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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Decline and fall

Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican Communion Photo: OLI SCARFF

More bad news for the Church of England. "Attendance plunges to record low: Sunday attendance slumps by 22,000 to 765,000 as older worshippers die and Archbishop of Canterbury warns of struggle in ‘anti-Christian culture’".

Ironically much of the anti-Christian culture will be seen by the majority of the world's 80 million Anglicans as of the church's own making in liberal leaning provinces.

But there is another twist in a story which continues to dominate the media.Yesterday half the BBC's 10 o'clock news bulletin and the whole of Newsnight (I presume as I switched it off) was devoted to the death of David Bowie,"the creative force who changed Britain" as the BBC's Home Editor, Mark Easton, put it.

He wrote: "My parents' generation are puzzled by Bowie-mania, and there is another group of thirtysomethings who remain rather baffled by the attention devoted to his passing". That includes me, not as one of the 'thirtysomethings' but of his parents' generation who will have noted his death rather than his passing which is more reminiscent of driving tests.

Easton continued: " Britain has become far more tolerant of difference. And David Bowie helped us reach that place.....Would gay rights, gender equality legislation or same-sex marriage have enjoyed the broad support they do today without Bowie's androgynous challenge all those years ago? I suspect not. He gave space to oddity… and made it cool".

Gay rights and gender equality have become so skewed that what was tolerance has become intolerance and anyone retaining a sense of balance is condemned as being out of touch. It is not cool. It is a disaster.


  1. Deliver us from evil12 January 2016 at 18:24

    As our old Parish Priest used to say, "If they don't believe in God they'll believe in anything."
    The cult of celebrity is alive and well.

    And in the meantime, what is His ++Darkness doing?

    "Judas Iscariot, known as the disciple who betrayed Jesus to the Roman soldiers, inspired a volume of poetry by Professor Damian Walford Davies which was published last year. The Archbishop, Dr Barry Morgan, was invited to interview him about it for the University’s research magazine, Challenge Cardiff."

    1. Anglican catholic12 January 2016 at 21:28

      Anglican communion's 'bitter divide' over gay rights.

      "The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has called the 38 Primates or leaders from the global communion to a make-or-break meeting in Canterbury, where the bitter divides over gay rights and same-sex marriage are expected to dominate discussions."

      The absence of His ++Insignificance of Wales has not even been noticed.

    2. @Deliver us from evil
      If the Professor needs information about deceit, treachery and Judas he's speaking to an expert.

    3. Bully boy Bazza can't make it to Welby's primates conference but the prediction is he'll find the time to jump on this bandwagon.
      UK a long way from transgender equality, MPs say

    4. Bandwagon indeed Enoch. One only has to look at the records of Women and Equalities Ministers Nicky Morgan and Maria Miller to see how equality shifts with the political wind. Transgenderism Has No Basis in Science or Law:
      (Hat tip Anglican Mainstream)

  2. Church attendance is declining.
    The more the Church allows itself to be divided by reason of understanding of the Faith ,or by the new 'understanding' of social norms and sexual behaviour , the less significant the Church becomes in our culture and less respected within society .
    It is probably a human need to adhere to something and believe in something and in allowing -in fact encouraging- this course of development ,the Church creates a space for other faiths or belief systems (such as adoration of pop idols) to take hold.

    I do not comprehend the current tendency to mass hysteria surrounding the death of David Bowie ; someone practicing a questionable lifestyle. There are even online petitions for his face to appear on the new £20 note or a postage stamp, and to name a star after him!

    The nub of the error that the Church is making is discarding Authority.

  3. The oldest and longest serving cleric in the Church in Wales, Canon Graham Francis, retires at the end of January.

    The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan said, “Graham’s ministry, together with the deliverance ministry work that he has undertaken in the diocese, has been outstanding. I wish Graham and his wife Eleri a long and happy retirement.”

    Another one jumping off the sinking Llandaff flagship before it finally sinks?
    Accompanied by the kiss of death from His ++Darkness.

    1. After so many years as a Canon at Llandaff he should know in which closets bully boy Bazza's skeletons are hidden!

    2. The ears in the walls of the Prebendal House report a flurry of frenzied activity and air of panic in the Cathedral office over the last couple of days.
      Speculation is rife but does anyone know what the glove puppet Gerwhine and his pet amphibian have buggered up this time?

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Llandaff Pewster15 January 2016 at 22:22

      This might be the answer to your question.
      Hopefully once more with the kind co-operation of Ancient Briton and in response to requests for transparency & accountability, the full details of a concealed Health & Safety Audit will appear.

      Page 1

      argent @


      in association with ecclesiastical



      [nice big photo of open reference books]


      Always on your side

      Innovation in Health & Safety

      Page 2

      Client Profile

      Client details: Llandaff Cathedral Cardiff CFS 2LA

      Llandaff Cathedral also serves as a Parish Church, the Dean also being the Vicar of the Parish of Llandaff. The Cathedral lies close to the banks of the River Taff in the ancient "City of Llandaff' much of which is now a conservation area. Despite being surrounded on all sides by the bustling modern city of Cardiff, the Llandaff conservation area remains comparatively unspoilt and surprisingly tranquil.

      The Cathedral also has a Parish Hall and a Memorial Hall the latter being hired out to a play group both of which are located just a short walk from the Cathedral.

