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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Peace, perfect peace

The Cathedral Church of Saint Deiniol, Bangor. Source Wikipedia

An EXCLUSIVE from The Sun:

Cathedral, surviving on cash reserves, paying to re-home clerics

"A CHURCH is blowing nearly £1million to re-home two clerics after they whinged about noisy students. The pair say they are being kept awake at night by revellers from the neighbouring university.

Bangor Cathedral in North Wales has already bought a £465,000 four-bedroom detached house for Rev Kathy Jones. Now it is looking for a similar property for its Canon, Rev David Fisher."

The Rev Kathy Jones has been appointed as the new Dean of Bangor and Ministry Area Leader of the Bro Deiniol Ministry Area.

The Rev Canon David Fisher was installed as the Canon Precentor of Bangor Cathedral in 2013. His ministry is centred mainly on the liturgy and music of the Cathedral.

In July 2015 it was reported that Bangor Cathedral choir was to benefit from £30,000 grant which officials hoped would provide a "strong foundation for choral scholars from colleges in the area and Bangor University".

Perhaps they will include in their repertoire the hymn Peace, perfect peace for further reflection.

Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin?
The blood of Jesus whispers peace within.

Peace, perfect peace, by thronging duties pressed?
To do the will of Jesus, this is rest.

Peace, perfect peace, with sorrows surging round?
On Jesus’ bosom naught but calm is found.

Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away?
In Jesus’ keeping we are safe, and they.

Peace, perfect peace, our future all unknown?
Jesus we know, and He is on the throne.

Peace, perfect peace, death shadowing us and ours?
Jesus has vanquished death and all its powers.

It is enough: earth’s struggles soon shall cease,
And Jesus call us to Heaven’s perfect peace.


  1. What would Jesus say?20 January 2016 at 13:08

    The Church in Wales said: “We have a certain expectations in property. All houses must have four bedrooms.”

  2. " You get what you pays for".

  3. According to the homepage of Llandaff Cathedral's website, the building is pretty much closed.
    Anyone know why?
    That doesn't happen even when her majesty the Queen is due to visit!

  4. I expect it's to do with the funeral of the Archbishop's wife.

  5. More than likely it will be Hilary Morgans funeral. Sadly she passed away last Friday morning.


    And their biggest problem is some noisy students.

  7. The 'challenges', (according to Bangor Cathedral statement) of living in the newly refurbished Bangor Deanery next to the Cathedral is said to be too 'severe', (Daily Post 22nd & The Sun 20 January) for two leading diocesan clerics, namely,the new Dean twice married Kathy Jones,and, her roadie, Canon Dave (the Rave) Fisher.

    Step in Batman - the 'Right Foolishness', Bishop Andy, direct from sabbatical. Fear no evil. Boy, oh boy, isn't it nice to have friends who've got a few spare quid to splash out? In which case, "The property has to be vacated because of 'noise nuisance' in the town centre" Here's a cheque for £1 million, Cathedral funds. Splendid fellow!

    This is what happens when the ecclesiastical elite treats the ekklesia with contempt. Somehow, I don't think the vicar of Baghdad would be pleased.

  8. Such 'precious' clergy persons!
    Ear plugs? Or even Bose noise cancelling headphones -cheaper and very smart and trendy .

  9. What would Jesus say?22 January 2016 at 22:38

    Was twice married Kalamity Kath never a student?
    Wouldn't double or even triple glazing been a lot cheaper?
    How many illegal immigrants or refugees could have been housed for that kind of money?
    Rank profligate hypocrisy strikes again.

  10. But academic years are short: arriving in October and going down in mid December. Then back in January,February,March, and home for Easter.Exams usually finish by the end of May.? Not too long to bear the students. Why not put some effort involving them in the Church-rather than fostering an impression that they are a nuisance in the community.
    Is tolerance the word for which I search?

    1. There is serious poverty and homelessness among residents of Bangor . Yet these elite clerics live in a land flowing with milk and honey which is not theirs to squander.

      The fat cat clerics in the diocese of Bangor could do with an Ian Duncan Smith type of bishop. Or, another 'Beleaguered of Bangor' with backbone and staying power. Although one assumes the latter is too much to expect. All seem to be occupied with guarding their own backs. One wouldn't relish being in the trenches with any one of these.

  11. The sad decline of Bangor Cathedral continues a pace - with the gutter press now showing an interest. Since Sour Sue's departure things have gone from bad to worse. Unpopular she may have been with many, she had her supporters and many have voted with their feet.

    The low point in terms of numbers occurred on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year. Never a great day for attendance but 27?! The Bishop was present and one might hope that he considered the reasons why numbers have plummeted, but since his narrative for SS's departure depends on the 'competence' of one cleric maybe this is too much to ask.

