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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Happy Christmas to my Orthodox readers

I need no excuse to indulge myself in the glories of the Russian Orthodox Church but their celebration of Christmas on 7 January is an opportunity too good to miss.

In the above video the congregation, male and female, young and old, rich and poor, are engrossed in the liturgy. There is a sense of spirituality lost in some other churches. Contrast their piety with that of many Anglican congregations in Great Britain today where reverence has been replaced by the familiarity of  'Other Forms of Worship' in which the Altar is no longer the focus of attention.

It is hardly surprising that congregations have dwindled when there is no sense of otherness. We are 'of this world' but losing the other worldliness of mystery and awe exhibited by our Orthodox brothers and sisters is a great loss.


  1. So beautiful : everyone focusing on the worship in hand. We too should have a yearning to offer our worship in the most beautiful way possible,presenting ourselves to God in the best way we can.

    Better than the irrelevant distraction of tying balloons to the altar to celebrate the commissioning of a group of lady 'lay worship leaders' by +John (your blog 9 June 2014 - "God help the Church in Wales").

    I have been distracted by a casual attitude whilst processing in line to receive Holy Communion ,hearing such snippets of conversation : "how's your knee today".

  2. Main reason I switched from Anglican to Orthodox was the sense of worship and adoration. God bless you all in the new year!
    Rdr. James Morgan, olympia, WA USA

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