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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

NT Egg Hunt

Cadbury's new Egg Hunt logo, which does not mention Easter  CREDIT: CADBURY

The Church of England has accused the National Trust of "airbrushing faith" after it dropped the word "Easter" from its annual Easter egg hunt. - The Telegraph.

It is unlikely that the Church of England would understand today but I would have thought it only fitting since Cadbury dropped Easter when they went halal - see entry Will it be a Halal Easter?

Cadbury is reported as saying that it wanted to appeal to non-Christians: "We invite people from all faiths and none to enjoy our seasonal treats." 

The fact that Islam denies that Jesus died on the Cross so there could be no Resurrection so no "Easter" egg  for Muslims is neither here nor there where a fast buck is to be made.


In response to accusations of “Muslim appeasement” Cadbury commented “None of our UK products are [sic] halal certified and we have never made any changes to our chocolate to specifically make them halal.”

In their UK Nutrition Definitions, under 'Halal' appears  "To ensure that you receive the most accurate possible information to determine whether our products are suitable for your dietary requirements, we recommend you visit for the latest material regarding Halal suitability.

Following the links provided, under 'The Following are Halaal', readers will find Cadbury's list of halal chocolate products.


  1. Stopped buying the Radio Times when they stopped using any Christian graphics on their holy day pages even on Good Friday.
    I stopped buying Cadbury's chocolate a few years ago because it tastes so awful now.
    If Easter eggs have been re-designated as "...seasonal treats..." what season are they meant to celebrate?
    Does Kraft really think that devout Muslims are stupid and cannot recognize an Easter egg when they see one - they will not buy one halal ingredients or no.
    How proud John Cadbury would be to think his name was being used to airbrush Christ out of history.
    As for the National Trust how proud the Revd Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley would be to know the movement he co-founded was also trying to airbrush Christ out of history.

  2. I thought Cadbury was a Quaker and that Quakers don't celebrate Easter as such.
    But we can all relax now, the PM is on the job.
    The simple answer is not to buy Cadbury Eggs and not to support the National Trust egg hunt.
    Only a significant hit on their profits will make a difference.
    Same as stopping your giving to Llandaff Cathedral.
    It's the only thing they understand.

    1. It's the only thing these people see to understand anymore. Of course Quakers don't celebrate Easter, Christmas as part of their Christian faith but that's not what I think John Cadbury would be concerned about. I cannot think he would be pleased that the company he and his family built and ran on a firm foundation of true Christian Quaker love, even his very name was being used to air brush Christ out of history. Understanding the symbolism of the egg as a Easter Gift will soon be lost as kids are taught they are laid by rather strange Easter Bunnies.
      Do your taste buds a favour at the same time as giving Kraft a salute and give the new sugary, greasy Kraft chocolate seasonal treats - oddly available during the liturgical seasons of Lent and Easter - a miss.

    2. It sounds as if the former Arch airbrusher of Llandaff has landed himself a retirement job with Cadbury's ! Stand by for the first politically correct addled Easter egg.

  3. Cadbury's has clearly jumped on the ill-informed secularist bandwagon. In my experience, it is not Jews, Muslims, Hindus and others who object to the celebration of Christian festivals. It is the likes of the National Secular Society and the benign atheism that is fuelling religious illiteracy in Britain. Of course, the churches prepared the ground for all this in the 60s and 70s, and are now reduced to reacting with (what seems like) whingeing. They - we - have lost the battle and possibly the war because people stopped listening a long time ago.

  4. Christian Badger5 April 2017 at 09:14

    I don't usually agree with many of the conservative voices on this blog but on this occasion I do. It is appalling that the Christian message has been eroded from Easter eggs. Capitalism doesn't see the profit in Easter - in fact it sees more profit in avoiding Easter. The same goes for Christmas. It is almost impossible to buy an Advent calendar with any Christian images. I lament the secularisation of society and loss of Christian public identity as much as anyone. How to get it back is the challenge. No easy answers but the church being vocal and visibly involved in all aspects of life, being sensitive to the suffering of the poor, oppressed, marginalised must be part of the answer. Retreating into comfortable unchallenging positions in a way that makes the church seem irrelevant to so many hasn't helped.