    And then there was the dramatic intercessions led by the Warden one Sunday. He used his prayers to protest about the 'injustice' visited upon SS (delusion or does he know something others don't?). So bad was his prayer considered to be the Archdeacon of Bangor (presiding that day) was compelled to his feet, walked to the lectern and attempted to stop the prayer midflow! The poor Warden was taken quietly to the Lady chapel to receive an 'Archdeacon's admonishment' (is this in canon law?) and has not been seen leading intercessions since. One hears that he has resigned as Warden, but since the congregation has not been informed this cannot be confirmed. Curious that. How much dust can that carpet hide?

    And so to the latest debacle, the million pound homes. Who actually wants to move? The new Dean hasn't even moved in, so it can't be her. The former Dean had no plans to move, so it couldn't be her. Which leaves us with Diddy David Fisher. Anti-social behaviour must be distressing over the weekends. But since he takes his family to their second home in Cheshire most weekends it can hardly be troubling for them. One is left with asking why he wants to move? Is living too close to the Cathedral and its varied demands too much for him?

    And so the sad story continues. It will conclude one day no doubt but could it be that the person writing the final chapter is a judge?

    1. 'Judges', you say? What judges? Do you mean real 'lawful independent judicial judges' from another jurisdiction other than Wales, or the retired cowboys of the RB who impersonate the judicial system ? The 'No Fee no See' cowboys of course.

      In Conversation with the Kathy Jones, our new Dean
      Favourite Album?
      ABBA's greatest hits.
      Perhaps a shared interest with Gerwhine?

  12. So the sad decline of Bangor Diocese continues following the Daily Post, the Sun and the Mail on Sunday publishing the story about the Cathedral clergy housing debacle. Now letters to the editor on the subject are appearing in the DP.

    The first involves a serious blow to the Bishop's authority as it is authored by Rev Neil Fairlamb, the rector of Beaumaris and a highly regarded priest in the region. Openly criticising the decision to move Cathedral clergy, Fairlamb takes aim at the diocesan direction of travel regarding priests becoming less shepherds of their flock and more managers of an institution.

    But the second letter is more intriguing. Its final paragraph compares present communication between clergy and laity within the Bangor ministry area and the way things were previously. Correctly the author hints at a total breakdown, which I referred to yesterday in the as yet unreported resignation of a Cathedral warden. The communication problem was exacerbated by the Archdeacon of Bangor soon after he took control (a highly relevant term in this context) of the MA when he decided to no longer hold ministry area wide meetings with wardens and other key church officers. Divide and rule was the term used about it at the time by concerned parishoners.

    He added to this sense of distance by unilaterally deciding that the 9.30am service at Eglwys y Groes, a church on a deprived estate that was doing well with ministries like Messy Church beginning to take hold, should be moved to 11 o'clock. The first the congregation heard of it was when they read their news sheet a week before the change was to take place.

    The situation feels like it is unraveling quite quickly, with the Bishop's Council and its newly appointed Director of Communications totally losing control of the narrative. This will not surprise many though, since they believe the narrative was based on a lie in the first place.

    1. You would do well to stick with the same name 'Spinning Wheel'. As the letter in today's Daily Post points out that there is much 'confusion' within the Bangor lot. I mean, whats a £1 million? Neither hear nor there according to the nameless contributor.

      Having said that,I agree wholeheartedly, young Fairlamb of Beaumaris did well yesterday. He proved a good laxative. Bravo, the pompous little Tory.

  13. Stop the Abuse of Office26 January 2016 at 13:28

    Late-night nuisance from rowdy drinkers close to Bangor Cathedral is forcing Church bosses to fork out nearly £1m for new homes for some of its top clergy.
    The total bill for the two new homes - which it is claimed could be up to £1m - is well above the average house price in the area, which is around £160,000.
    Lifelong church worshipper Mark Roberts, 66, said: “The whole thing is a sham. It was only 18 months ago the Diocese of Bangor splashed out almost £100,000 on internal refurbishment of the present Deanery. Now the Bishop says the property has to be vacated because of noise nuisance in the town centre."

    1. There are some choice comments in response to the article.

      My favourite sounds so familiar it could be Llandaff's Dean and Chapter.

      "If any youth without work is reading this please apply for a job as a vicar, all you need is a GCSE in avarice, a cloak of pseudo spirituality and a feckless attitude to what you represent."

    2. The new director of music at Llandaff was spotted pouncing around in a funny Harry Potter cloak (the cloak of pseudo musicality) before the Nine Lessons & Carols. Perhaps it was a Christmas present from the Dark Lord of Landaff?

    More than 250 people packed into Bangor Cathedral this weekend to welcome their new Dean.

    If "more than 250 people" were present in a "packed" Cathedral why can't Andy Pandy publish a photo to prove it?

    I don't believe a word that comes out of the RB propaganda machine unless it can be independently verified.