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Saturday, 22 April 2017

A promising start

Senior bishop, the Rt Rev'd John Davies, Bishop of Swansea & Brecon.  CinW

A welcome change from many previous Presidential Addresses used to further the former Archbishop's political agenda, the Governing Body of the Church in Wales has been told to "put evangelism at heart of ministry".

Rather than 'take note' of the ever decreasing number of regular attenders at Sunday services, the bench of bishops now appear ready to confront the problem head on. Bishop John Davies echoed the feelings expressed on this blog when he said "Some GB members felt strongly and, I believe correctly, that the time was right for us to stop agreeing to simply ‘take note of’ the report.

"By means of an amended motion, GB was invited to take note but to do so ‘with a heavy heart’. Furthermore, GB was invited to ask the Standing Committee to take a careful look at the minority of parishes which were actually growing, and to identify good practice from which others might learn something, do something and, hopefully, begin to arrest the cycle of decline."

Amen to that.


  1. It is best practice that needs to be identified +John, not merely good practice.

    Congratulations Ancient Briton on passing the landmark of 1.2 million views.

    1. In either case Episkopos the Standing Committee need not bother themselves with visiting Llandaff, they won't find what they seek here.

  2. Let us pray and hope that we have at last arrived at 'Elim'.

  3. It is a change from politics indeed.
    Sadly churches in growth have often been mocked, one in Aberyswyth, the butt of Bishop's jokes for years despite attracting many young people, and sending many into full time ministry.
    We must note with amazement that the whole governing body (143) plus extras were given dinner, bed and breakfast at Cardiff Marriot for two nights. Can we justify such expense when Parishes are fund raising to pay for it? Surely a travelodge or St Mikes might work out cheaper but still provide the necessary?
    Danny Jones

  4. Now lets all come together and focus on re-evangelising this great land!

    Mission, mission and then mission.

  5. O my God - you must be joking - Not again ! Where is Brenda when we need her?

  6. It would be nice to think that soon we may not need to blog so aggressively when a God fearing person (preferably male) is at the helm of the Church in Wales. Not one who relies on moralising newspapers with smutty classified ads at the rear. Like attracts like.

  7. Don't hold your breath Enforcer. Llandaff may be in paralysis but the remaining bench sitters are mere clones of his darkness. When they have finished creating a smokescreen around the "Blabbing bishop" they may turn their attention upon you!

    1. Well my dear Watchman, to quote one of Bangor diocese most loved philanderer, the 'Beast of Pentir': "If I go down, others go down with me". What ya phink Del boy?

  8. Alwyn from Abertawe25 April 2017 at 11:57

    This is too much like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted. But at least the days of stage managing everything to 'bury' bad news (so much a feature of the Morrell/Morgan media management strategy) are over. If Bishop Davies is serious about arresting decline, let's have some intelligent, young, professionally trained clergy for starters (as opposed to a cohort of 50-something divorced ex-primary school teachers and social workers who do one night a week at St Padarn's on feminist critiques of 1 Timothy and 'how to run the youth club'). If people are to have confidence in the Church once more, we need to arrest the growth of the Vicar of Dibley parodies. Wales has a long tradition of respect for scholarship, which informs incisive cultural engagement (or mission, if you like), and does not respond well to the manifestations of naffness that has been thrust upon us over the past two decades.

  9. Geiriau doeth a chraff Alwyn. (Wise and perceptive words Alwyn.) Unfortunately the dumbing down which you identify has already infected what passes for current theology.
    The late Bishop J.J.A.Thomas of Abertawe ac Aberhonddu warned that persistence in these trends would see the Church in Wales' candle removed from its' place.
    He was right and so are you.