and the others not? It all looks a bit amateurish and slap dash … same old story?

  2. Whilst the menopausals celebrate their 20 years of wimmin church, Christians elsewhere are having to face the stark reality.

  3. When asked why she felt called to relocate and become rector of a local church, one Episcopal female priest in my neck of the woods responded, "To be closer to my grandchildren." Our diocese has been taken over by the priestesses thanks to two progressive bishops in a row.

  4. Sadly then, you have not had a Priest for some years.

  5. I fear that the rot has set in for the CW. Despite having two priests, even Wales’ premier Anglo-Catholic church now only has one Sunday Mass, it used to have three. No Mass on a Friday. And the week day Mass attendance is only three or four. That is where the 0.8% attendance figure shows itself. Turn off the lights that last person out!

  6. Catnap is correct : the women dressed in dog-collars are not priests.
    Yes, they have offered themselves for "public ministry" ,but there are all sorts of public ministry -social workers,receptionists,indeed we are all in public ministry -it's called being a member of society. However they may dress themselves, it does not and cannot make them into priests.

    Don't judge a sausage by its skin and read the label carefully!

    1. Yes, simple Soul, they do have a right to call themselves priests and wear such attire. How do you account for the Druids? Women priests are outside the Catholic tradition just like they. The priesthood within the Anglican Church now spells ICHABOD.

      Meanwhile, members of Her Majesty's judiciary of the Church in Wales dress in judicial attire at ordination and episcopal services and are also appointed, (for private fees) to preside over non judicial 'courts' which are 'private' jurisdictions. As one infamous Welsh silk proclaimed, "We continue as we please".

      Both groups, (female priests and the judiciary) do so using the veil of legitimacy. The former by impersonating a system known as 'Catholic tradition' which is a none arrestable offence in Wales since 1920, whilst the latter, being outside the jurisdiction of the Royal Courts of Justice, do so via kangaroo tradition or fraud - "Give me the verdict that I want".

  7. Knight on the Green31 December 2016 at 13:08

    An interesting titbit from a source in the RB. It appears that the Speaker’s Chaplain might be taking a crammer course in Welsh! Is there a senior vacancy about to come up that needs a Welsh speaker? That would tick plenty of those BME and equality boxes!

  8. Understand the Old Testament to see what is happening now.

    History will repeat itself until consummation of the kingdom of God.

  9. I noticed with interest that the 4 jobs for "ministry team leader " for Monmouth, all included the phrase that women were especially encouraged to apply to redress the gender balance! That isn't being treated equally. Happily at least one of the posts had no applicants which is hardly surprising giving the hint that men need not apply. (plus the fact that the jobs are basically 4-5 jobs rolled into one!)

    On a separate note, but while looking at decline.....why are so many churches cancelling their services this year for 1st Jan? It is a Sunday, and traditionally low Sunday. But post Christmas break for clergy this year has been longer than usual and does not include the Sunday? Perhaps this will start a new trend to cancel church on any Sunday which we feel will be poorly attended, but then Parish share would go up????!!!

    1. Post Christmas break? Are you having a laugh?

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Ageing pop stars,groups, ('not groupies') resort to what is popularly termed, 'Final Tours'. A slide of the tongue technique expression which tells us, 'we're not planning to quit after all'.

    As predicted, and, under eye of the 1 million or so readers of this blog,(in comparison with Radio Cymru), the 'Solid Morgan 60s Tour bus' has already hit the road. Bangor born Dewi Llwyd, an S4C favorite, take heed, the sleepless nights may soon be here. Job on the line?

    Today, a relic of an Elvis impersonator, Radio Cymru' very own milky bar kid, the Rev John Roberts on his Sunday morning chat show was lined up to whack the hide off Morgan critics. And "For my next trick, the amazing moving goal post". Tickets anyone?

    The venue probably being a BBC Radio Cymru studio, Wales' own illustrious Archbishop was not shot dead at the scene, but was as usual allowed by the usually tonsil wagging presenter Rev Roberts to utter quite a lot of nonsense about Me,me,me - women priest, invited to preach by Joanna, gays, homophobia ( for God sake will someone tell 'Him' that 'phobia' is a medical condition). Much like the Archbishop's sermons, this was another boring John Roberts chat show of an overly liberal mutual application of Swarphega soap gel. Hugs and congratulations all round please.

    Very soon these two end of the pier acts will be asking for a commission to find out why they are not more popular.

    1. My mother who is approaching her 90th birthday and is a fluent Welsh speaker listens to this Radio Cymru programme most Sundays. Today she remarked that Dr Barry Morgan is far too nervous of facing a real interviewer such as the BBC and Radio Cymru veteran broadcaster/writer Gwylim Owen. My mum knows the relief you can get from a back scratcher.

    2. Would you believe Carla, your mother is old enough to be Barry's mother as well. Unlike him, (who claimed in the programme to remember little about his time as bishop of Bangor) appears free from temporary amnesia.

      For amazing recovery Google 'Scandal and Offence', and 'gowermaster blog' Fantasy Island.

    3. Or why doesn't His Grace Barry not 'google' Clifford Williams directly, for fast effective relief and positive results from selective amnesia.