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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Head in the sand

Unfortunately it has taken the atrocities in Paris to concentrate the mind on the nature of Islam. In my entry last Saturday I posed the question 'Something to hide?' after the House of Lords rejected the idea of encouraging a national debate about the nature of Islam.

In September it was claimed that 1 in 50 Syrian refugees in Europe could be an Isis jihadist. Now it has been reported that a Syrian passport was found on attacker who sought asylum in Greece as a refugee.

Not all Muslims are terrorists but too many Muslims have a warped idea of salvation believing that they will be rewarded in paradise for killing Kafirs.

It matters little that most Muslims are 'nice people' if their ideology permits a handful of Muslims to create the carnage witnessed in Paris. There must be a debate.



    Not all muslims are terrorists but the vast majority of terrorists are muslim.


  3. "Not all muslims are terrorists" - but many of us would regard living in a muslim state as being akin to enduring terrorism. And a large proportion of muslims living in Europe want exactly that - a muslim state governed by Sharia law.

    1. Well we had better make damn sure they don't get it!

  4. Some of the statements that have met my ears in the last few days, which I have found naive if not inane.
    "We all know there are extreme elements in all religions."

    It is easy to point fingers at a particular part of our society because they are "of the same religion"

    "Ultimately the power of the word is so much greater than the sword and resolution has come through discussion"

    The perpetrators of the atrocities clearly said that their monstrous action was in the name of God,so there is no room for "discussion", only severe and profound condemnation.
    It seems that some members of our own society ,who are comfortable in their minds to make allowances for these barbaric murderers do need to have their heads wrenched from the sand.