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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Defender of the Faith

Source: AIN News (Sputnik/Osservatore Romano)

Pope Francis sees President Putin as the 'Only Man' to defend Christians around the world the Assyrian International News Agency reports: According to Pope Francis, Putin is "the only one with whom the Catholic Church can unite to defend Christians in the East."

The report comes from the Russian controlled Sputnik News looking forward to the historic meeting between Pope Francis and Russian Patriarch Kirill in Cuba on Friday (12 Feb 2016). From The Guardian: The pair will sign a joint declaration in Russian and Italian, the details of which have not been made public, before exchanging gifts and making brief statements. There has been speculation that the meeting would lead to a papal visit to Russia, although the Vatican would not confirm such plans were in motion.

The discussions in Havana will focus on the persecution of Christians. The Russian Orthodox spokesman  Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk told journalists "The situation as it has developed today in the Middle East, in North and Central Africa and in some other regions, in which extremists are perpetrating a real genocide of the Christian population, has required urgent measures and closer cooperation between Christian churches."

If these discussions eventually lead to unity Anglicans will be marooned on the outside but no doubt the new breed of Anglican priests and bishops will continue claim they are right in ordaining women and the rest of Christendom is wrong.  

Practising Christians are now a "minority" in Britain like persecuted Roman Catholics during the Reformation, say two of Britain's most senior clerics here. A sad reflection on New Anglicanism which has simply become a vehicle for advancing the interests of minorities over the majority.

Today is Ash Wednesday. There is much to repent.  

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