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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Illiberal liberals

Christian Tim Farron pushed to resign leadership of the LibDem Party. Source BBC

It has been widely reported that Tim Farron resigned as the leader of the Liberal Democrat party because he could not continue in the face of continuing questions over his faith. He said that he had been torn between his Christian faith and serving as a political leader. 

Earlier it was reported that former gay bobby, now Liberal peer Lord Paddick had quit as Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson following the "furore" over leader Tim Farron's views on gay sex. Intentionally or otherwise Paddick's action put enormous pressure on an "honourable and decent" man - the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

During the General Election campaign journalists continually baited the Lib Dem leader over his Christian faith implying that the lifestyle of 1.7% of the population was far more important than the faith which not only underpins British society but on which our system of government is based. Tolerance and fair play has no place in the politically correct world of people who have nothing to offer but political correctness and their constant cries of '....phobia' to curtail any rational discussion.

Since the election government talks with the DUP have been dogged by complaints that the DUP is against same sex marriage as if it were the Holy Grail. As an example the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, among others was quick to distance himself from the DUP policies on last Sunday's Andrew Marr TV show.

This has prompted the Coalition for Marriage (C4M) to protest that there has been a sustained attack on DUP MPs simply because they are socially conservative. "Two issues are always quoted – their opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion":

The BBC in particular has seemed far more interested in pursuing this than asking about the DUP’s policy on Brexit or the economy. Even if, like C4M, you are not party political, I expect you are outraged by the media’s actions.

John Humphrys laughed on Monday morning when a former DUP assembly member explained they are a compassionate party. Humphrys immediately claimed that “most people” think their stance is “intolerant”, citing opposition to same-sex marriage as an example. And yesterday, the BBC reproduced a long series of satirists’ cartoons lampooning the DUP.

In response to the whole controversy, Roman Catholic commentator Dr Tim Stanley (who does not support the DUP in general) defended the DUP’s right to hold religious beliefs and argued “it has become politically toxic to be a Christian”.

So dominant has the issue become that the Scottish Conservative leader who plans to marry her same sex partner soon has been told by the Prime Minister that any Conservative deal with the Democratic Unionist Party will not affect LGBTI rights as though there is something intrinsically wrong in the traditional belief that marriage is the union of one man with one woman.

We are supposed to be a Christian country but Christian values based on biblical teaching are ridiculed. Christians are mocked for their faith. Lord Paddick's sexual preference is his own affair but as a liberal one would have thought that he would regard Tim Farron's faith as his affair. Instead he chose to advance the LGBT agenda at the expense of the leader of his Party. How very illiberal.

"There are no atheists in foxholes" still holds true when tragedy strikes. Whether the merciless attacks on innocent people or events such as the tragic London tower block blaze, in times of need people expect the church to be there. But how much longer? Christianity in this country is under threat. Where will people turn when it has been extinguished by illiberal liberals and their like?


Former Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Yeovil, David Laws, claims that Tim Farron was right to resign because "he held prejudiced views". He said, " As a gay man, I do not wish to be 'tolerated'. I wish to be respected for who I am. And I want a party leader whose respect for human equality comes before outdated and frankly offensive religious views."

Mr Laws would earn more respect if he did not misrepresent the meaning of human equality and the views of opponents of same sex marriage. Many of us welcomed civil partnerships but gay marriage is a red line. Frankly, it is Mr Laws' prejudiced views as a gay man which are offensive but opponents of same sex marriage are no longer expected to hold a contrary view.


  1. What if Farron was a Muslim? Would there be as much furore, if any? Or are we not allowed to ask?

  2. I'm an Anglo-Catholic, and therefore unlikely to cast the first (or any subsequent) stone at homosexuals, since I have known many faithful priests and laypeople for whom temptation against the virtue of chastity has taken the form of attraction to people of the same sex.

    It seems to me that Tim Farron's position is precisely that which would traditionally have been called liberal. He has not, for example, urged the recriminalisation of homosexual activity. He has not broached the matter politically. It is others who have carried the war to him with aggressive questioning about whether he considers such activity a sin. I would concede that the case is somewhat different with the DUP, who have very much made opposition to homosexual behaviour part of their policy. Even there, however, it does seem strange that this party - noted for its aggressive protestantism - is being kicked for the two issues on which it agrees with the magisterium of the Holy Roman Church!

    Also perhaps worth noting is that sexual activity with a person of the same sex is also contrary to the precepts of Judaism and Islam. Funny then that, say, Luciana Berger, Sajid Javid and Sadiq Khan are not subjected to similar interrogation.

  3. We had something similar happen here in the States when ultra liberal Senator Bernie Sanders went after a Trump appointee for his exclusive Christian viewpoint.

  4. I am not a Daily Mail person but this is worth a read today - MARCH OF THE THOUGHT POLICE
    Tim Farron’s ousting as Lib Dem leader because of his Christian beliefs is just the
    latest victory for the fascistic Left, which now controls our universities, gags free
    speech and imposes its own warped views