      The current Health and Safety Policy states that the Dean has overall responsibility for the health and safety of the Cathedral, its staff and visitors to the Cathedral; however, the Cathedral does not have in place a Dean and are awaiting an appointment. Furthermore, the Cathedral does not have an appointed person to manage health and safety from within its staff which is a matter that needs addressing as soon as is reasonably possible. It was also noted that the Health and Safety Policy has not been reviewed and signed off by the Dean and Chapter since 2008 which is also a matter for concern and needs addressing.

      Survey details


      Survey date 16th October 2013

    5. Llandaff Pewster15 January 2016 at 22:34

      Page 3


      Recommendations 4

      Urgent recommendations 4

      Necessary recommendations 5

      On-going recommendations 5

      Further information 5

      Introduction 6

      Health and Safety audit 7

      1 Health and Safety policy 7
      2 Risk assessments 7
      3 Hazardous substances 8
      4 Manual handling 8
      5 Display screen equipment 9
      6 First aid 9
      7 Fire risk assessment 10
      8 Emergency action 10
      9 Electrical safety 10
      10 Pressure systems 11
      11 Lifting equipment 11
      12 Work at height 11
      13 Asbestos 12
      14 Legionella 12
      15 Workplace 13
      16 Transport safety 13
      17 Occupational health 13
      18 Noise 14
      19 Vibration 14
      20 Work equipment 14
      21 Construction 15
      22 Contractors and visitors 15
      23 Personal protective equipment 16
      24 Training 16
      25 Special events 16
      26 Liability insurance 17
      27 Safety signs 17
      28 Food safety 17
      29 Lone working 18
      30 Consultation with staff 18

      Photographs 19

      [More to follow]

    6. Llandaff Pewster15 January 2016 at 22:39

      Page 4


      In order to comply with the foremost requirements of current health and safety legislation. you must action the recommendations that have been highlighted below. It is advised that you address the recommendations in order of priority i.e. urgent first, followed by necessary and then on-going.

      Urgent recommendations

      • A more robust system for the reviewing and updating of the Cathedral Health and Safety policy must be implemented. It was noted that the policy has not been reviewed and updated for five years and has not been signed off by the Dean and Chapter for a similar
      amount of time.

      • A complete set of written risk assessments of the risks to the health and safety of persons who may be affected by the organisation's operations must be undertaken for both the premises and high risk activities. The assessment must be brought to the attention of all affected personnel. The risk assessments viewed had not been reviewed or signed off as suitable and sufficient for many years. Also a number of tasks and activates carried out at the cathedral have not been risk assessed at all.

      • You must as a matter of urgency carry out a review of the unstable masonry to the Flag Tower and Clerestory and have suitable repairs carried out.

      • It is recommended that you supply and fit additional fire direction signage around all areas of the buildings to ensure safe egress can be made without causing confusion.

      • It is important that all ladders, steps and other equipment are subject to risk assessment to ensure that they are maintained in good condition. stored securely. appropriate for the task and that those using them are instructed and competent in their use, this also
      includes persons who may be expected to erect and work off scaffold towers (i.e. Contractors). You must also ensure that all ladders and scaffold towers are recorded within a site ladder register.

      • You must remove all combustible items from within all electrical plant rooms. Not only is there a significant risk of fire, isolation of supply could be difficult due to the obstruction around the switch gear.

      • It is recommended that you remove the paint and flammables from within the choir toilet to a location that offers suitable ventilation. The smell of fumes in the air was excessive; there is no fire detection in this area and no data sheets for safe use of any flammables.

      • No fire risk assessment has been undertaken by the organisation for either the Parish Hall or the Memorial Hall. As the Memorial Hall is hired out it is the duty of the Hirer to carry out their own FRA and provide the Cathedral with a copy.

      • You must provide first aid cover by means of trained staff to cover any eventuality during the working hours and occupation of the cathedral.

      • You must review the practice of allowing members of the public access to the Tower. Currently there is no safe system/risk assessment in place for the actions required for safe access and egress. Your policy must include age, weather conditions. medical conditions and the suitability of illuminations. Consideration must also be given to how an injured or collapsed person would be removed safely from the stairs or the tower. It is recommended that you restrict access to authorised persons only.

      [More to follow]

    7. Llandaff Pewster15 January 2016 at 22:42

      Page 5

      • You must carry out a full assessment of the Virger's working environment. Currently his desk set up and chair do not meet with the basic requirements under The Display Screen Equipment Regulations. It is further recommended that you review the cable management under his desk .

      • You must review the suitability of your cable management and PAT testing arrangements as a number of cabling issues and defective portable appliances require attention.

      Necessary recommendations

      • An Asbestos survey has not been carried out; there is no asbestos register or management plan in place. It is recommended that a review be undertaken to ensure the safe condition of any ACMs are suitable in their current condition and do not require removal or enclosure. It is understood that a survey is to be carried out within the month of October 2013.

      • A documented procedure must be developed for selecting and managing contractors.

      • A procedure must be put in place to ensure that there is regular supervision and communication with lone workers (cleaners, late workers etc.) ensuring any high-risk activities are never undertaken alone.

      • You must provide a suitable cover over the pit in the boiler room.

