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Friday, 23 December 2016

Not a real Christian

An early Christmas for the Archbishop of Wales with all candles lit.             Source: Church in Wales

In his last Christmas message before he is forced to retire on age grounds the Archbishop of Wales has taken the opportunity to ridicule the President-elect of the United States for not being a real Christian "since Christians were people who built bridges, not walls". 

Dr Morgan was referring to an observation by Pope Francis but the irony of his comment will not be lost on readers who came to the conclusion many years ago that Dr Morgan has been anything but a bridge builder in his own, depleted church.

Previously trailed to little avail on Twitter you can read Dr Morgan's Christmas message here

"All are welcome" to attend Llandaff Cathedral on Christmas Day at 11am when  the Archbishop is preaching. There should be plenty of room.


  1. Except Pope Francis lives in Vatican City which is hemmed in on all sides by....., you've guessed it, walls'.

  2. Pope Francis has not built a wall around, or within, his mind : that is the difference.

    1. Really?
      I might be more impressed with the Pope(s) if they moved out of Vatican City and lived among their flock. Christ needed no walls behind which to hide protected by his own personal Swiss guard. By the way, have you seen their armoury stacked floor to ceiling with all the latest automatic weapons?

    2. Probably not a very sensible suggestion : all those in positions of authority need some protection whether politicians or church leaders ; just need to follow AB blogs to realise how many dangerous idiots abound. In any case Pope Francis does not live in the Vatican Palace, but in one if the guest apartments,precisely so he can be closer to the people.

    3. Did I claim that Pope Francis lived in the Vatican Palace?
      Is his "guest apartment" still inside the walls of Vatican city?
      All those in positions of authority need some protection?
      On that basis Christ would have allowed Peter to continue hacking off people's ears with his sword rather than be crucified for us all.
      A significant number of the dangerous idiots that abound are running the Church in Wales, hence the decline into oblivion.

  3. Typical modern Anglican church leader – the archbishop’s message is so out of touch with the mood of the common person. No wonder his churches are empty. He is a spent force. Five weeks and he’ll be gone. Good riddance!

    1. Not the Nine O Clock Pews26 December 2016 at 00:07

      At least there's one Christian leader who's willing to stand up for our values. The Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, declared in a Christmas TV debate that Austria could not support the ongoing tide of migrants.

      In September he announced: “Will there be a third Islamic attempt to conquer Europe? Many Muslims think this and wish this and say that Europe is at its end. Europe’s Christian legacy is in danger, because we Europeans have squandered it. That has absolutely nothing to do with Islam nor with the refugees. It is clear that many Islamists would like to take advantage of our weakness, but they are not responsible for it. We are.”

      This is what we need to hear from our church leaders: a powerful defence of the faith and our culture. Not the weak concessions and platitudes emanating from the mouth of the has-been ++Barry.

      In stark contrast to his loquacious boss, Dean Gerwhine had no words of wisdom for the Christmas Day parish service at Llandaff. The Ears in the Walls inform us that he didn't even wish the congregation "Happy Christmas" and looked rather dour throughout!