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Monday, 23 November 2015

Not in my name

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Source: Independent/PA

"Not in my name". Of course not, but in the name of he who it is claimed "knows best"!

This is the key problem for non-Muslims. Are we 'kafirs' being deliberately misled in the same way that verses, or parts of them, are quoted from the Quran in an attempt to prove that Islam bears no fault.

When gunmen stormed the Radisson Blu hotel in Mali they were heard to shout "Allahu Akbar" as they began their attack, the cry used before animals are slaughtered in the Muslim manner.

Of course these atrocities are condemned by 'moderate' Muslims, especially when they are a minority. They would be mad not to do so. Meanwhile Christianity is being systematically wiped out where it originated in the Middle East with claims that it is "on course" to disappear from Iraq and Syria. I hear no Islamic condemnation.

On 18 November Newsnight considered [advance to 39 minutes] what we know about the Paris attackers, referring to an attack which "the perpetrators call jihad", raising the question of "the nature of religion and those who carry out cold blooded murder in its name". Professor Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University, complained that Muslims had been asked to condemn such atrocities for ten years since the 7 July London bombings. It may not have occurred to him but it occurred to me that there has to be a problem with Islam, one that is blindingly obvious to others because it has existed for centuries with Islamic conquests and occupations, using their own laws to justify their actions. Similar concerns are not expressed about Christianity other than harking back to the Crusaders who sought only to protect Christians and their Holy places from invaders.

In response to the Professor's suggestion that the West was somehow complicit for targeting 'Muslim' countries, historian Tim Holland queried why the Yazidis had been targeted. But there was no answer to that because it was all that Newsnight had time for! Clearly not as important as the sporting fixtures which dominate airtime.

The answer to the question of why the Yazidis were targeted is simple. Islam demands that a choice be made when Muslims have control under Sharia. - Become a Muslim, pay the tax or die while women and children are taken into slavery. The plight of the Yazidis had some initial media coverage but that quickly disappeared from the headlines as many of the Yazidi people have from the face of the earth. Not for them the open doors which have allowed Muslims to flood into Europe, including two 'refugees' who have since been identified among the bombers in Paris.

But being a Muslim carries its own risks. In February CP World reported that an ISIL policing unit in Mosul had severely disfigured the faces of 15 Iraqi women by pouring acid on them as a form of punishment after the women were caught without their faces being veiled appropriately, by ISIS standards.

There is no way out. Apostasy carries a death sentence. Those who escape risk being beaten. Nissar Hussain, 49, suffered a shattered knee cap and broken hand when he was attacked with a pickaxe handle outside his home in Bradford.

Lying for the faith is permitted but questioning is not. Outsiders are accused of Islamophobia if they dare to question Islam. Continuing death and destruction should be enough for anyone to raise serious questions even in isolation but when it is on a continuous basis one has to question people's motives.

In Islam Jesus is regarded as a prophet so why are His words ignored? Jesus said: "Everyone who is committed to the truth listens to my voice."

Everyone deserves to know the truth. More honesty would save many.

Postscript [24.11.2015]

British women filmed 'urging young girls to join Islamic State terrorists in Syria'

and from the Jewish Journal:
Why are we abandoning the Christians?


  1. "I hear no Islamic condemnation."

    I hear no Christian condemnation from bully boy ++Bazza, his Ass, Gerwhine or any of the Coven.

    1. ++Barry and the Bench Sitters are busy with secular matters
      Laughable given the mess they have made of matters spiritual.

    2. You couldn't make this one up, could you Gabriel? The lack of "Christian condemnation from bully boy ++Bazza", as you rightly maintain, appears to be as dry as his sermons.

      Being a non elected, irrelevant individual and leader of a non public body representing less than 1% of the population, you can expect more depth and common sense from the 'Archdruid of Wales'.

    3. Quite so Ancient Briton.

      Is there no end to the drivel?

    4. It seems not 1662.

      See pages 3 and 4 of the latest edition of The Bell at

    5. Poor long suffering Llandaff.
      Just as one begins to think it couldn't possibly get any worse, it does.
      Sunday morning was yet another musical disaster for Gerwhine.
      The entire back row of student scab singers fail to appear which means the music has to be altered at short notice and the boy choristers end up singing on their own once again.

    6. Regardless of the ecclesiastical banana republic, isn't it a blessing that +++ Baza 'the Gag' appears to allow bloggers ample free speech. An estimated 3/4 million. More than any newspaper, radio/TV news program in Wales. Congratulations Ancient Briton. The ancient 'Chronicles' are proud of such achievement.

    7. @Simple Simon
      It's all clear to me now.
      Llandaff in a sentence.
      The Liar, the Witch and the Wardrobe mistress.
      Darth ++Insidious, Peggy the Pilate and Gerwhine.