      • It is recommended that you carry out an access review of the premises in order to satisfy the needs and requirements of disabled access and egress. You may wish to seek advice from your local authority Access Office, who in the first instance would be able to give advice as to what would be "Reasonable Adjustments under the Equality Act (old DDA Regs)

      On-going recommendations

      • COSHH Assessments must be produced and the findings brought to the attention of relevant personnel. A first step would be to compile a register of all substances/products needed on site, than obtain the relevant safety data sheets (SDS) from suppliers (many of these can also be down loaded via Google). From this, a more comprehensive
      assessment can be made. Any substances not required should be disposed of correctly.

      • If hazardous manual handling operations cannot be avoided, then a risk assessment must be carried out and measures taken to reduce the risk of injury. Any workers who undertake manual handling activities must be provided with adequate training and PPE.

      • A training needs analysis should be undertaken for all workers. The need for management training should not be overlooked. Training records and copies of certificates must be filed for future reference .

      • For internal/external events that are out of the ordinary, it would be useful to develop a procedure and guidelines to ensure that the risks associated with such events are effectively managed. This would be in the form of a risk assessment.

      • The organisation does generally handle, supply and prepare food for re-sale from a raw state. However, basic measures are not in place to ensure that these areas are well maintained and that equipment such as refrigerators etc. are regularly cleaned, inspected and are working safely and efficiently. The kitchen is in need of a complete make over and deep clean.

      [More to follow]

    8. I think we get the point thank you LP. Forgive me if I decline to add the many additional pages you sent me.

    9. I hope everyone in Llandaff gets the point AB.
      The Cathedral has been running illegally for many years.
      Without all the relevant surveys being carried out and health & safety procedures in place people's lives were being put at risk.
      Every single day that building was open.
      Every single tourist, visitor, welcomer, shop assistant, chorister, bell-ringer and worshipper was being put at risk.
      EVERY DAY.
      And the Cathedral authorities knew.
      And they carried on, business as usual.
      Keep the doors open, keep the money coming in.
      And above all, keep the secret.
      Nobody must find out that we are deliberately putting them at risk.
      Nobody must discover that we actually don't give a fig for their welfare and safety.

      And not one single member of the Chapter either cared enough or had the balls to do the right thing and let the HSE know.
      Not one of them did the right thing by the people for whom they have a legal duty of care.

    10. The Dean & Chapter knew AT LEAST as early as 16th October 2013 that there was “unstable masonry” in the Clerestory-I can’t help suspecting they knew for some considerable time before that.

      The Dean & Chapter are clearly informed in writing on 16th October 2013 that
      “In order to comply with the foremost requirements of current health and safety legislation. you must action the recommendations that have been highlighted below. It is advised that you address the recommendations in order of priority i.e. urgent first, followed by necessary and then on-going.
      Urgent recommendations
      You must as a matter of urgency carry out a review of the unstable masonry to the Flag Tower and Clerestory and have suitable repairs carried out.”

      If indeed they had an urgent “review” and “suitable repairs carried out” what explanation do they have for the stones falling from the clerestory during the funeral in July 2015 reported at ?

      Gerwhine should resign immediately or be sacked on the spot.
      I hear he's off on yet more "leave" again so he wouldn't be missed anyway.

    11. No fire risk assessments undertaken for either the Parish Hall or the Memorial Hall?
      So every child, member of staff and parent that was ever at the Jazzy Jungle was at risk!
      Since they had a Health and Safety policy that had not been updated or signed off since 2008, they must have known they needed to have thee things in place and how could the required annual reviews not have been carried out for all those years.

    12. "An Asbestos survey has not been carried out; there is no asbestos register or management plan in place. It is recommended that a review be undertaken to ensure the safe condition of any ACMs are suitable in their current condition and do not require removal or enclosure."

      Legally they had no choice but to do this according to The Control of Asbestos regulations 2006.


      The duty to manage asbestos is directed at those who manage non-domestic premises: the people with responsibility for protecting others who work in such premises, or use them in other ways, from the risks to ill health that exposure to asbestos causes.

      What is the duty?

      The duty to manage asbestos is contained in regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. It requires the person who has the duty (ie the ‘dutyholder’) to:

      take reasonable steps to find out if there are materials containing asbestos in non-domestic premises, and if so, its amount, where it is and what condition it is in

      presume materials contain asbestos unless there is strong evidence that they do not

      make, and keep up-to-date, a record of the location and condition of the asbestos- containing materials - or materials which are presumed to contain asbestos

      assess the risk of anyone being exposed to fibres from the materials identified

      prepare a plan that sets out in detail how the risks from these materials will be managed

      take the necessary steps to put the plan into action
      periodically review and monitor the plan and the arrangements to act on it so that the plan remains relevant and up-to-date
      provide information on the location and condition of the materials to anyone who is liable to work on or disturb them

      There is also a requirement on others to co-operate as far as is necessary to allow the dutyholder to comply with the above requirements.

      Who has the duty?

      The dutyholder is the owner of the non-domestic premises or the person or organisation that has clear responsibility for the maintenance or repair of non-domestic premises, ...

      What premises are affected?

      The duty to manage covers all non-domestic premises. Such premises include all industrial, commercial or public buildings such as factories, warehouses, offices, shops, hospitals and schools.

      How do dutyholders comply?

