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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Welby's view

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby                                        Source: Reuters

"In Muslim countries, Archbishop Welby said, ‘it is often pointed out to me that only one Muslim country was not colonised by Western powers in the 19th century: Saudi Arabia. By 1920, the world’s principal ruler of Muslims was King George V.’ The Archbishop added that western attitudes to the Prophet Mohammed and ‘the media perception of the Muslim community’ were ‘often mentioned to me with savage and bitter anger’."

Perhaps if Muslims had confined their activities to Saudi Arabia instead of seeking to convert mankind to Islam the world would not have been fighting against colonisation for 1400 years.

Christians were living peacefully in the so called Muslim lands well before Islam came on the scene. Of course the Muslim community shows savage and bitter anger against Western attitudes because they believe that they are above objective scrutiny.

While Christians journey through Lent to prepare for the Resurrection, Muslims confidently claim that Christ did not die on the Cross and even that Jesus was a Muslim.

Should we agree with that too, wiping out 2,000 years of hope through Christianity?


  1. I was speaking very recently to a senior Anglican clergyman and we talked around the recent issue of the Mosques 'open days', and I commented how unwise it seems to me for school children to experience an introduction into religion by visiting a Muslim place of worship.
    The priest concerned challenged me vehemently,saying that Christians are guilty of open hostility to other religions and guilty of crimes of persecution this century in China and Central Africa .
    I was taken aback!
    My understanding that these people behaving unacceptably may be nominal Christians ,but are belonging to 'cults'. It is a bit different from the evil behaviour of the Islamic extremists who openly proclaim they are following the Qur'an and the will of Allah. Furthermore do we hear denial of the behaviour of Daesh from the mosques in this country? Many Imams are the initiators of radicalisation .

    Perhaps this priest has been on a mosque tour?
    My response to the approach of this priest is one of extreme disappointment to learn of his apparent 'watering down' of his beliefs ,which he might call 'being tolerant'.
    Our failure to condemn evil and our apathy and failure to defend Christianity is partly why Europe is being colonised by Islam.

  2. "it is often pointed out to me that only one Muslim country was not colonised by Western powers in the 19th century: Saudi Arabia."
    In that case those doing the pointing out have their history wrong. Large numbers of Muslim countries were under the Ottoman Empire until 1919, and after its disappearance much former Ottoman territory was not colonised but became League of Nations mandates. Insuper, I do not know which western power colonised Persia. Of course resentment of the British Empire is stoked by Americans who have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing since 1776 and would rather distract attention from activities which might make them the object of distaste.