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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Why there will be no Merry Christmas wishes from 'ordinary' Muslims

Christians who are accustomed to scripture being interpreted in different ways often mistakenly assume that the Quran can be read in the same way. But verses in the Quran are not optional. Later verses may abrogate earlier verses where there has been a change of mind on the part of the author but that simply enables dissimulation to confuse the unwary and the ignorant.

Many of us will be wishing each other a "Merry Christmas!" over the festive season but in Islam that is "worse than fornication, drinking alchohol or killing someone", as eloquently expressed in the above video.

Western governments and the media have a habit of dividing Muslims into ordinary and extreme so consider the response to an 'ordinary' young Muslim promoting the secular view that Christmas is just a time for exchanging gifts. He had the timerity to ask Dr Zakir Naik, the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation, what the problem was in wishing someone a Merry Christmas.You may be surprised by Dr Naikl's response here. Essentially it does not differ from the initial video or from the more extreme response here or from the summary here.

Bizarrely, anyone who "criticises Sharia law" could soon be branded an “extremist” under sweeping new powers planned by the Conservatives to combat terrorism so it may be timely to establish some facts about the spread of Islam around the world and how it affects unsuspecting populations until they discover it is too late. If HM Government doesn't understand true extremism they should take a look at this frightening video of Muslim aims unencumbered by political niceties.

Deference is not confined to Governments. Christian leaders should know about false prophets but they do not practice what they preach. While Islam claims to be the only true religion liberal Christian leaders constantly water down the faith and embrace Muslim leaders on equal terms in ignorance or denial that Islam will use any device including cultural jihad to gain advantage over them.

HRH Prince Charles describes here threats to Christians in the Middle East as "an indescribable tragedy". He made the comments in a message at the launch of a report by the Catholic charity 'Aid to the Church in Need' but implicit in what he had to say in his video introduction is the presumption of a level playing field in which Islam plays by the same rules, ignoring obvious Islamic aggression which political and religious leaders sweep aside as extremism. The reality can be found in "Religious Freedom in the World - 2014" Executive Summary. For regular, up-to-date information click here or the links in the RH column of this blog.

Many readers will remember Lebanon as a vibrant Christian country. No longer, but the Christian share of the population is still put at a relatively healthy 41%. How long before they share the same fate as others Christian communities in the Middle East which have existed from the birth of Christianity, long before Islam was even thought of yet Muslims talk of reconquering Muslim countries! Communities are disappearing before our eyes while Islam expands in Europe as though it were some kind of benign institution which just happens to treat women as inferior and consigns non-believes to Dhimmitude for their own good.

If these views are thought "extremist" just look at the facts. Consider how much has changed in the UK and what more is being demanded by Muslims, not for assimilation but for the expansion of a culture which seeks the demise of all others.

Watch the following video to see how the numbers stack up. How long before our number is up? If to question is extremist, so be it. The threat must be taken seriously or there will be no "Merry Christmas" for our children or our children's children.

"Merry Christmas"!


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A woman walks inside a damaged church in Maaloula. The Christian town was attacked last spring by "extremist forces".              (REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki)


  1. David Cameron is quoted to have said "It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around" 13 May 2007.

    Ancient Briton: you are not alarmist ,but right. Why ,Oh why, are Christians and those who presumably subscribe to Christianity so complacent, easy -going and imperturbable?
    Talk about 'hiding your light under a bushel'!

    1. Perhaps Cameron is hoping to have an additional three wives? Or would like to give his wife a good beating? Or it's just that he would rather the Home Secretary had to wear a full face veil while sitting around the Cabinet table?

    2. Having spent two days with a Muslim family in 2007 Dave has all the answers. Read his account here
      He said: "No Muslim I've ever met is offended by Christmas, or supports its replacement with 'Winterval'. But many Muslims I've talked to about these issues are deeply offended by the use of the word 'Islamic' or 'Islamist' to describe the terrorist threat we face today."

      That Islam is the basis of the threat we face is perhaps less important than the threat posed by gullible politicians who prefer to take evidence from the enemy for our defence. His hosts may have been lovely people not offended by Christmas but that is not Islamic.

    3. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is run by a group of Sunni Muslims -albeit extremist ,but Islamists none the less?

  2. Muslims are forbidden to make friends with non-muslims. Why would they wish us a merry anything?

  3. Perhaps here's part of the answer.

    His ++Irrelevance pontificating in front of his empty choir stalls in his empty Cathedral.
    'The message of Christmas, he said, is that God is "revealed in weakness" to help people "face that which they have to endure".'

    One wonders how many Syrians Bazza will be having over to stay at Llys Esgob this Christmas?