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Monday, 29 February 2016

The real victims of political correctness.

In this 2010 CBN News video "What Will Happen When Islam Takes Over Britain WAKE UP!" a clear warning was given on the perils of not addressing political correctness.

The Prime Minister's claim in 2011 that multiculturalism had failed was met with a wave of indignant protests and denial. In 2016 the real victims of political correctness, mainly vulnerable children, are being identified on a regular basis.

This is the reality. From an Express report: The authorities spent years letting gangs of Pakistani and British-Pakistani men get away with horrendous crimes against white girls. Evidence suggests that such groups have been operating in Rotherham, Oxford, Keighley, Bradford and Rochdale. The dangerously misguided desire to appear tolerant and politically correct allowed these gangs to operate unchecked for so long.

Nobody in authority has been prepared to stand against the tide. While political parties spend their time harvesting votes from minorities, the Established church continues her obsession with politically correct quotas, advancing the cause of minorities over suitability and validating Islam. 

Tolerance of the intolerant rules. "WAKE UP" indeed!


  1. A group called 'faith and society' produced a book called Faith and Power: Christianity and Islam in 'Secular' Britain (still available) by Bishop Lesslie.

    Muslims in this country rejoice at the suggestion that Britain is ,or is becoming ,a secular state.Such an understanding suits their agenda; once everyone has become convinced by propaganda that Britain is now secular ,their will be little opposition to the establishment of cult of Islam and sharia law : Islam moves into the 'religious vacuum' and there will be increased radicalisation of young people.

    But our Church leaders do not help!
    The Christian-Muslim forum was set up as far back as the time of Archbishop Carey.

  2. The real victims of Political Correctness are honesty, integrity, free speech and common sense.