      There are four essential steps:

      find out whether the premises contains asbestos, and, if so, where it is and what condition it is in. If in doubt, materials must be presumed to contain asbestos

      assess the risk from asbestos present in the premises

      make a plan to manage that risk and act on it

      provide this information to other employers (eg building contractors) who are likely to disturb any asbestos present, so that they can put in place appropriate control while the work is being done.

      The present Dean and Chapter clearly cannot be trusted to do the right thing. The Processional Way, David Chapel, the under floor heating system and boiler were all built and installed in the late 1940's and early 1950's, the asbestos heyday.
      They must be challenged to produce an Asbestos Survey, register and management plan and make it public.
      Llandaff Cathedral should be closed until they do so.

    13. I stopped giving money to this rotten borough ages ago.
      Now my family and I shall stop going altogether.
      I am outraged at the wilful negligence and deceit revealed by Llandaff Pewster and Ancient Briton.
      No-one can have any confidence the building was, or is, safe.
      I call on the Dean & Chapter to publish the latest Quinquennial Report and every single Health & Safety report, review, survey, policy and procedure that they are legally obliged to have in place.
      Until they do so, we shall not return.

    14. So the Chapter are in receipt of the leaked Health & Safety audit report dated 16th October 2013.

      Said report states :
      "The organisation does generally handle, supply and prepare food for re-sale from a raw state.
      However, basic measures are not in place to ensure that these areas are well maintained and that equipment such as refrigerators etc. are regularly cleaned, inspected and are working safely and efficiently.
      The kitchen is in need of a complete make over and deep clean."

      No kitchen makeover or "deep clean" is carried out.

      Fast Forward 11 months in time.

      A whistleblower makes a report to the council (presumably in frustration at the lack of progress) which results in the story appearing in the press.

      (Please read the whole report, only brief snippets below)

      Dean of Llandaff denies whistleblower's claim that cathedral building is unsafe

      Whistleblower claims "My understanding is that people in the cathedral are saying that children and staff are being put at risk.”

      Dean Capon said: “This report to the Health and Safety Executive follows a similar one made to Cardiff council’s environmental health department earlier this week. I had a visit from a council officer who said the floor in the kitchen in Prebendal House should be cleaned but that there was no reason to close the kitchen down. Nevertheless I have decided to shut the kitchen until refurbishment work goes ahead. It’s outrageous really that false allegations are being made."

      So it now turns out that the whistleblower wasn't wrong about the kitchen at all, and it was only as a result of the whistleblowing that the kitchen was closed down and remedial work carried out.
      If it hadn't been for the whistleblower and Martin Shipton's report nothing would have been done.

      And at no time does Gerwhine come clean about the Health & Safety Audit Report on 16th October 2013.

      The duplicitous Dean must go. Now.

    15. I repeat my previous posting from
      July 29, 2015 at 10:14 AM
      Everyone in Llandaff now realises that Gerwyn Capon is completely untrustworthy and they will not forget.
      He will never be trusted again.

    16. Just to be clear 9 o'clocker, the 'revelations' are not mine. While this Blog has been used to air local grievances I would not want it to be a source of disillusion. From Saint Benedict's Prayer Book:

      Grant, O lord
      that none may love you less this day because of me;
      that never word or act of mine
      may turn one soul from thee;
      and, ever daring, yet one more grace would I implore,
      that many souls this day,
      because of me, may love the more. Amen

      If not Llandaff, please seek out another place of worship.

    17. Here's a recent press statement that has come back to haunt the incompetent fool.

      23rd August 2015
      Leaked report shows Church in Wales was warned in December 2012 that Llandaff Cathedral faces bankruptcy
      Dean Capon said....
      “The quinquennial survey was held in abeyance when I arrived in post, simply because I wanted to employ a new architect – we have made a first class appointment and the survey is presently being conducted. That is not unusual. Any repairs that have been carried forward from the last quinquennial survey have been done with professional advice. The Cathedral is actually in very good order, though it is obvious that any historic building will from time to time need extraordinary work when the fabric dictates.
      We have nothing whatever to hide..."

      Don't you?
      So publish the leaked Health & Safety audit report in full.
      And while you're at it, publish the Quniquennial Report in full along with the repair costs.
      Or push off you deceitful irresponsible ****.
      On second thoughts, push off anyway!

    18. @Ancient Briton
      Thank you for the clarification and apology for any error on my part.
      In no way have you or your blog been a source of disillusion.
      On the contrary, it has been a source of illumination.
      We are sick to the back teeth of the hypocrites in the Chapter and on the bench.
      As a lifelong CinW anglican apostolic catholic, I seriously doubt there is anywhere in "Bazzland" for us now.
      The liturgy and music of the Orthodox church appeals though.

      We shall continue to watch Llandaff from a distance and weep at its demise.

    19. Guess what readers.
      If you Google "Llandaff cathedral health and safety" do you know what appears?
      Tighten your corsets or you'll split your sides.

      How Safe is Your church?
      Health & Safety Awareness Training
      THU 6 FEBRUARY 2014
      10am-1pm. Prebendal House, Llandaff Cathedral.
      How Safe is Your church? Health & Safety Awareness Training: An Introduction to Health & Safety requirements for parishes – a practical session on how to carry out & write Risk Assessments.

      2pm-4pm: The role of a fire warden. Free of charge but booking is essential.

