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Monday, 2 November 2015

"Don't worry, be happy!"

"The first African-American presiding bishop of the US Episcopal Church was instated in a ceremony led by female bishops, openly gay reverends and even a Jewish rabbi. After a spirited opening by a gospel choir, Episcopal leaders filed into the imposing National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., to the sound of guitars guiding a Spanish hymn and a Native American drumming prelude".

"Don’t worry. Be happy! God has not given up on the world, and God is not finished with the Episcopal Church yet," presiding bishop Curry declared. Report here. His sermon can be found here.

For a more realistic assessment of the occasion, read Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Installation: The Desolation of the Episcopal Church from Sarah Frances Ives Ph.D for Virtue Online. In this report an Islamic leader, Dr. Alsanousi, asked God to help us understand the Holy Quran. He then went into long sentences which were assumed to be in Arabic and were not listed in the program. "Who knows what he said? I don't" commented Dr Ives.

A better understanding of the Quran should help Western leaders understand that it is not an Arabic version of the Holy Bible. The place of Christians, the people "of the Book", is described by an Islamic scholar in the following video:

Abducting Women” and “Destroying Churches” is “Real Islam”—Iraqi Grand Ayatollah.

The video is taken from an article "Offensive Jihad: the insurmountable obstacle between Muslims and non-Muslims" here. Far fetched? Not when Muslim inmates are already extorting 'infidel tax' from non-Muslims in the UK's toughest jails if they refuse to convert to Islam. Report here

Understanding the Quran should be compulsory for ministers, political and spiritual, if we are to be happy and not worry.

Postscript [11.11.2015]
In addition to ministers political and spiritual we should add BBC executives:
"Why is the BBC letting the Islamic Human Rights Commission set the agenda?"


  1. Seems that readership of this blog has declined if the lack of postings is anything to go by. Could it be that readers have had enough of the homophobic, anti-women, islamophobist and now, anti-African-American stance of this blog? What must it be like to live in a world where you define what you believe simply in terms of vehemently stating what you are against. All that negative energy. There can be little joy.

    1. The usual childish name calling response to anyone who won't be bullied into falling in line with your point of view.
      An acolyte of bully boy Barry Morgan?

  2. @withoutjoy @Enoch. Sorry - that is how you naively read the posting from Ancient Briton ,who brings to the forefront the subversive rabble-ranting deliberations of the revolutionist Ayatollah .
    Sadly I wonder if the reason we do not see a greater response to the informative entries with regard to the danger of Islam,is that it is very British to 'turn the other cheek', but this is not a Christian response!
    There is a time for everything - Ecclesiastes 3: 1.8

    The other regrettable reason for the lack of response is that some blog readers have insular minds and are so wrapped up in sometime minor happenings (who's hiding the hymn books!) in Llandaff Catherdral.

    1. @Simple Soul
      My reply to "withoutjoy" was merely that.
      I made no reference to or interpretation of anything posted above by Ancient Briton.
      By what means have you jumped to the conclusion that I "naively read the posting from Ancient Briton"?
      I almost always find myself in full agreement with Ancient Briton's commentaries and refuse to be associated with any Barry Morgan sycophants thank you all the same!

    2. Whoops! and sincere apologies Enoch: read between the 'wrong lines' and wrongly linked the two comments. Contrite : we are therefore in agreement.

    3. Apology accepted thank you, forgive and forget.
      Indeed we are in agreement as is so often the case Simple Soul.

    4. "Behold, how wonderful thing it is,when brethren dwell together in unity. It is like the oil which flows down the beard of Aron".

      How pleased the 'Most Wise' will be to learn of our unity and love in these things, brethren.

    5. Well said Enforcer.

      But I was greatly amused this morning to hear the lady on Radio 4 this morning introduce the dean of Llandaff as Gerwhine Capon.
      How appropriate.
      She must have heard about his comments from the pulpit concerning Ancient Briton, his blog, his readers and contributors.

    6. Don't you find that those lose slates always appear when the image gets dented. Never mind the historical facts folks. The image is paramount, "I, (I am, that I am) as your +++ Most Wise " (Please stop laughing everyone).

  3. "Turning the other cheek" ? Could it be compared to ignoring the electric or any other domestic bill until its too late?

  4. Syncretism has no place in the installation of the presiding bishop of a church. The Islamic prayer elevates the Koran to the level of holy scripture which it is not.

  5. In involving a prayer for the understanding of the Quran,during the Bishop's installation , the Church elevates the place of Islam and subordinates Christ ; what shameful folly.