    8. Stories also abound of a former Bass Lay Clerk and former neighbour of Moorhouse recently attempting to sing at Llandaff Cathedral as a member of a "guest" choir.
      Rumours abound of the former Cathedral employee being "banned" from attending or singing in the glove puppets desmesne, involving a heated discussion at the West door (with Gerwhine the glove puppet) before Mr and Mrs former Bass Lay Clerk are given the heave ho and told not to darken the steps of the Cathedral ever again.

    9. Llandaff Pewster, why do you refer to them as 'scab singers'? Surely they are doing their best to keep the musical tradition of our cathedral going, and I for one am grateful!

    10. @Landavensis
      I note you don't deny their failure to show up and perform.
      Will it be boys only again tomorrow?
      If you truly believe that what is being passed off as a music department and Cathedral Choir in Llandaff nowadays is keeping "the musical tradition of our cathedral going" then I believe there would be no point in anyone trying to explain it to you.
      Why don't you ask Moorhouse or Bielby what they think of the "musical tradition" of Llandaff Cathedral? Or even Robert 'Harry' Joyce? The last I heard, he's still in Cardiff.

      Did it mean nothing to you that for the recent broadcast of the Remembrance Sunday service the BBC imported their own Chorus and organist?
      Llandaff is a laughing stock thanks to Peggy the Pilate ans Masson the moron.

    11. This week's grumblings on The Green concern the latest upset caused by the theologically illiterate and unqualified Gerwhine deciding on yet more redundancies.

      Not satisfied with the Arch ++Manipulator's forced introduction of the Shite Rite, the Psalms and New Testament lessons are to be removed from the 9am and 11am Eucharist services to help the liturgy "run more smoothly".

      First the Cathedral Choir were redundant.
      Then the reading out of departed loved ones names on All Souls Day was made redundant. Shortly thereafter the New English Hymnals were made redundant.
      Now the Psalms and New Testament Lessons.
      Why not just get it over with and declare all liturgy redundant too?
      For that matter why not declare all services redundant altogether and then close the Cathedral?

      At least then His ++Irrelevance, Gerwhine, Mr Toad and all the assistant virgers wouldn't have to worry about a disastrous Quinquennial report or repair costs being leaked.


      Even if His ++Irrelevance buggers off in January 2017 there seems to be a long queue of equally inept drivel experts waiting to take his place.

    13. @Landavensis

      I have just come across this link.
      July 7, 2015
      The Choir of Llandaff Cathedral, with their Interim Director of Music, Jonathan Bielby, will be on tour in Yorkshire from 10-13 July.
      Llandaff is one of six dioceses in the Church in Wales and is situated in the capital, Cardiff. The medieval cathedral, bombed in 1941, is famous for the figure of Christ in Majesty which is suspended above the nave on a concrete arch. It is the only Welsh cathedral with its own choir school and there is a magnificent new organ by Nicholsons which cost £1.6 million.
      The choir of boys and men has just come through a tumultuous year with two TV appearances and the first Welsh performance of Bielby’s Seven Last Words. Their participation in Radio 4 World at One at 50 – the musicians at Llandaff Cathedral explain why British cathedral choirs are world class – has received wide coverage (still available on iPlayer).
      "I am delighted to commend the choir of Llandaff Cathedral to you as it begins its tour of the North of England. Under the direction of Jonathan Bielby, the choir is flourishing and I hope that you will have a chance to hear it as it sings in churches and cathedrals which pride themselves on their musical excellence." - The Most Reverend Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Llandaff

      So Bielby's reward for directing a "flourishing" choir was to be given an Eff-Off tablet by Gerwhine only 3 months later.

      Did you take up Simple Simon's suggestion to ask Moorhouse or Bielby for their thoughts on the "musical tradition" at Llandaff Cathedral?

  2. If Christian leaders or any Christian , do not unequivocally condemn the route which Islam is treading then they are denying Christ.
    It is certainly true that one cannot be part of 'so called' Islamic State unless you are a Muslim,thus Islam must accept blame for the atrocities. The 'moderate' Muslims seek only to defend their personal status in whichever community they live . The Muslim Council in Britain have allegedly said that the barbaric acts have no sanction in the religion of Islam, but how can this be true?
    I am confused. How can I tell which Muslim is going to kill or maim me and which Muslim is going to kind, until the action is taken?
    There is no uncertainty about the fact that the evil of Islamic State must be destroyed: Cardinal Nichols said as much in the BBC Songs of Praise programme last Sunday,and he said that how we do this is a political and military decision . Archbishop Welby danced around the truth and showed less resolve.

  3. Is there a reason you have not published my query to Llandaff Pewster, Ancientbriton? I can't see how it was in any way offensive!