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Monday, 22 February 2016

Feeding Islam and ripping the Church apart

Source: Twitter

A sharp-eyed reader has drawn my attention to the menu offered last Thursday at the Cardiff University Chaplaincy: halal chicken casserole! Next Thursday's lunch will also be halal. In fact halal dishes appear to be their regular offering. I appreciate that the Chaplaincy caters for mixed faiths but why do Islamic meals take precedence in a supposedly Christian country?

There is much more to concern the faithful than a meagre halal meal for £1. The Anglican Chaplaincy boasts a seminar at which the Very Rev Jeffery John promoted gay marriage and Canon Jeremy Pemberton talked about life with his 'husband'.

Following his defeat at the Church in Wales Governing Body in September last year Archbishop Barry Morgan said "It would be 'foolish' to bring forward a bill for same-sex marriages in church at the moment. It would be a very brave or perhaps a very foolish Bench of Bishops who were to bring the bill before the governing body at this stage because that might just rip the church apart and lead to the acrimony that has been absent from this debate."  [My emphasis - Ed.]

The intent is clear.

Notwithstanding the dire effects on church attendance resulting in church closures and the loss of the historic parish system, the same procedure is being adopted as was employed in the campaign for the ordination of women followed by their admission to the Episcopate. If at first you don't succeed keep trying until the church is left only with like minded people led astray by a bench of bishops, bar one, who have abandoned the Apostolic faith of the Holy Catholic Church for a dictatorship of  relativism.

When the bishops report back to the Governing Body in April their conclusion appears obvious.

Christianity is in danger. Mosques are already opening their doors to entice the unwary. Closed churches and chapels are being converted adding to the twenty-one Mosques already in Cardiff. Two of the seven chaplains in Cardiff University are Muslim. They need no help from the Church in Wales.

The agenda may be music to the ears of the Archbishop but it is not the Gospel and it is already ripping the church apart.

Postscript [23.02.2016]

The Cardiff University Chaplaincy 50 years ago with Fr Bruce E Davies, RIP surrounded by communicants for the Ash Wednesday Eucharist.

Postscript [24.02.2016]

Plans submitted for a new mosque in Sanatorium Road, Cardiff

In response to worries about traffic problems it has been suggested that this new Cardiff mosque was needed to allow only 30 worshippers to pray. Pull the other one! This was a second application. No doubt there will be another mirroring the Church in Wales', if at first you don't succeed, try again until you get what you want.


  1. The Anglican Society's aim is to provide a relaxed and safe environment to make good friendships, to provide an inclusive environment for the exploration of faith and spirituality and to offer opportunities for worship in the Anglican tradition.
    It was open on Wednesday in the first week in Lent to promote LGBT issues and yet it was closed on Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. Something wrong with the priorities there?

    1. Stop the Abuse of Office22 February 2016 at 10:49

      Au contraire Catholic, you have identified the priorities.
      1-Promote Islam, promote the LGBT agenda, promote the wide crooked 'anything goes' path to Church/Cathedral obliteration and eternal damnation.
      2-Stuff traditional catholic apostolic Christianity, Orthodox Christianity and Judaism (I don't know any Jew that would eat Halal).
      If the Chaplaincy and bully boy Barry Morgan were the least bit interested in inclusivity and equality, the menu would have read
      Chicken Casserole (traditional-RSPCA compliant)
      Chicken Casserole (kosher)
      Chicken Casserole (halal)
      Chicken free Casserole (suitable for Vegas and Vegetarians).
      We all know of His ++Darkness' antipathy towards traditional catholic and apostolic straight white middle class Christians but I am surprised to note that the Chaplaincy appears to have forgotten to cater for the tree hugging vegan/vegetarian clique.
      For shame Chaplains.
      You should expect an early morning phone rant from the Grand Mufti anytime soon.

    2. Christian University chaplains,as ordained ministers, have a responsibility and a duty to promote a Christian way of life ; otherwise if they do not believe in the Truth of Christianity,then why are they ministers ?
      It is not their role or their duty to appease Islam or to accede to every request promoted by the Muslim chaplains.
      As your previous contributor noted ,there could be a vegetarian option for those who subscribe to the religion which requires cruel and distressing slaughtering of animals and birds.

  2. The first point I should like to make clear is that the Chaplaincy at 61 Park Place is labelled as a 'multi-faith chaplaincy' . However, the Catholic Chaplaincy(RC) is NOT associated ,and is located at Nazareth House in Colum Road.

    Those Christian students who are being misled by the 'christian' chaplains ,should challenge the appointees ,and demand that their University education should not be corrupting.
    Our civilised standards in Great Britain should be preserved ,and a notice should be printed and placed alongside the halal dishes as follows:

    "The shahada said at the point of slaughter is: ‘In the name of Allah, who is the greatest’. The Halal Food Authority say the shahada must be said over each animal."

    Shahada means 'declaration.'
    By agreeing to knowingly consume halal food, the Christian is replacing a Christian Grace before meals ,with a declaration of acceptance of Allah and all the idolatrous implications of this.

