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Monday, 5 December 2016

Oath of British values

Moderate Muslims?                                                                                                                             Source: Communities Digital News

"I know that for some, the content of this review will be hard to read, and I have
wrestled with what to put in and what to leave out, particularly because I know that
putting some communities under the spotlight – particularly communities in which 
there are high concentrations of Muslims of Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage – will
add to the pressure that they already feel. However, I am convinced that it is only by
fully acknowledging what is happening that we can set about resolving these
problems and eventually relieve this pressure." - The Casey Review

The Casey Review is a review into "opportunity and integration" by Dame Louise Casey DBE CB. The above quote is from the Forward to her report. As ever the "pressure" indicates concern only for Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage communities, the politically correct attitude which rendered the police and social services impotent while British Girls were raped by Muslim Gangs on 'Industrial Scale'.

Watching the BBC News at Six this evening it was telling that ethnic minorities who were interviewed saw no problems when asked about integration. Only an indigenous white couple, now in a minority, admitted that the situation was worse than it had ever been. Predictably Muslims are already complaining that the Report is divisive, a victimisation ploy currently being used by the gay community and previously by Women and the Church (WATCH) to achieve their aims to the detriment of others.

The report shows that there were an estimated 65.1 million people living in the United Kingdom in June 2015, with the population having risen by 4.1 million between 2001 and 2011. More than half of this growth was due to immigration. [1.15]

Among faith groups the number of people identifying themselves as Muslim grew most significantly, by 1.2 million people. This 72% increase is higher than for any other religious group and Muslims make up the largest non-Christian religious population in the UK at 2.8 million in total, compared with 0.8m Hindus, 0.4m Sikhs, 0.3m Jews and 0.3m Buddhists.

The Guardian typifies the problem in their account of the Report: 'Louise Casey's integration plan is behind the times' going on to say that "It was odd for the government’s tsar to focus so relentlessly on Muslims, and her aggression is likely to be counterproductive". Is the author blind to what is going on all around the world?

Because most Muslims live relatively peacefully in Great Britain and claim to be peace loving it is easy to be taken in, especially if one has been brought up in the Christian spirit of 'love thy neighbour'. Evidence that Islam is at the root of the integration problem is ignored. Witness ISIS in the Middle East, now spreading to Europe and the UK, Boko Haram in Africa and numerous other Islamic organisations elsewhere in addition to the legalised  oppression of non-Muslims in Islamic states such as in Pakistan and in Saudi Arabia where there is no religious freedom.

Islam does not believe in democracy. Sharia rules. In this article a Muslim writer explains why Islam and democracy are incompatible. Nevertheless, political and religious leaders are still taken in, believing that "if we can just get Muslims to understand the democratic way of life, then all our problems will vanish".

To paraphrase a quote by former US presidential candidate Al Gore, "Once in control, however, all bets are off, because Islam takes over. It is the "controlling legal authority" for Muslims.

Given that the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya encourages Muslims "to lie" to achieve their goals an 'Oath of British values' can have no value.

In the following video the Chairman of the Association of Muslim Schools says that "as Muslims we have a right to bring up our children in accordance with our beliefs which have served us all the centuries well". He said that it is the parent's right to educate the child until he is old enough to decide for himself.

Some recent examples here and here illustrate that Islamic education is completely divorced from British values. At the end of the video clip the Association Chairman is forced to admit that, contrary to British values, the penalty for apostasy in Islam is death. There is no escape. Islam is Islam. No other values count.

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