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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

How bad does it have to get?

  In this brief video viewers learn how a horrified father was forced to watch as his own daughter, aged 10, being raped to death by brutal Muslim extremists. Unbelievably it gets worse as reported here. Too disgusting to read without warning I leave readers to decide whether or not to delve deeper. 

ISIS is fundamentalist Islam. Most Muslims will find the reported deeds abhorrent but the ideology which drives Islam's hate of kafirs is the religious ideology of Islam. The ideology followed by Muslim men of Asian heritage in Rotherham and other British towns and cities when they exploited British white girls using them as 'easy meat' sex slaves.

A BBC dramatisation of the Rochdale abuse scandal was so harrowing that many horrified viewers were forced to switch off. Allegedly the grooming continues.

In addition to this sexual exploitation Islamic terrorist attacks on British soil have seen innocent people slaughtered. There are thousands of Muslim extremists in Britain waiting to carry out more terrorist atrocities in the name of their religion. 

On Monday's Newsnight [advance to 21.40], viewers were told that according to MI5, "23,000 people living in the UK have potential links to violent extremism" and this is probably "just the tip of the iceberg". 

The former Chair of the Cobra intelligence group which advises the Government on intelligence matters told Newsnight that "for years the intelligence community and successive governments have been far too tolerant in attitudes towards extremist groups, in particular the Islamist Al-Muhajiroun network. There are 3,000 people with current connections to violent, Islamic extremism and another 20,000 with recent links. 23,000 is the population of a small market town, 23,000 jihadists in our midst willing to kill in the name of Islam."

That most Muslims are peaceful does not obscure the fact that for fundamentalists determined to act according to the book, their methods are legitimate tools in what they see as their duty to spread Islam throughout the world. Critical assessment is not permitted while liberals simply ignore or misrepresent the risks:

As other faith leaders continue to affirm Islam as a legitimate alternative to their faith by joining in Islamic festivals, the killing of Christians abroad continues and their churches are destroyed. How bad must it get before the penny drops?


  1. Jesuit Father Boulad said that "Islam is an open ended declaration of war against non-Muslims"

    Under the pretext of Christian charity and tolerance ,some Christians and Christian leaders are following a naive liberal ideology of wishy-washy niceness towards Islam,which is destroying the Church and the West.
    Christians and Christian leaders who share iftar and prayers to Allah are side lining Christ and in their ruinous ignorance are persecutors of Christ.

  2. I don't subscribe to the view that any perceived warmth towards Islam is a "liberal ideology of wishy-washy niceness" - many of us work on a daily basis with Muslims who look upon the hijacking of their religion with equal abhorrence. I'd say it was naive to lump all Muslims together when our experience tells us that the absolute majority are people of peace and pose no threat to us or our society. You only have to watch the news and see innocent (Muslim) children pulled out of the rubble of desolation and destruction to know that anything other than a nuanced understanding of Islam would be in danger of failing to see that theirs is the greater threat; anything other than "niceness" towards them would be a travesty. The situation is hugely complex and a brushstroke approach is perhaps both partronising and potentially unjust.

    1. BUT people in the West have religious freedom.
      Either Allah is the same as Jehovah - in which case peace-loving Muslims can leave Islam with its negative connotations and become a Christian.
      Or Allah is a supernatural being in opposition to Jehovah. Christians need to be very scared of all Muslims. There is a spiritual battle going on.
      Or Allah does not exist. Islam is just a cultural club, like the cricket club or the scouts.
      Which 'opinion' do the liberals hold?
      In any of the three cases, there is no reason for a Christian to fraternise with Muslims, other than to befriend them and try to rescue them.

  3. The only reason I can think of fraternising with Muslims is the certainty that Jesus would have; he seemed to fraternise with those of other religious persuasions and held up the Samaritan as a person of great goodness. That's the opinion I would hold - not especially liberal but perhaps christian?

    1. He also warned "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." It's the ideology Scapegoat, not all Muslims. They too need to be saved.

    2. First, going to an Iftar is not an act of worship, participating in the prayers that surround it is.

      All the Muslims I know are kind, generous, polite people; this must be due to their values to some degree. Like Scapegoat says it is a complex situation, Islam can be anything you want it to be due to the Qu'ran being made up of generally contradictory statements. Peace and tolerance on one hand, violence and oppression on the other. How far they apply their doctrine of abrogation is subjective it seems to me.

      At the end of the day the many Muslims I know are nothing to be afraid of but like all non-Christians they need salvation only found in Christ.

    3. What would Jesus say?1 July 2017 at 21:47

      So now you speak with certainty about how Christ would have reacted to a "religion" that only came into existence some 600 years after he lived and died having left the message of God and the new covenant with us.

      What utter misguided sheer arrogance.

  4. Thank you Whamab - I suppose it comes down to how you approach interfaith dialogue: in this regard, I've recently found Professor Gavin D'Costa's work ( e.g. Only One Way? Three Christian Responses on the Uniqueness of Christ in a Religiously Plural World SCM, London, 2011) really helpful in thinking through some of the issues beginning to be intelligibly discussed here. D'Costa is Professor of Catholic Theology at Bristol and well worth reading if you're looking to be challenged in your thinking in this area.