    1. For the purposes on getting the facts straight, the University Chaplaincy as a whole is a "multi-faith chaplaincy" which currently comprises Christian (Anglican, Eastern Catholic, RC, & Methodist chaplains) together with two Muslim chaplains and a Hindu chaplain. The Anglican chaplaincy is a part of this and so is Newman Hall. All of the current chaplains are there to serve any and all members of the university pastorally, alongside providing for their particular faith communities. All of the chaplains equally are a full part of the "multi-faith chaplaincy." Indeed, the Roman Catholic chaplain co-ordinates the team! More importantly it was the RC chaplain who initiated, together with the Anglican and Methodist chaplains, the weekly lunch, originally from the RC chaplaincy when at 62 Park Place. The current meal discussed above is merely one of two chaplaincy meals that serve halal, the other being the RC chaplaincy which has an identical lunch every Wednesday at the same time with a halal meat option! You may think what you like about halal, but at least get your facts straight about the the chaplaincy set-up at Cardiff University and that it is not just 61 Park Place but also Newman Hall, the new site of the RC chaplaincy that is serving halal food.

    2. Two wrongs do not make it right Father. Refusing halal can be an act of Christian witness:

  3. gaychristian, you have commented twice on this entry:

    1. Would you prefer that the University Chaplaincy not encourage debate on such matters? It seems hardly surprising that an issue of this nature is being debated amongst the student chaplaincy, after all, it's a issue which you bang on and on and on and on about on the pages of your blog.

    2. You don't appear to print comments from me anymore - you're guilty of the very things you are quick to blame others for. Shame on you.

    You are the source of your own undoing because you do not follow the rules. - If pseudonyms are linked to commercial sites the comments will be removed as spam. Please stop linking your pen name to a gay advertising site if you want your comments to be published.

    As to your first point, genuine debate in Universities is to be welcomed although many University LGBTI pressure groups are busy suppressing debate where they disagree. In this instance I have seen no evidence that the seminar was other than a one-sided attempt to influence students. That is not debate.

  4. Might it not have been an attempt to present one side of the argument rather than a one-sided attempt to influence students?

    1. Students are at university for education,and it should be remembered the meaning of this word is from the Latin educere : 'to draw out', and this is ,I trust, for the young people to draw out human values.
      To present only one side of an argument is futile in an educational environment,and such a tirade amounts to denunciation of the other side of the argument.

    2. No it is not, it is from the Latin educare, to educate:

      ēdŭco , āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. 1. educo, II. A. 4. b., bring up a child physically or mentally, to rear, to educate (very freq. and class.): educit obstetrix, educat nutrix, instituit paedagogus, docet magister, Varr. ap. Non. 447, 33 (but this distinction is not strictly observed; see the foll. and 1. educo, II. A. 4. b.).
      I. Prop.: “hera educavit (puellam) magna industria,” Plaut. Cas. prol. 44 sq.: “Athenis natus altusque educatusque Atticis,” id. Rud. 3, 4, 36: “bene pudiceque educatu'st usque ad adolescentiam,” id. Capt. 5, 3, 16 et saep.; cf. id. Men. 5, 5, 7; id. Trin. 2, 4, 111 al.; Att. ap. Non. 422, 14; Ter. Eun. 1, 2, 37; id. Ad. 3, 4, 49; Cic. Lael. 20, 75; id. Rep. 2, 21; id. de Or. 1, 31; Ov. F. 6, 487; id. M. 3, 314; Vulg. Psa. 22, 2. —
      II. Transf., to bring up, rear, foster, train, educate: “neque enim hac nos patria lege genuit aut educavit, ut, etc.,” Cic. Rep. 1, 4; id. Or. 13 fin.; cf.: “ars dicendi ea, quae sunt orta jam in nobis et procreata, educat atque confirmat,” id. de Or. 2, 87, 356: “in his (scholis) educatur orator,” Quint. 9, 2, 81: “oratorem, id. prooem. § 5: illos in disciplina,” Vulg. Ephes. 6, 4.—
      B. Poet. and in post-Aug. prose, of plants or animals, to nourish, support, produce: “quod pontus, quod terra, quod educat aër Poscit,” Ov. M. 8, 832; cf. id. Pont. 1, 10, 9: “vitis mitem uvam,” Cat. 62, 50: “pomum, non uvas (ager),” Ov. Pont. 1, 3, 51: “herbas (humus),” id. M. 15, 97: “Caecuba,” Plin. 16, 37, 67, § 173: “florem (imber),” Cat. 62, 41 al.: “lepores, apros,” Hor. Ep. 1, 15, 22.—
      C. To possess, hold (cf. nutrire = τρέφειν), Verg. Cul. 13.

  5. Possibly both educere and educare are roots of the word education.
    However,I am content to accept the teaching of the brilliant Cambridge graduate as my headmaster,who explained to us as school children that in educating us ,the teachers are 'drawing out' good in us.

    ps. what are all the numbers for?- they do not seem to help to educate me in this matter!

    1. This is a print-out from Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary. The numbers are most book and line or verse references to usage of the word in Latin literature, as Lewis and Short works like the OED in providing diagnostic examples of the use of words, not just synonyms. And it has wholly separate entries for educo, educere = I lead out and educo, educare = I educate. After about 40 years teaching in two continents I must I fear disagree with your excellent headmaster. I do not believe in original virtue and believe that pupils should be given a Higher Good to strive towards rather than an assurance that they are possessed of an Inner Light. But I guess whatever works !