      You may book for either or both of the sessions. Bring your own lunch. 01656-868861

    20. Llandaff Pewster16 January 2016 at 20:19

      Not forgetting the letter the little berk wrote to the Editor a few days later.
      08:56, 26 AUGUST 2015
      Report on Llandaff Cathedral
      “There are many positive initiatives taking shape in the cathedral that are bringing a renewed optimism; we hope to share the outcomes of these plans in the not-too-distant future.”
      The Very Revd Gerwyn Capon
      Dean of Llandaff, Cardiff

      Sharing the outcomes of these plans will not have included disseminating the Health & Safety audit or the Quinquennial report.

    21. Cheering For Janet16 January 2016 at 20:24

      @Llandaff Pewster
      You might have uncovered another piece of the jigsaw for Janet Henderson's premature departure.
      If she discovered even half of the problems identified in the leaked Audit Report it's little wonder she lasted only 8 or 9 weeks.

    22. Allow me to jog a few memories with notes from Llandaff Cathedral’s own Annual Report and Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 December 2012 :

      Page 6
      “In anticipation of the appointment of a new Dean the Archbishop and Chapter instigated a number of changes – to rationalise the Cathedral opening hours, to bring Sunday morning liturgies in line with best Church in Wales practice, and to establish a new committee structure reporting to the Executive Committee and drawing on both PCC and Chapter representation.
      Details of this are set out below and their tasks have been:
      • to assist Chapter in setting immediate priorities and tackling the financial challenges the Cathedral continues to face
      • to assist in identifying shared aspirations
      • to underpin a future Cathedral strategy
      “Professor Eleri Jones of Cardiff Metropolitan University was commissioned in the autumn to conduct a wide ranging consultation within and beyond the Cathedral. Her report is to be published in 2013.”
      “In March 2013 Chapter has been delighted to welcome the new Dean, The Very Reverend Janet Henderson, to Llandaff. Her service of installation celebrated all that is best in the life of our Cathedral and set the tone for a most positive future. We look forward to working with her in the months and years ahead.”

      Page 7
      “Chapter has established a new Fabric Committee, to advise and assist on all matters concerning the internal and external fabric of the Cathedral – with members drawn from the PCC, Chapter and some external specialists. Priority attention is being given to the electrics in Prebendal House, and Lady Chapel roof/south east wall, which were specifically identified in the last Quinquennial Report and electrical inspection. Renewed arrangements for routine maintenance are also being put in place, and an insurance review is scheduled for early 2013. The Committee is also investigating external sources of funding to assist with the completion of the current programme of repairs.”

      Page 8
      Risk Review
      “The Executive Committee on behalf of the Chapter has conducted its own review of the major risks to which the Charity is exposed and systems have been established to mitigate those risks. The risks facing the Charity include the state of repair of the Cathedral and the financial requirements to meet day to day administration. The fabric of the Cathedral is continually monitored by the Cathedral administration and by the Cathedral Architect and the finances are controlled by careful budgeting and periodic appeals to the worshippers.”

      Page 9
      Committee structure
      The Executive has established a new Fabric Committee, as detailed above, and instituted a number of working parties to examine different aspects of the routine management of the Cathedral. It also receives reports from a number of ad hoc sub-committees – including the Llandaff Festival Committee, the Organ Appeal Committee (raising funds and administering the solo organ appeal), and the Development Group (supporting Professor Eleri Jones’ work).

      I wonder if the Executive Committee review "of the major risks to which the Charity is exposed" included the morons who are supposed to be running the Cathedral?
      If the Dean and Chapter had an extra brain cell each you'd end up with a dish of Sprouts!

    23. Llandaff not only has a monetary deficit, it also has a truth deficit.

      Why is it that successive Deans have been so intent on concealing financial and legal/safety issues? Why is it that the Cathedral administrators since the early 2000s have tried to withhold documents from the public and from the Chapter?

      We should face the facts: Llandaff has been appallingly run ever since John Lewis became Dean, and after he departed the "powers that be" have spared no effort in trying to conceal the true state of affairs. In the process they have gone to great lengths to silence, exclude and shut out anyone who has (with the best of intentions) tried to ask questions.

      Ultimately these documents will not stay buried forever, nor will the financial situation get any better. One way or other, questions will be asked of the way that John Lewis, Michael Turk, Peggy Jackson, Gerwyn Capon, Jonathan Hoad and all the Chapter handled things over the past 15 years.

      The saddest part is that the Cathedral community and the beautiful building itself have been dealt so many blows from within. That this should come 75 years after the bombing of Llandaff is regrettable. But questions are being asked and all thanks to Ancient Briton for enabling Landavians to discuss matters that should have come to public attention long since.

    24. Lest we forget, it's over three years since the Eleri Jones Report was commissioned and in December 2012 the Archbishop - acting as Dean - said: "I am told by the Treasurer that by March next year, unless our giving improves, we will have used up all our
      reserves of money."

      In the past three years, what has changed at Llandaff? There has been no substantive effort to raise money, no serious attempts to repair the building and no indication that the priests or administrators are willing to come clean about the true state of affairs at the Cathedral.

      But truth will out!

    25. In answer to 'Gerwyn Must Go' blog of above, AB: quote, "Llandaf has been running illegally". With respect, I would add that the whole Province had been 'running illegally' up to the pension scandal discovery 1994 -1998, followed by the Provincial Court of CiW 1997.

