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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Gender fluidity

Source: BBC

In March last year it was reported that there was a shortage of chicken sexers in the UK. The procedure can be read in the BBC report but suffice to say a bump makes the difference. If it has one, it is male.

Generally speaking humans are identified at birth as being either male or female by being with or without the bump which translates into being registered as a boy or a girl. That is not to say that behavioural differences go unnoticed in later life. Indeed many performers have profited by making capital out of contrary behaviour.

Julian and his friend Sandy in 'Around the Horn' on steam radio were the cause of considerable merriment in the 1960s but in retrospect many of us may not have fully understood the full extent of the innuendo, since translated into law. No longer the subject of humour, self-deprecating or otherwise, we are now expected to accept 'gender fluidity', an issue nicely put into perspective by Melanie Philips in The Spectator.

I have no desire to trivialise what may be a serious problem for a minority of people but gender fluidity is quickly becoming the new in thing after homosexuality under the sponsorship of Her Majesty's Government. In a government backed survey, children as young as 13 are asked to pick from a list of twenty-five genders: 

The list of alternatives is being offered to children as part of a campaign to ‘find out how gender matters to young people’. Celebrities who identify as something other than male or female include the cookery writer Jack Monroe, 27, (pictured) who has used the term ‘non-binary’
Source: Mail Online

Critics have accused the sponsors of ‘exploiting’ teenagers for political ends. Too right. Following on from the same-sex marriage debacle this smacks of another government campaign biased towards harvesting votes from minorities regardless of the consequences. 

To exploit the adult population for political ends was a disgrace but to exploit vulnerable children in the same manner is inexcusable.


  1. There are male humans,female humans and a small number of hermaphrodites .
    The list of options is a sad reflection of what is being cultured in society.
    I reckon the plan is that when there is an alien invasion, the aliens will feel 'at home'.

  2. Some are more equal than others.
    Heterosexual couple lose civil partnership court challenge
    "Some observers will be surprised by today's ruling. An important part of the foundation of modern human rights and equality law is the protection against discrimination on grounds including sexual orientation. The Civil Partnership Act 2004 appears to fly directly in the face of that. It requires civil partners to be "two people of the same sex", meaning gay couples can now chose marriage or a civil partnership, whilst heterosexual couples can only marry."

  3. The males chicks cannot produce your eggs for breakfast,thus the chicks are sexed and the males discarded or fed to the birds of prey kept in captivity. The point is that mammals are either of one sex or the other,and apart from the rare incidence of being born a hermaphrodite it is the same for humans.
    This idiotic list of 'options' in the blog above reveals a yearning for 'unusual' recreational activity in young people, and that it is encouraged and treated as a norm,it is creating a disturbed and restless society .

    1. Stop the Abuse of Office29 January 2016 at 16:20

      The more idiotic it is the more likely His ++Irrelevance will have it put on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting of the Governing Body.

    2. And so it begins.
      Transgender baptisms offered at Greater Manchester church

  4. Gender is not as Simple as you'd suggest.

    More research is needed into gender identity

    1. Did read it Nom de Plume-
      Now I am convinced that the list of gender options is idiotic.
      Some students in these American Universities live in a fantasy world,and some sociologists are 'scraping the bottom of the barrel' in order to make their mark.
      The only hope is that this article was written for April Fools Day!