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Friday, 29 January 2016

The road to ruin

The Bishop of Willesden, the Rt Rev Peter Broadbent, having a laugh.     Source: The Telegraph

From The Telegraph: Dress-down Sundays: Church considers making clerical dress optional.

"Heavenly hoodies? Church of England takes first step to relaxing clerical dress rules in effort to become more “relevant” to 21st Century". Surely they mean irrelevant.

Also, from The Guardian: Church of England members back same-sex marriage. Poll shows for first time more Anglicans supporting gay couples marrying than opposing it, despite leadership’s opposition. "The lowest levels of support for same-sex marriage – 24% – were found among Anglican men over the age of 55, a group that dominates the church leadership." But for how long?

"Jayne Ozanne, a leading gay activist within the C of E, who commissioned the poll from YouGov, said this finding was “deeply worrying”. “Unfortunately, this is exactly the profile of those in the senior positions of power and influence within the church,” she said.

Meanwhile ready to fill the vacuum UK Mosque Open Day is being promoted on social media and lists of participating places of worship are being posted on Facebook "which organisers hope will bring in more young people, among others".

As the Church destroys herself by becoming "relevant to society" the so called religion of peace is busy spreading its influence. Is it any surprise that "Islam may soon become the most dominant religion in the world, eclipsing Christianity". One thing we can be sure of there will be no mention that Christians will have to convert, pay the tax or die (Qur’an 9:29).


Poll spun to apply pressure to Church of England on same-sex 'marriage'.


  1. Will the celebrant wear shorts in the summer like the postman?

  2. It's also patronising to people.....most people dress up for weddings and christenings, and don't wear hoodies and track suits as the CofE suggest.........did you see last week that one London Bishop is encouraging Male clergy to grow beards to fit in with their Muslim communities......................

    1. What do expect? He's a friend of Prince Charles!. Defender of faith.

  3. Ah well Danny! How may the female clergy persons become more relevant?
    Nikab or burka? If these items are a bit awkward to manoeuvre ,there is always the hijab!
    Nothing now would surprise me, but how depressing is all this.

  4. The route and direction are clear.
    Look down.
    Dumb down.
    Dress down.
    Close down.