    26. Zadok, many thanks for your timely memory-jog.

      One has to ask what kind of a cathedral has to reestablish something as basic as a Fabric Committee? The reason is of course that the previous Committee was abolished in 2006 by John Lewis, so for 6 years the only monitoring and maintenance was done by the Administrator. The same person who was simultaneously Dean's Warden, Steward, Deputy Chapter Clerk and member of the Council of Friends. Oh yes, and on the Organ Appeal Committee too.

      Given all his other roles it's no surprise that he felt quite capable of replacing the Fabric Committee!

      Despite the apparent good intentions shown in 2012 in setting up all these new Committees, the current Dean has done much the same as Lewis and sidelined them. One gets the sense that he doesn't want anyone else having insight into the workings of the Cathedral. Every request for transparency is met with angry denials and accusations of "gossip".

      We are seeing the result of this stonewalling right now.

    27. Here's a few figures from March 2013, just before Janet Henderson arrived. The Archbishop, in his capacity as Visitor, made the following appeal in 'The Bell':

      One of the greatest challenges we now face is a financial one and I have written to every person on the Electoral Roll about this. Just to make sure that no-one can say that they have not been told, I reproduce below the Cathedral’s budget for this year. It is a budget based on doing nothing new but it projects a deficit of £81,000 without doing anything much to address the fabric, which needs at least a further £200,000.

      For 2013 we have budgeted that we will spend:
      Ministry & Mission £180,203;
      Worship & Music £198,350;
      Our giving to others £27,500;
      Cathedral Building Repairs £16,000;
      Other property costs £81,250;
      Administration and Governance £62,547

      So they were spending on maintenance less than a third of what was spent on administration. Despite acknowledging that £200K was needed, they couldn't get their priorities straight.

      For building that's nearly 900 years old in places, this really beggars belief.

    28. Stop the Abuse of Office17 January 2016 at 18:54

      Well said Simon.
      A budget of £16k for building repairs in 2013?
      The Cathedral was spending £105k per annum on repairs in the early 1990s, although £25k of that was being put aside into a sinking fund to build up a reserve.
      I was told the best part of £15k was spent on the reframing and restoration of the Marshall Throne painting on 2013.
      And where is that nowadays?
      Locked away out of sight in the Chapter House?

    29. Gerwhine the duplicitous Dean didn't have much to say for himself today.
      He couldn't look me in the eye.
      Did the little sh*t look anyone in the eye today?

    30. One seriously doubts it.

      I suppose it was only going to be a matter of time before it happened but has anyone else noticed that the monthly statistics for Communicants are no longer published in the "From The Registers" page of The Bell?
      (See page 25 of

      In the same edition, the duplicitous Dean writes
      "We have enjoyed a very encouraging time in the Cathedral over Advent and Christmas – those of you who were present for the Advent Procession, the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols, together with the celebrations of the Holy Eucharist on the Eve of Christmas and on the Day itself, will know that we were overwhelmed with the size of the congregations. It reinforced my confidence that the liturgy and life of the church still speaks powerfully to people."

      You see readers, hard facts are terribly inconvenient when they contradict ones claims.
      The truth will out however hard he tries to conceal it.
      The communicant numbers are falling.
      The giving has dwindled.
      The deceitful Dean must go.

  4. Very sad to note the death this morning of Mrs Barry Morgan. May she rest in peace, and may Archbishop Morgan be consoled in his loss.

    1. Those of us who have been aware of Hilary's illness over the years have admired her courage and fortitude. We offer the Archbishop our sincere condolences and assure him and his family of our prayers. May she rest in peace.

    2. Yes, our condolences and prayers indeed Ancient Briton to Archbishop Barry and the family. May "Light perpetual shine upon her".

  5. I hope those words are not hollow, Ancient Briton, and that you do the decent thing and take this blog down - if you really admire the courage and fortitude that Hilary showed you will pray that Hilary never read the entries here and the unkindness it spread about the man she loved. Bet you don't publish that.

    1. Stop the Abuse of Office15 January 2016 at 19:35

      Will you pray that Hilary never heard of or read about the unkindness of her husband towards anyone and everyone that ever disagreed with his point of view?

    2. Stop the Abuse of Office18 January 2016 at 10:16

      Didn't think you would gc.
      The smart money on The Green says you're on the staff at Llandaff Cathedral.
      Preventing the truth coming out about the compulsive and habitual liars running the Cathedral seems to me a much more likely reason for you wanting this blog taken down.
      Bet you don't reply to this either.

    3. The the smart money is not as smart as you might think. Not employed by the Church, just an on-looker and attender at the Cathedral. And Catnap's response below reads as if s/he did not read my initial message. I am astounded that people are sending messages here about the Archbishop when they know that his wife has just died and he is grieving. Where is the charity? Phrases like "Bully Boy Bazza and the new Shite Rite" as below - where is the compassion. You would think that people would hold their comments in this period of deep sadness and mourning. You would think, wouldn't you?

  6. Well,Gay Christian what a silly email.No one least of all, Ancient Briton, has said anything about Mrs Barry Morgan. May she rest in peace.
    In professional life we all have to take 'knocks' be it on a blog or otherwise.

  7. Condolences to all at Llys Esgob Llandaf. "Almighty and everlasting God, increase in us your gift of faith, that we, forsaking that which lies behind, may reach out for that which lies ahead and win the crown of everlasting joy, through Jesus Christ our Lord".

