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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Mixed message

In his 'Thought For The Day' radio broadcast on BBC Radio 4, HRH The Prince of Wales warned about the growing danger of religious persecution. Full marks for that. Unfortunately he finished his message by including the oppressor with the oppressed.

In his video message for Aid to the Church in Need (above) he includes graphic details of the sort of persecution being experienced. For example, Christians are being driven en masse out of lands described in the Bible. Possibly there could be no Christians in Iraq within 5 years

The aggressors are in the news daily yet the Prince of Wales compares the fleeing of the Holy Family to escape violent persecution with the migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina because "he too was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship".

This so-called 'persecution' is described in Muhammad's Biography: Persecution in Mecca (here). 

Looking at a non-partisan source a different picture emerges:
"According to Muslim historians, the Meccans were actually quite tolerant of Muhammad preaching his new religion. Mecca was an open society where different religions were respected.  Polytheists, Jews and Christians lived and worshipped side-by-side, especially during the holy months, when pagan pilgrims would travel long distances from beyond the city to perform their rituals at the Kaaba.

Muhammad brought on the resentment of the local people not by preaching Islam, but by breaking with Meccan tradition and cursing other religions". 

1400 years later "Christians are being driven en masse out of lands described in the Bible"!


  1. Surely Ancient Briton you would expect nothing less from the defender of the faiths ?

    Meanwhile back in Llandaff, the ears in the walls report that the Dean & Chapter are once more spreading their version of Christmas goodwill.
    AB blog regulars will recall that 3 years ago this Christmas they disposed of their lay Clerks and assistant organist.
    This December it was the turn of the handy man and the cleaner to be given the heave-ho. One hears the coffers are bone dry once more with another property "re-evaluation" in the pipeline for the next set of accounts so it's just as well the new Director of Music has a 12 month contract, he might just manage to hang on until August.
    Another happy Christmas in Llandaff.

    1. Alas as the Dark Lord Sauron's eye turns toward other lands to lay waste, little Gollum and his expensive train of acolytes boasting their absurd, self-aggrandizing titles need someone to pay for them all to go on awareness sessions and bonding courses.
      Meanwhile leaving all that boring Christianity stuff to one chap.

      Several old lay-clerks have been to service to show support for the new DoM. Hailing from the great Harry Joyce's ex-posting, all of us who know the illumination music brings to the mysteries of faith and its value as an offering to God wish him pob lwc.
      My old Dad was a lay-clerk at Llandaff for a long time, I rejoice that he was spared seeing how the church he loved and served has been abased.

    2. Speaking of mixed messages, Vicious Viv in York is finding to her cost the results of alienating stalwart volunteers only to find that other bell ringers choose solidarity with their colleagues rather than helping her out her self dug PR nightmare.
      "York Minster is likely to remain silent over Christmas for the first time in more than 650 years"
      I find it most revealing that she seeks to impute to the Bell ringing team her own need to create a little "fiefdom".
      What a pity the former long-suffering and abused Llandaff Cathedral lay clerks couldn't count on similar solidarity from other local singers. I suppose the difference is that when money is involved and without a strong union presence there will always be those willing to prostitute themselves to be scabs for Gerwhine and Peggy the Pilate.
      If the finances are as dire as is rumoured, even the scab singers will be out of work after Christmas day but on the bright side at least they'll be able to use their zero hours contracts for toilet paper.

      Nadolig Llawen.

    3. Points made. Can we draw a line here please unless on topic. Thanks.

  2. It is simple logic on the part of the Prince in his adopted role as 'defender of faiths', that he believes in placating the followers of Islam, and they will think "what a nice guy". Prince Charles erroneously believes that Islam will then change its way of thinking and dismiss any belief that Christians conceal the truth and are kaffirs.
    It is of great concern that the Prince may be implying that there is more than 'one way'. The Supreme Governor of the Church of England promotes Anglicanism,so I thought?