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Saturday, 24 June 2017

The 'religion of peace' in Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen have massacred thousands of Christians in Nigeria. Source: Christian Today

" Christians are being deliberately targeted and massacred by the Islamist gunmen, some of which have links reaching through to Islamic State. 

'These attacks started in 2010, when some Fulani gunman invaded a village in Plateau State and sacked the whole community and killed about 500 people – children, women and men – in one night.

'Usually what they do is come into a commmunity in the night while  people are sleeping. A few of the gunmen go into the centre of the village and begin to shoot sporadically. When people wake up they are rounded up, and people who try and run away are killed because they have gunmen stationed on the outskirts of the village.'

'The persecution has increased. Three years ago the Fulani moved on to the southern part of Kaduna State, a largely Christian area, where they were attacking commmunities on an almost daily basis.

'The only explanation we can give is that it is a kind of ethno-religious cleansing. I am not sure of the total, but in southern Kaduna more than 800 people were killed in 2016 alone. The total number would run to 2,000 or more. The Fulani kill the people, loot their homes then set the whole place ablaze.

'Nmadu, who is also General Secretary of one of northern Nigeria's largest churches, the Evangelical Church Winning All, said: 'We have learned they have some connection with Boko Haram, and there are links between Boko Haram and Islamic State.'

'He urged the church worldwide to pray 'that God will embolden us to face the challenges that we have on a daily basis'."

From "Nigerian Christian leader pleads for help to stop death and destruction by Islamist Fulani militia" in Chrtistian Today. Full article by Ruth Gledhill here.

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