    Clifford Williams. Rector of Llanfairmathafarneithaf 1980 - 1997. (Benllech)

  8. I'm wondering what this recommendation quoted above by Zadok from the Cathedral annual report actually means: "to bring Sunday morning liturgies in line with best Church in Wales practice". I'm particularly distrustful of the jargon expression "best practice" beloved among social workers and allied trades, which I suspect of meaning no more than "according to the latest (but not necessarily well-founded) way of doing things". In this context does it mean something like
    * all celebrations of the Eucharist having to be "over the counter"
    * women and girls playing an equal part in vested roles with men and boys
    * the Sacrament distributed by children as well as by licensed adult laypeople
    * prayers (including the great Prayer of the Eucharist) preceded by the invitation to "kneel or sit", with the inevitable result that almost everyone opts for the latter posture?
    Parce nobis Domine!

    1. Hole in one Matthew.
      Bully boy Bazza forced the new shite Rite on everyone.
      You may rest assured, as recent revelations on this blog have confirmed once more, "best practice" is as rare in Llandaff as honesty, decency and integrity.

  9. Llandaff Cathedral was warned about unstable masonry nearly two years before some fell during a funeral

  10. News
    Local News
    Church in Wales
    Llandaff Cathedral was warned about unstable masonry nearly two years before some fell during a funeral
    20:04, 18 JAN 2016 UPDATED 20:04, 18 JAN 2016
    Last July hairline cracks were identified in a pillar by Cardiff council officials who inspected the interior of the Cathedral after the incident

    Llandaff Cathedral authorities had been told to repair structural problem nearly two years before masonry fell from ceiling, leaked report shows

    The Church in Wales was warned that masonry was unstable in Llandaff Cathedral nearly two years before some of it fell to the floor during a funeral, a leaked report has confirmed.

    Last July hairline cracks were identified in a pillar by Cardiff council officials who inspected the interior of the Cathedral after the incident.

    Read more: Repairs being carried out at historic Welsh cathedral after piece of stone fell from building during funeral
    But a report by health and safety consultants Argent had identified a problem in October 2013.
    'Matter of urgency'
    The report, leaked to two former members of the Cathedral choir Matthew Mudge and Adam Poole, said: “You must as a matter of urgency carry out a review of the unstable masonry to the Flag Tower and Clerestory and have suitable repairs carried out.”
    Mr Mudge said: “In October 2013 the Cathedral was not compliant with a whole host of legislation and regulations on a wide range of health and safety matters.
    “This included, among other things, the state of the kitchen, food handling/hygiene, asbestos, legionella and masonry they knew at that time to be unstable in the Clerestory and on the Bell Tower.
    To the best of our knowledge and belief, to date no repairs have been carried out to the Clerestory although some of the pillars appear to have been strapped up.”
    'Cavalier approach to safety'
    Dr Poole said: “It is very unsatisfactory that the Church in Wales authorities responsible for the Cathedral had been told of the risk of masonry falling nearly two years before such an incident actually happened.
    It demonstrates a cavalier approach to safety which is wholly unacceptable.”

    Dean of Llandaff Very Rev Gerwyn Capon, a former chaplain to the Archbishop of Wales who took over his current role in March 2014, issued a statement in response to the comments made by Mr Mudge and Dr Poole which said: “The Cathedral has had a full structural review which was revisited and updated in November 2015 as part of the quinquennial survey.
    "The building is perfectly safe, and the Chapter will be launching a restoration appeal for the fabric in partnership with The Friends of Llandaff Cathedral.
    “The quinquennial survey will be presented to the Cathedral Chapter in February and is not a public document.
    "As part of the recommendations of the survey the Cathedral architect will prioritise the work that needs to be done over the next five years.
    “The Cathedral’s architect, engineers and insurers have confirmed that there are no outstanding health and safety matters to be addressed that put the congregation, visitors or anyone else at the Cathedral in jeopardy. Indeed, were there any such risks, the insurers would have closed the building down.”

    1. "We continue as we please", His Hon Michael Michael Evans QC and Recorder Stuart Batcup QC; Church in Wales Provincial Court, Caernarfon, October 1997.

      Nothing changes in the ecclesiastical banana republic.

  11. I wonder if the Chapter knew this time yesterday they'd be launching a "restoration appeal"?

    In the circumstances the Friends would be wise to refuse to have anything to do with it until the Organ appeal accounts are produced in full.

    The Cathedral authorities cannot be trusted.

    1. The dean and chapter have brought the cathedral into disrepute.
      They won't be getting any contribution from me.

    2. The meeting of the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral will have a lot to discuss at their meeting next week!

    3. Well done to the leakers and the ex singers.
      What a pity there aren't more people in Llandaff willing to do the right thing.
      I don't believe a word that Capon says.
      Produce the Quinquennial report.

    4. 23rd August 2015
      Dean Capon said....
      “We have nothing whatever to hide..."

      19th January 2016
      Dean Capon said....
      "The quinquennial survey will be presented to the Cathedral Chapter in February and is not a public document"

      Gerwhine doesn't want everyone to see the report and decide for themselves, least of all those he wants to foot the bill.

      Produce the Quinquennial Report

    5. “The Cathedral has had a full structural review which was revisited and updated in November 2015 as part of the quinquennial survey."

