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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Too little, too late?

Muslims now make up over 5% of the population of Britain                            Source: The Sun/ Alamy

Great Britain is now home to more than 3 million Muslims for the first time ever with more than half born outside the UK.

In most of Europe and the developed world birth rates are low among native-born women. Among Muslim immigrant populations birth rates are much higher.

While the Prime Minister is trying to convince us that he has achieved a remarkable victory (by watering down his demands) in Europe, the reality is staring us in the face.

Unlike most other immigrants Muslims want domination not integration. There lies the real problem.


  1. I'm with you AB ......domination is unquestionably the goal, and it is frightening.
    'Slowly slowly catchee monkey '
    and ' every little helps'.
    These phrases must be the adopted mantras of the followers of Islam.
    If there is ever any public discussion or interviews ,an amenable face is always presented : "butter wouldn't melt". I wish I could understand why gullibility is rife.

  2. It took them over a week, but Bangor Diocese have at last responded to the bad press they were having over the purchase of two additional houses in the city of Bangor itself. (This makes their total number of clergy houses in the city six.) This story appeared on the BBC website on Saturday

    Rather than finally burying the story once and for all, however, all they've managed to do is continue digging the proverbial hole and at the same time make themselves look quite silly.

    Firstly, they actually managed to quote the new Dean saying she felt she had 'come home'. And at half a million, what a lovely home it is!

    Secondly, they add another reason as to why a new deanery is needed. Not only is it situated in a noisy town centre, it is also the wrong 'shape'. The sound of uproarious laughter can surely be heard the length and breadth of the land by now.

    For those with sharper textual analysis skills, however, the BBC article makes far more interesting reading on two counts.

    Firstly, a 'spokeswoman' is quoted as speaking on behalf of Bangor Diocese. Yet the Diocese has its own comms officer and unless he's undergone gender realignment surgery, he's very much a man. Could it be that this 'professional comms person' has lost the confidence of the Bishop, who has to turn to the Archbishop's (female) press officer? He's certainly lost control of this little story and seems to have gone into hiding.

    Secondly, and far more seriously, is the glaring fact that only the new deanery is mentioned in the article. Readers will be aware, however, that two new houses have been bought - one for the Dean and another for the Canon Precentor, Diddy David Fisher. Why only mention the deanery? After all, if noise is the real problem, the deanery suffers much less than the canonry, which is situated right on the roadside.

    Could it be that Fisher is being protected for some reason and that the new Dean is being put forward as the fallgirl in this story? She isn't being thrown to the wolves already surely? Having lost its first two female deans can the Church afford pushing another out?

    Someone somewhere is displaying a rather ruthless streak. One wonders why. Could it be that protecting Fisher is more important than anything else? For if he unravels, far more will unravel with him.

    1. It far more likely that bully boy Bazza has decided to impose himself on the situation, pushed the hapless Andy Pandy to one side and parachuted in his mouthpiece Morrell who he controls directly.

      As for your second point, His ++Darkness is an arch schemer and manipulator so he's probably calculated that the gullible pew-sitters in Bangor are more likely to give twice divorced Kalamity Kathy more leeway during the perceived 'honeymoon' period immediately following her installation.

      If indeed "More than 250 people packed into Bangor Cathedral" why is the CinW website unable to display a photograph of them all?
      Was any contributor to this blog present and able to confirm or deny the claims?