      Entirely irrelevant.
      This is a pathetically transparent attempt to divert attention away from the real issues, which are
      a) that from 2006 the Cathedral failed to carry out its statutory obligations concerning Asbestos,
      b) that from 2008 the Cathedral failed to carry out its statutory obligations concerning Health & Safety,
      c) for all those years EVERYONE that ever entered the building had been put at risk,
      d) Gerwyn Capon perpetuated the cover-up even when he had TWO opportunities to come clean (the media articles about the Prebendal House Kitchen and the lumps of stone falling from the Clerestory during the funeral.)

      I for one hope the relevant enforcement agencies throw the book at them.

    6. Good points, well made 1662.

      Capon also stated “The Cathedral’s architect, engineers and insurers have confirmed that there are no outstanding health and safety matters to be addressed that put the congregation, visitors or anyone else at the Cathedral in jeopardy. Indeed, were there any such risks, the insurers would have closed the building down.”

      The Cathedral's old Architect has not spoken for himself.
      The Cathedral's new Architect has not spoken for himself.
      The Cathedral Engineer has not spoken for himself.
      The Cathedral's Insurers have not spoken for themselves.

      The chances are that the leaked Health & Safety Audit was concealed from them too.
      After all, if the glove puppet is to be believed (and I am NOT suggesting he should be believed for a second) had the Cathedral's Insurer known about the failings identified in the Audit of 16th October 2013 and known of the report itself, they SHOULD have closed the building there and then until matters were rectified.

      But the Audit report remained hidden.
      The building remained open.

      Throw the book at them indeed.

      And, good people of Llandaff, don't forget to demand the publication of the legally required asbestos survey etc.....

    7. What motivates you people? The promise has been made that the report will be made available in Feb - what right have you to demand it before then.

      I overheard a child (at the 9am service) say to her mother the other day "he's very holy this new dean isn't he, not like ...". If Gerwyn's problem is holiness then what a wonderful problem to have - would that more aspired to holiness and just asked themselves "what can I do to make the situation better in this place of worship" rather than throw clerestory stones at those who have inherited problems pre-dating their appointment.

      Yes what a pity there are not more people in Llandaff prepared to do the right thing - pull together, contribute to the solution and attempt a little bit of love.

    8. In the light of recent developments, here is an updated list of suggestions proposed for consideration by the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral before any agreement is made to use Friends’ money to further help the deceitful Dean & Chapter.

      1. Demand the Health & Safety Audit Report dated 16th October 2013 be published in full.
      2. Demand an Asbestos Survey, Asbestos Register and Asbestos Management Plan be published in full.
      3. Demand the 2004 Quinquennial Report be published in full.
      4. Demand the 2009 Quinquennial Report be published in full.
      5. Demand the 2015 Quinquennial Report be published in full.
      6. Demand the estimates/quotations for all outstanding maintenance and repairs be published in full.
      7. Demand all Health & Safety Policies and Procedures be published in full.
      8. Demand a Health & Safety Manager be identified.
      9. Demand the full Organ Appeal accounts to be drawn up by independent accountant in accordance with best practice, presented to independent auditors for verification and be made openly available for public scrutiny.
      10. Any and all irregularities discovered to be dealt with appropriately and robustly.
      11. A full and candid explanation provided in writing for the resignation of Janet Henderson.
      12. The resignation or (if necessary) the dismissal of Gerwyn Capon.
      13. Any and all urgent repairs identified to be put out to tender and at least three quotations obtained - to include an itemised and clearly priced list of necessary work and other expenditure (equipment, scaffolding, materials, expenses etc).
      14. The Friends of Llandaff Cathedral to select the best/most appropriate tender following the receipt of professional advice.
      15. The selected contractor(s) to submit their invoices for payment of completed work to the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral for the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral pay the contractor(s) directly.
      16. To prevent any future possibility of diversion of “restricted” funds to other unidentified purposes, no sums of money for any purpose be paid directly to Llandaff Cathedral.
      17. a) Barry Morgan provides Bill Barlow with a full written and public apology.
      b) Barry Morgan then definitely buggers off.
      18. That the position of Chairman of the Council of the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral be filled by democratic election drawn from the members of the Council, themselves having already been elected to that Council.
      19. That the Bishop of Llandaff be removed from the position of Vice President of the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral.

      Readers might also like to refresh their memories of past events by re-reading
      Lots of good health & safety references to be found.

    9. That is a shame Ancient Briton.
      I agree with "9 o'cloker", your blog and its content have been a source of illumination, particularly into the dark areas where light has been most needed.
      Hopefully it won't go the way of the Llandaffchester Chronicles just when it is most needed.
      You should know there are many many more supporters of your blog than critics.

    10. Many thanks for your kind remarks Teilo. Be assured that this blog is not going the way of the Llandaffchester Chronicles.

      Closure is not to restrict debate. Many comments on this subject have become lengthy and in danger of becoming repetitive, sometimes with unhelpful personal remarks contrary to the guidance given in the introduction:
      'Anonymous' comments are not published. Comments for publication should be 'on topic' and not directed at third parties please.
      Other comments will continue to be published as usual subject to approval.

  12. I would like to draw a line here on this subject please.
    I appreciate that commentators are concerned about the state of Llandaff Cathedral. Their concerns are understandable but have been adequately expressed.